Mushy mush mush

My brain feels a little like mush today since I have been going to bed Faaaar past my bedtime and sleeping in the guest bedroom for the past couple weeks due to a persistent cough that has been lingering since Coachella.  I love my guest room, but I sleep much better next to my man.  Something about the rhythm of his breath and his built in furnace that keeps my endlessly cold feet warm, or his smell.  I don't know.  I just hate sleeping away from him.  I kinda think that is why I am still sick to be honest.

Obviously the weather is working in my favor today!  Its gorgeous! I am going to work as hard as I can to list as much as possible today so that I can enjoy my lovely weather weekend!  I will tweet as I have been when things are listed and if you want them for sure, for sure, after you see sizes and what not, Fantastic! At that point, if you need a reserve or want to combine shipping with something else that has not been listed, Convo me in Etsy and I will reserve it for you until the rest is ready for you! Does that make sense?  This way I will be able to track all the reserves and things in one place and none will slip through the cracks! I think since I am not as organized as I would like to be I sorta have to decide how things could best be tracked and documented so I can find things more easily.

I am sorry if I sound like a Mush Head right now!  I am going to try to sleep in my own bed tonight! And get there before midnight!  Warning husband: you may need to get some earplugs at Walgreens on the way home tonight.

Shirt: Vintage Thrifted
Pants: Lux from Urban Outfitters
Scarf: American Apparel
Shoes: Vintage Thrifted
Purse: Vintage thrifted
Sunglasses: Marc by Marc Jacobs


Keep the momentum

Ah, good.  Now I can make these update photos small and in rows again.  So most of the clothes I listed yesterday have sold!!  Whoo Hoo!  I got these prepped to add tomorrow and Saturday and will be focusing on the rest of those shoes today!  Thank you to all of you who have been paying attention on twitter and wahtnot!  I will be sure to keep you posted for when each bunch of items is listed!  

And sorry if my face looks all frinkley or weirdish or whatever.  I get strange looks on my face when I do these shoots because I am paying attention to the clothes and not my smile! 


True story:  Girl gets remote control for her camera and is excited to use it.  When the time comes, the skys are cloudy and uninviting.  Girl waits for a tiny patch of sunlight to roll toward her front yard and just as she has everything set up, tripod, camera, framed and focused, Phone Rings.  Its girl's lovely husband who left the house very early this morning and would be providing the first opportunity of the day to talk and plan the days events.  Instead of telling husband "oh, can I call you back, my outfit pictures are very important and there is only a single patch of sun today," she decides that husband is very important too and thinks maybe she can do both at once.  NEW REMOTE CONTROL! Pictures are taken WHILE TALKING TO HUSBAND, and right as husband is ready to say good bye, clouds take the sun away and leave girl alone in the cold.  True story.

You can even see the sun lit field behind me as the clouds rolled in.  I was going to try to retake these but I kind of thought they represent my life pretty well right now.  Combined priorities. Multitasking. Catching opportunities when they come and being ready for unexpected variables.  Things don't always turn out ideally, but this is real life.  Ideals are a fantasy most times. As I am typing this the sun is out again.  I am not sure how long it will last but, Blast! To heck with it! You get the idea!

I washed my hair today and it feels very luxurious to have a totally clean head.  Hair is puffy and frizzy, but I appreciate its lightness and fullness and smell! Will be listing away more today as that has become my daily routine now that I am going at this thing full time (or as full as my reality allows.)

{EDIT: Now it is snowing.}

Shirt: Vintage Thrifted
Shorts: Leproust Vintage
Belt: Vintage thrifted
Shoes: Vintage Thrifted
Purse: VIntage Thrifted
Sunnies: Donald Trump
Phone: iPhone (not an intentional accessory but present most of the time anyway)


new dresses

 I am adding these dresses to my shop over the next couple of days as well as the remaining shoes from yesterday!  Follow me on twitter if you would like to know the exact time they hit the shop! They will be listed from $30 to $40 each.

p.s. My blogger changed its photo formatting and its totally throwing me for a loop!  What the heck blogger!  Leave it be!

