Head Change

What am I doing? No, seriously. My head is asking me "What do you think you are doing?" Well, head, I am going to begin writing, And I will write here in this space that I have written in so many times. This place that allows me freedom. I need to write here.

So, I went to this color theory / chakra opening class last Friday and sure as shit, my throat chakra is all closed up. All the running and lunges and squats I have been doing the past couple months have grounded me very successfully (not to mention the incredible boost they have given my bootie) and my first three chakras are W I D E open, however the trade off of running in exchange for yoga and meditation have left me feeling a little imbalanced. Time to straighten up. I have to write again. I have to communicate. Not just verbally. I have to communicate with you. A lot has happened in the past few months. Some things I can list in pretty concrete terms, but the intangible ones have had a much stronger impact on me and these are the things I have to ruminate on here occasionally so that I can make them feel more concrete.

Briefly, quitting the blog was hard for me. But I had to do it. I had to see it through till I didn't even think about it any more. I had to create distance so that I could see what precise elements were not working for me. Though this post may seem . . . however it may seem TO YOU, it may as well be a first post on a brand new blog. This IS actually a first post on a brand new blog. I just didn't change the title or the layout or get a new address or anything like that, so it might look like the old blog, carrying all its old history, memory and baggage, but in reality it has reinvented itself, just as I have reinvented myself. Granted, I do look a little different now. I changed my hair (it is short and red) and I may also change my header here, but really, from the outside, not much seems different. My content however has shifted. If this seems interesting to you, great. I look forward to reconnecting with you. In the mean time, hi. It feels good to be back typing again.



Unknown said...

i was just inappropriately checking my feed during work and saw your post. i had just began to follow when you decided a few months later to stop posting. so excited to see you are back. i look forward to keeping up with this space ... whatever it may be.

welcome back and good luck!

San said...

Just checked my own closed down blog for any comments. Checking my blogroll too and look who has posted again...

Welcome back! I'm quite interested in what you have to say. Let's hear it.

Have a great week,

marGINAlly oriGINAl said...

When I saw this post magically materialize in my feed, I died. And I am still dead as I type this, probably. So glad to hear from you. Can't wait to see what's to come.

Jennette said...

I've always been a lurker -- I don't think I've ever commented here before -- but i had to uncloak myself to let you know I'm happy you're back. Whatever form you're in, I have a feeling it's the right one. :)

Unknown said...

Gotta be honest...I've missed you. Looking forward to seeing where you're going with this. ~Serene

Second Skin said...

Wow! Thank you for such a nice welcoming back!

-Elizabeth- Hi! I am sorry that you found me right at the end, but I am really happy and excited to get better acquainted with you now that I am back.

-San- Wow. I think you were one of my very first readers actually so I am very touched that you are still around. Thank you for checking in with me. I have always appreciated your authenticity.

-Gina (is it?)- Your comment made me chuckle! I hope you have come back to life and I can't wait to know more about you.

- Jeanette- Thank you so much for breaking your silence and saying hello! I love what you said about me being in my right form. You seem like the type of person I would like to know better. Thanks again for saying hi.

-Serene- You have always been someone I have wanted to invest more fully in. I am so thankful that you are still here. Thank you for your words.

Em said...

Cannot believe you are here...wow. I am onboard with everyone one else...whatever form-it is the right one. big welcome. :)

Georgina said...

Welcome back, Christina!
It made me so happy to see you had written something. I kept you in my Google Reader in the hope that I'd be able to read your words again sometime.
I can't wait to hear about this new chapter of your life. You're always fascinating and thought provoking in the best way!
All best wishes to you,

Anonymous said...

I'm so happy I kept subscribing to your feed long after your last post. I always admired you as an amazing person who just happened to have the most unique and beautiful sartorial sense I've ever come across not the other way around. Which is probably why yours is one of the few "style blogs" that has lasted the numerous cuts to my reading list over the years. :)

Congratulations on your new beginning.

Italian Postcards said...

Hooray! Like a butterfly that's been in a cocoon and has reemerged twice as beautiful as before.

I'll be reading!

Open Door Studio said...

As everyone has so well stated, Im glad your back, it whatever form your here as. Gary and I have missed you!!

Open Door Studio said...
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clairebecca said...

Hi again! Fresh starts are great :)

George said...

So excited to see where your blog will go. As others have said, I am glad I have kept you in my subscriptions just so I won't miss out!


Anonymous said...


So excited to have you back and ready to share new experiences and take us through journeys foreigh to us. I seriously checked you daily and read Vroom about once a week just to remember your style of writing!


Emily {tomorrow never knows} said...

I think I might have left out a GASP when I saw your new post up on Bloglovin this morning. SOOO happy to hear from you lady. And excited to have you 'back' and I WANT TO SEE THAT HAIR!!!! #$%$%&R%BJFSGBKO

ok i need more coffee its 9am and im cranky. (i probably need water and running and much better stuff than coffee but sadly im stuck at a desk and coffee is all i get)

have a super day my pretty!


Meg said...

I'm so glad I added you to my Google Reader! Otherwise, I would have missed this post. So happy to see you blogging again, Christina. I've always found you very inspiring. <3

Kate said...

Hey Christina! I'm really happy you're back, I have often thought of you and wondered how you're doing over the last few months. Looking forward to hearing what you have to say in the future...

Frannie Pantz said...

