About me

Hi!  My name is Christina!.  I live in a small town in Northern Nevada and have enjoyed rural life for about 13 years now.  I got my BA majoring in Ceramic Sculpture, worked in the arts industry for a few years (first a non profit organizing art exhibitions and facilitating visiting artist programs and PR, then teaching yoga and facilitating art therapy for individuals with eating disorders) and now enjoy being a massage therapist, healing with essential oils, and selling vintage clothing. My birthday is in September (my favorite month of the year) My favorite season is summer, favorite color is burnt, rusty, orange, and my favorite smells are bergamot, lemon verbena, black pepper, and wet dirt.  I wear Gypsy Water perfume.  My favorite foods are salty and crispy.  I love reading and stick to non fiction because I always want to learn about something new. My current book is "The Secret History of the World," a recommendation from my dad.   The only plants I have ever been able to keep alive ever are Orchids.   I am madly in love. I feel strong emotional urges to do things when the time is right (quit jobs, have babies, make changes) and wait for these promptings before acting.  If I don't feel it, I don't do it. I love people and love groups of people, but prefer to interact with them one on one in person.  I hate calling people on the phone generally (though I don't mind when people call me).  I am also bad at emailing or any type of communication that is not face to face.  I do not frequently feel lonely and I love time alone, though I wish I had more friends and understand that this is my fault since a part of me does sort of like not having too many.  I actually like it when girls cuss.  I think a subtle tough girl attitude mixed with humor and humbleness is so attractive.  I do yoga, though not very often lately.  I don't have television stations, but I rent shows, my favorites being Curb Your Enthusiasm, Flight of the Conchords, Into the Wormhole, Little Britain, the British version of The Office, Family Guy, Penn and Teller's Bull Shit, Dexter, and Mad Men.  My favorite movies are High Fidelity, True Romance, American Psycho, and very dark comedies like Your Friends and Neighbors, Happiness, and Welcome to the Doll House. I know The Princess Bride by heart. I like the smell of my own BO and farts but most people do I guess, and I use a soft, compact tooth brush, but have not been to the dentist in years (worst hate).  

You can also read my answers to some random questions here.
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