Stinky girl

I was unable to take my outfit photos yesterday at sunset, for one because there was not a sunset, just heavy winds and rain, and two because I ended up drinking a half bottle of Korbel with a friend and got a little too happy to care about the pictures!  So this is today, just now! On the Hair front, I have not washed this mess since Sunday and apart from smelling like garlic, onions and alcohol from last nights indulgences, it looks and feels great! I do feel like the stinky kid though.  I am beginning to think maybe 3 days is my limit for now.  I would so much rather not be wearing these tights with this outfit, but its still freaking windy so they are a must.  Oh well!  More work for me today on Etsy!!  Getting some clothes prepped and listing more shoes!  Thank you so much for your support by following me on Twitter!  It was like, ok like 30 people are waiting for me to list this stuff!  Just do it girl!  Its like you are my own silent cheering squad! So thanks again!

Skirt: H&M
Tights: Ross
Shirt: Thrifted Vintage
Shoes: Thrifted Vintage
Purse: Thirfted Vintage
Sunglasses: Rayban


back in the saddle again

Just prepped all these shoes for the shop and will be listing a few at a time over the next couple days. I will tweet each time I list if you are interested in anything.  My nose is to the grind stone ladies.  This is me in productive mode.  More clothes to come as well.  Yes I can do this!! YEA!!! COME ON!!! ENERGY PEOPLE!  LETS GO!  (this is what I have going through my head as I photograph my shit.  I am telling the shoes to "work it."  Its kinda funny because I have my new camera and feel all pro and stuff. do what you gotta do right!) 

mid maintenance

I have always thought I was pretty low maintenance (though I suspect a certain man in my life may disagree) and after looking at and photographing my products, I guess I may be somewhere in between high and low. I think since I save so much money on clothes and shoes, I definitely feel justified in splurging on nice products and cosmetics.  At least the ones that matter.  I feel like my system is very paired down and simple, but I don't have anyone's to compare it with!  Below is a list of the products I use almost daily and the way I use them.   Its a bit crazy how they add up!

1.  Skin:  Every other day, before I take a shower I use a natural bristle dry brush to brush my whole body starting at my heart and working to my fingers and toes. (EDIT: I got the brush at Whole Foods, but I have seen them in a few natural food stores. It was inexpensive, maybe $8. I am sure Body Shop has similar things as well. Here is a link to the one I think I have)  I brush my legs and bootie harder than the rest of me.  It hurts a little at first, but it exfoliates really well and promotes good circulation (I noticed an improvement in skin elasticity and cellulite when I started this brushing. Trust me its worth it).  I have come to relish my brushing.  I wash with whatever soap is in the shower (Dove usually) and shave no matter what, every other day.  Then I pat dry.  I immediately slather my whole body generously with Cetaphil lotion (at any store but I get the economy pack at Costco when I go since I use so much.)  If I would like a boost for my tan (which is mostly from the sun left over from Honduras, Coachella and the park) I use either Nivea Sun Kissed Firming Moisturizer for a gradual warmth, or the Neutrogena Sun Fresh tanning lotion  (more noticeable but a bit starchy smelling)  I have not used these products for a while but they are both nicer than others I have tried.  My skin does tan in the sun very easily and holds the color well though.  Just in case you are ready to lecture, I always wear 15spf if I am going to be outside.

2. Face: After I got back from Honduras, my skin was a little sun damaged and I noticed more lines around my eyes, so right off the plane I hit Sephora and with the help of a great sales woman, discovered this Philosophy skin line.  I use the Microdelivery cleanser each night to exfoliate off dead skin cells, then generously apply the Eye Hope.  I let that soak in for 2 minutes then apply the Hope in a Jar to my whole face, neck, chest and hands.  In the morning I use any random gentle liquid cleanser on my Clearsonic and repeat the last two steps.  I have noticed a DRAMATIC difference in my lines (nearly invisible), my tone and my texture.