Congrats and welcome back! Your posts have always been so inspirational and I am so excited to see that you will be back! I had just started blogging when you left and I was totally bumming because I thought you were one of the most "real" people in the biz (so to speak).

Angela said...

Glad to see you here - feels like hearing from an old friend though I don't know you well.

Second Skin said...

Again thank you for your reception. I feel like I came home.
-Em- as usual I look forward to your crystalline insights! I am so happy you stayed so we can really make a go at some philosophical concepts.

-Georgina- It's exciting that you had faith in me and hope. Thank you so much.

-Tashrin- Your warmth is felt. Thank you for sharing your thoughts with me so many times before and for making your presence known now.

-And YOU Chelsea- Your email and your willingness to reach out really woke me up. Thank you SO much for sharing your thoughts with me.

- Terra- You know I love you girl. The brief moments we shared this summer had a PROFOUND effect on me. You have a very important role in my life and I feel extremely lucky to know you and Gary. Oh! and hug him happy birthday for me!

- Claire - You are such a glowing light over there on the other side of my world. I look forward to catching up with you and am so thankful that you emailed me your news. It taught me about purpose and timing.

- George- So happy that you, too, have stuck around. Thank you for having faith in me.

- PattyP- I shake my head in surprise at your comment! Thank YOU! So glad that it resonates with you! I hope my words will continue to do so!

- Emily!!- oh girl. I am sorry I just shriveled up into silence with you. Your lightness and humor and frankness are so refreshing to me, and I am really happy you are welcoming me back. AND I might just text you a photo of my hair ;)

- Meg- again!! I am overwhelmed by how many people just didn't give up. Its like your collective waiting, hoping? really translated to me and I could feel you! Thank you!!

- Kate- Thank you for thinking about me. Thank you for welcoming me back. I am so happy to be here with you.

-Frannie Pantz: well I am sorry I left right when you found me but it excites me to no end that you stayed. I look forward to getting to know you!

- Angela- well I hope we can become friends here in this space. Thank you for sticking around. :)

The Suburb Experiment said...

I was so excited to see a new post from you in my reader. I, like Elizabeth, discovered your blog right before you stopped. I really connected with your honesty and of course, your clothes. I totally understood the need to pull back from blogging - it gets a little consuming. Heck, you could say that about the whole internet.


Miss Millie said...

So so so happy you are back Lady Christina!!!
What an awesome surprise!
I haven't read anything with the insight you've been bringing in your writings since .. for ever.

Em (faithful cucumber sandwich girl :)

Erin said...

So happy that you're back! You've always felt the most real to me in this unreal and surreal world of the internet.

Anonymous said...

Christina - I kept your blog on my favorites bar hoping that one day you would find your way back. I would check in from time to time and actually today decided to remove the tab as it seemed you were long gone. And low and behold, here you are! I can honestly say that I am so happy you are back and look forward to following your journey.


Shingles Home Remedy said...

So excited to see where your blog will go

Anonymous said...

I have never left a comment, prior to this one or on any blog actually. I silently enjoy…well, pretty much everything. However, I am overjoyed that you’re back, even if it’s only temporary so much so that I couldn’t help but “voice” it….so thank you for that. Over the months, I’ve often thought about your situation and truly hoped that you were able to grow, as you desire, and find the peace that you are seeking. So glad to see YOU are back and I’m loving the approach! Congrats by the way too – personal growth and further self-discovery are f*&$ing great, aren’t they!!! Hugs, Alicia

Second Skin said...

-Jenn- Well I am so glad that I am back then! Its so nice to hear that you connected with my words on some level! I hope you continue to hear me. :)

- Miss Millie! Em-We are going to have that cucumber sandwich one day. Hahaha! So happy to receive your comment and to remember that you are going by Miss Millie now. That had always been a bit confusing for me. The internet is a crazy place. It's nice to have our little wink.

- Erin - Real is such a strange term to me right now! I feel real and you feel real, and it's nice to hear that I feel real to you, too. Thanks for sticking around :)

- C- Well that was pretty coincidental. :) I guess it was perfect timing for me to get myself back here. Thank you for your comment and for holding on as long as you did.

- Shingles- Why thank you! I am looking forward to it too.

- Alicia - HI!! its so nice to meet you and thank you for your email!! It was awesome to see your closet room and to hear that you are on a path to self discovery as well!! I love hearing stuff like that! Its so nice to have you along! Thank you for all of your kind words!

Unknown said...

Just checked this on the off chance you had updated the blog since you decided to stop writing it and am so happy to see you're back. Looking forward to seeing your new approach :) Carla

Sydney said...

I've been thinking about you lately and your need for growth and exploration. I just checked this morning on a whim to see if you had updated. I'm so excited to be a witness to your reinvented, mind-blowing journey. I've missed your writings and your total down-to-earth realities of realities. Looking up Indigo child right now, for your description made my head spin.

With love and hugs (and great shouts of joy),

Anonymous said...

Occasionally in life, someone strikes a personal and peculiar chord on your internal piano. You have gracefully played those keys on mine. You used to inspire me through your clothes. But clothes are just the extension of the man, and I'm excited to be with you on this journey as you reveal the man behind the clothes.

Welcome back.

Second Skin said...

Carla- I am so happy you checked in on me! I hope you continue to come back!

Sydney - what did you think about the indigo stuff?? I am curious to know what other people think about it! Thank you so much for coming back and thinking about me.

Holly - This is such a beautifully written comment. I don't even know what to say. Thank you, I guess is the common expression, but I feel so much more than that.

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