dancing barefoot

HAPPY NEW YEARS EVE!!  I really love today because I am a huge fan of endings and new beginnings!!  I love the amount of focus and will the new year always gives me and I just think it is one of the greatest parties all year!  I had a few options as far as outfits are concerned for tonight, but I think I might go with this!  Painfully simple and so fun to dance in!  An American Apparel jersey pillow case dress (passed over to me by my sister!! Thanks SIS!)  and this pure silk, striped . . . what, tank (dress?)  thingy from the clearance rack at Victoria's Secret!  Its so floaty and fabulous!  I wore it all summer paired with cutoff shorts and my beat up boots, but thought it might just work as a not too stuffy NYE getup.  I might belt it till dinner, then just let it flow!  Since I always end up dancing half naked (not in a dirty way!! I mean it in the goofiest way!) with my shoes off by the end of the night, I thought I would just plan for it this time.  (while I was taking these I was listening to "Golden Years" by David Bowie!  You gotta dance to that!!)

HAPPY HAPPY HAPPY NEW YEAR!! Wishing everyone the best and warmest wishes for the new year!! Its going to be a good one!!


If I ever feel better

So do you guys know that Phoenix song "If I ever feel better"  It goes "If I ever feel better, remind me to spend some good time with you.  You can give me your number, when its all over I'll let you know."  Oh I freaking LOVE Phoenix so much and guess what!!  I am feeling better!  Good nights sleep!  Sudafed day time!  I am worlds away from yesterday! So today I took my boy on a date to Starbucks.  We have all been home (For SO long it seems) and scratching each others eyes out with cabin fever, so we decided to get dresses up and go eat some scones.  Its amazing what sugar and the smiling baristas can do for moral.

Thank you all so much for your well wishes and tips to recovery!  I was feeling so emotional yesterday and actually got a little teary eyed reading them.

I am always very excited to wear this jacket.  I have to be very careful with it because it is part of a suit set with a matching pencil skirt.  I think its from the 60's and I found it with another little cream crocheted suit set.  I expect that they were from the same donor, similar style, size, era and shape, and that they were her Sunday Best, church suits.  They have been so well cared for and I feel that as their new owner I must be a very careful custodian to them.  You know, out of respect for the little lady who passed them on to me.  I like how you can almost sense the character of the former resident in certain pieces.


nothing special

My outfit today is nothing special.  I slept on the couch last night to avoid sickening my husband (and to covertly get a few extra minutes in blogland ;) Shhh!) and honestly don't think I got a blink of sleep!  Its like you are fine if you suck on a cough drop, but can't sleep with something in your mouth, then when it finally dissolves, you start to drift off and a silly cough erupts!  Holy Jeeze man!   Oh well.  Any way, I went to the doc today and got some really great prescription cough syrup so I should be sleeping like a lamb tonight.  

I wasn't going to post today but there were so many questions about that skirt I wore yesterday I thought it was fitting to show my not so special outfit while telling you about my not so special sewing technique.  I wish I could tell you that I did the waist band myself but that was actually the existing waistband of the shirt.  I just turned the shirt upside down, cut under the sleeves, and hemmed the fabric. Presto change-o.  The secret is that its just a really killer print!  I am telling you, thrift STORES.

OH!  I almost forgot!  Do you guys think I look like a robot because I always pose and turn my eyes the same direction?  Some body called me on it recently (Not here) and I was just wondering if it seemed weird to you guys?


Magic Tricks

Isn't it amazing that with the advent of one new element in your wardrobe, millions of new possibilities erupt! These over the knee socks from J. Crew, for instance, have suddenly made this skirt (Which I made last year from an 80's shirt) completely wearable.  I tried it with opaque leggings before, sheer and textured ones but for some reason, the little sliver of leg showing seems to lend it just the right feel.  I tried to keep the outfit a bit more casual by adding soft layers and a touch of color since I am also utilizing another magic trick, Makeup, to mask the fact that I am seriously sick.  Runny nose sneezing, watery eyes, blotchy skin- ALL of it gone to the naked eye with the sweep of my magic makeup.  And you know something, all the effort actually payed off because I feel a little better having taken the time to shower and pamper myself.  It feels like I am not giving up the fight for my health or something.  I don't know.