3. Makeup: Once my Moisturizer sinks in (3 mins or so) I spray my face lightly with Dior Air Flash foundation in Sand (Sephora) and brush it in with a foundation brush.  It has great coverage but is SUPER light weight. Then I put a bit of Cargo Bronzer on my nose and cheeks for a touch of sun and buff over that with Benefit's Throb powder. My lip color is either one of two Maybelline Colorstay lip colors.  I don't use the provided gloss, just let it be matte. Finally I lightly apply Benefit eyeshadow in Busy Signal with a small brush and swipe just the top lashes with Lancome Defincils Mascara. I sometimes use a liquid liner to make a cat eye instead of the more subtle smudged brown eyeshadow.

4. Hair: I have not committed to a proper shampoo and conditioner yet.  I tried the "Her Cut" line and was not impressed.  I like Biolage though.  For dry shampoos I like the Oscar Blandi Pronto a whole lot, but for darker hair the T3 360 refresh spray dry shampoo in Dark Tone is really great.  I have been using the Orlando Pita dry conditoner as well, and have been addicted to Bumble and Bumble Styling cream for a while.  The boar bristle brush I got is the Sephora brand and my hair drier (which yes has tape holding the filter on it since I dropped it) is this little T3 Bespoke travel drier.  Its light weight and works great.

5. Fragrance: The only perfume or fragrance I wear of any kind is Prada Milano.  I usually will just add the lotion to my Cetaphil in the morning to give me a more subtle smell, but if I go out or want to feel really pretty I will spray the perfume once on my chest.  Not really that important, but I thought I may as well include it since it is a part of my routine.  You will probably never smell me but I am very sensitive to smells and gather a lot of information about my environment and people I meet by how they smell.   I think fragrance says a lot about a person.  (my husband usually says that I smell like food or something edible though so go figure.)

All right!  So thats what I do.  I guess the biggie is just the very regular scrubbing, shaving and moisturizing.  My last bit of news,  I opened a Twitter account, but seriously just so that I can let any interested parties know when I list things on my Etsy (which I did do yesterday!!!)  If you want to follow me you can, but I really won't be tweeting about anything but my shop!  My user name is Secondskinstyle just like my blog address.  I don't have a gadget yet but I am working on figuring all that out.  I feel a little ridiculous about this whole thing though.  We will see how it goes!

Shirt: thrifted vintage
Pants: thrifted vintage
Shoes, belt, hat, necklaces: thirfted vintage


simple strategy

I have decided that I am photographing all of my pics in the evening now instead of before I run off in the morning.  My previous routine of getting ready, popping into the studio for some shots by the dress form, and going on with the day meant posting the appropriate outfit of that day, but also meant posting later in the morning and with a boring, always the same background.  If I get my shots in the evening I am not hurried, can crop and prep the shots in the lull of the evening and post very early in the a.m.  Pics will always be from the day before from now on!  Good plan!  Plus, I freaking LOVE my new camera in every way possible and I love getting sunset shots so much!  Its a really nice excuse to get outside right in time for the golden hour!

I am prepping a full product and skin care post for tomorrow.  I have been getting some questions about skin and legs and whatnot (here and on my question form) and I think it is important for me to tell you that my legs never used to see the light of day.  I have said it before here, but to reiterate, all of these shorts and skirts and things are a relatively new thing for me.  Since last summer I have discovered some really cool maintenance strategies that have made it easier for me to bare my legs.  I will share.  And I am not saying I am the shit or anything like that, just wanting to tell you about what works for me.

I am looking forward to a very productive week! Hope you are feeling energized too!

Shirt: thrifted vintage Diane Von Furstenberg
Shorts: cutoff American Eagle
Purse: thrifted vintage
Beaded Cuff: street vendor in Honduras
Shoes: thrifted vintage Giorgio Brutini
Sunglasses: Marc by Marc Jacobs
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