Anyway, what have you found as your magical outfit multiplier?  I so enjoy reading your comments and creepy peeping over at your blogs!  I have to admit I don't always comment because I am usually browsing via my iPhone but hope to change that once everyone goes back to school and work!  I am also planning a reconstruction of my blog roll since I have so many more I want to add.  In any case, thank you SO much for commenting here.  It really means a lot to me.


like, love, hate

Mel from Idee_Geniale, one of my very favorite bloggers (and my make believe sister) has chosen me to partake me in The Cassie's Therapy Video Diary tag.  Apparently Cassie is a character on the tv show Skins.  I wasn't really sure what this was all about until I watched her video.  Its pretty interesting.

Abracadabra, Wow!

I like boys who make me laugh and girls in general.
I like putting on makeup.
I like the smell of bus exhaust and freshly lit matches.
I like vintage buttons and textiles.
I like eating in restaurants.
I like Kombucha.
I like having my feet massaged.
I like being alone.
I like reading non fiction.
I like playing dress up with loud music on.
I like not having neighbors.
I like falling asleep in the sun.
I love being alive and able to enjoy earthly pleasures.

Today I really need to reevaluate my priorities.
In some ways, I love everything.
Its less, of a thing to like, its less distinct, its less particular
I like things that I like but I love everything
There’s more choice in like
Cos even the worst things have things you love in them
I don’t know what you mean about things I dislike

I hate static electricity in my sweaters and hair.
I hate stress acne.
I hate having to pee really bad when I am driving in traffic.
I hate the way my nose runs and stings in very cold temperatures.
I hate realizing that I have run completely out of conditioner after I have already shampooed.
I hate it when people get their feelings hurt by my actions, inactions, or words.
I hate it when I leave my laundry in the washer overnight and it smells like mildew.
I hate that I sort of love external validation.

I hate this, wow. . .

Three ladies I would like to see partake in this therapy video tag are:

  1. Kristin from Leproust Vintage even though she may be away for a time, I would love to know more about her when she returns.
  2. Tieka from Selective Potential because I was able to disclose very private information to her recently and not only did she not judge me, she also helped me to overcome a personal challenge. 
  3. And finally Krystal from This Time Tomorrow because she has has been so supportive and generous to me and, like I have said before, is probably the coolest person I have ever met.  
The task: fill in 12 likes, 1 love, and 8 hates like Cassie did in her therapy video. The bolded things are what you MUST include. Also, please link it back to me, and link it onto 3 other blogs you admire!

On one final note, I would like to call attention to Annie from Time Enough For Drums.  Her blog is relatively new, but really really fantastic and she does this great feature on Sundays called Op-Ed where she highlights 10 of her favorite things in the blogsphere from the past week.  It exposed me to things I hadn't found on my own and is a pretty smart way to be introduced to new bloggers!



ALL RIGHT.  I am not a fortune teller.  I have no physic ability what so ever and I would never pretend to know what is coming next in our lives.  I certainly have no idea, but I have been asked to make a prediction about the fashion trends of the coming year and, having no ability or crystal ball, have decided to fall on my great talent for resourcefulness (ahem, asking my fellow blogger friends who quite possibly have a way better grasp on this than I do!).  Below is a list of tends I SUSPECT we will be seeing much more of in 2010.  Granted, the trends I have listed have been with us for a while, but I am anticipating (more like hoping for) an explosion of the following.   I have included a few examples above to help illustrate my desperate attempts at verbal picture painting.

  1. World or ethnic print dresses, skirts, sweaters, cardigans, and shirts, preferably vintage or hand printed, or hand woven.  Mostly Navaho, Russian, Batik, and Indian prints. 
  2. Sportswear, mesh, loose trousers tucked into boots, sporty jackets, easy shapes, all paired with slick height in the shoe department.  
  3. A wider acceptance of headwear ranging from more, bigger bows, hats, headbands, head wraps, you name it.  
  4. An explosion of and wide acceptance of leg-wear in every color, texture, form, including rolled fishnet trouser socks with heels, boots and sandals.  
  5. Vintage silks and dresses in a bigger way than we have ever seen before.  
  6. Hair I hope will be brushed out waves, great volume and texture galore.  
  7. Accessories will show the human hand in its creation.  Hand made, intricate metal work, beading, natural stones, earth tones.  
So what do you all think?  Am I way off base here or left in the stone age?  The early adapters have been doing these things for years now, but I expect the rest of everyone to fully grasp what's been going on. Your votes?  Suggestions?  


Happy Day!

Merry Christmas!  It was such a nice day and I hope it was nice for everyone else too!  Things tend to get so busy right before today, and when this evening finally arrives, it feels like it all went way too fast. Crazy. . .

So I got a few things that were on my list!  The herringbone tights and the shawl collar cardigan!  Whooohooo!  I knew I wanted to wear them both today, but had very little time to think about my outfit and things just seemed to look strange on me the past couple of days so I just settled with this.  Took the pictures while the rest of my fam was walking out to the car for more get togethers!  Hope to have a little bit more time in the coming days to play around with my new things!

What a fun day though!  I love Christmas!


Vintage Holiday

My Son took all of these pictures for me!  He is so into it.  He loves to set the timer and run around the tripod to get in the frame with me!  We took about 30 of these but his smile on this one was so hammy I had to include it!  We are on our way to a HUGE family gathering with some family members I haven't seen for years so I am pretty excited!! I hope all of your festivities are going well!  I finally feel into the season, and jeeze, it took long enough!

This vintage dress was something I actually bought from a vintage dealer.  One of the VERY few things I haven't found on my own.  I love it SO much and am so happy to have an occasion to wear it.  I have a pretty hard time with red and green together so I go more subtle routes to looking festive.


You can find me here, this time tomorrow

Just a second quick quickie to very excitedly announce that Krystal from This Time Tomorrow has FEATURED me today!!!  I am beyond excited for SOOOO many reasons since she is the coolest girl that lives in my entire state (and way beyond) and is the very first to seriously feature me with an interview and everything!  I met Krystal when I was shopping at a local Goodwill last month when I noticed her right away as the best dressed girl I had ever seen in real life.  All of you are probably very familiar with her blog but go check it out again anyway (besides she actually happened to snag a few pieces of the Rodarte line from "HER TARGET" yesterday and I am sure will be posting them any day!)  Yippee!  I am bursting!

consolation prizes

This outfit actually started with jean shorts, but I have had this sparkly skirt for a really long time now and just thought, screw it, Its party season, I am doing it.  I threw my furry suede coat over for warmth and couldn't feel happier.  I feel so boho rocker today.  Very happy.  

These tights are my consolation prize after trekking out to "MY TARGET" (meaning out in the sticks Target) yesterday between visits with my grandma to try to get my hands on at least one piece of the Rodarte line.  Well, the highlight table in women's yesterday was $10 fleece. . . not even a hint of anything special. . .  except for these tights.   I am practicing the sour grapes routine, telling myself the stuff probably sucks anyway and everyone will be wearing it so why did I even care in the first place. . . but somehow, I know I am wrong.  This is my consolation outfit.  I can make my own things work just fine.  Silly Rodarte. . . sniff.


Who's half naked?

Today I am announcing the winner of the Half Naked dress (pictured below in much warmer times!).  I was going to write all the names on paper and draw from a hat but I found a more fair, lazier way to do it.

I play Bingo with my boy a lot so I thought I would just use this Bingo ball chooser thingy.  I just rolled it till it pulled a ball number that made sense (I had a little under 40 entries).

Then I counted down to the 12th Half Naked entry.

Yeah!  Amandromeda!  You win it! I will be contacting you to get your shipping info and send you your dress tomorrow USPS Priority mail! Congrats!  Also, everyone be sure to check out her blog.  She renovated the most amazing building to live in and the pictures are amazing!

Hope you all had a great weekend!

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