digging it.

This week sure did speed by.  Well, this whole month actually. And for that matter this year has been truck'in right along.  I just can't believe it.  While all of that time feels like its going fast, the weird thing is that my blog is not even a year old yet.  It feels like I have been doing this forever.  I have a hard time recalling things before my blog actually.  What did I do?  Who did I talk to?  What did I even wear??Wow, my life is different now.  Well, maybe not my life, but I certainly am different now.  I am not sure if all blog readers blog as well as read (unless I know you and your blog through your comments) but has your experience with blogging or reading them, made a very big impact on you?  Its sort of a rhetorical question really, I guess I am just wondering if you have noticed it in yourself.  I sure have.  The way I communicate is different, the confidence in my dressing, just knowing who I am.  I think that writing each day a little bit, digging in to what you really think, is more of an exercise in self discovery than anything else.  The clothes are fun.  Its like the initial commonality we have, but eventually I think people connect really through words.  I never know what I am going to write when I sit down.  It may be disjointed or boring sometimes but then maybe that is how I am sometimes. Every once in a while its nice to sit and think about how lost, or not lost, but un aware I guess I was of myself before blogging.  I am thankful to myself that I do this.

OK self reflection aside, I am a little in love with this outfit.  I have had this printed skirt for a while now (talk about beginning blogging feelings!) and the hat and belt actually, well and the shoes, but this is the first time they have all been together.  The skirt has a draw string waist band so it makes it really easy to just tie it as a halter dress and the belt gives the waist definition.  Floaty and easy.

Dress: a vintage hippie skirt, thirfted
shoes: old navy
hat, belt: Urban Outfitters
Purse: great gift


Eclectic times

My mom makes jewelry.  She has been making it for years.  We had a business together for a little while called Cattina (her name is Cathi, my name is Christina) and we would make things together and sell them by having parties in people's homes. I made things from chunks of turquoise and strands of silver, glass beads in earth tones, real rustic stuff, and she made more whimsical things, along with the natural stones, glass and eclectic beads.  I don't know why I stopped.  I think it had to do with me beginning to think of every piece as potential money instead of something I was just making because I enjoyed it.  My mom never lost sight of the joy of it though and she just continued making more and more things.  The bracelet I am wearing is from her.  It's really really great stuff  and she never asks for very much, just that the people who wear her things love them.  I eventually pushed her to start her own etsy store so that she could reach a wider audience since all of her friends (and their friends) have been showered with her things. Check it out if you are interested.

My outfit is a little eclectic today.  I know right?  A scarf in the summer, but its so light weight and sheer that it just works.  The weather has been a little weird this week anyway.

Shirt: gift from a dear friend
Skirt: AA
Boots: gift from an ex girlfriend (Its like I have to balance the karma of these two friends lately wearing gifts from both at the same time.  Its totally subconscious I assure you)
hat, scarf, purse: thrifted
Bracelet: ArtnStone


Get back in the warm pool

Hi there!  I was asked to guest post over at Distinctly Desiree today, and so I did.  SERIOUSLY, I had no idea that guest blogging would be so difficult for me!  I felt like I was completely out of my element!  Its like now I am back here in my warm pool of comfort and it all feels soft and reassuring and cozy and safe.  I feel like an absolute nincompoop (that word is actually not even coming up misspelled! SEE!  Even my made up words are real here!!) Wow.  I feel like a total moron for not being able to complete a simple task of just blogging somewhere else.  I mean I DID technically blog for her, but I feel like I should have been. . . more philosophical, or more, like wise, or smart, or cool or more whatever, but I am not any of those things.  I am just a person that types what comes into my head.  Compulsively. Yes, I just thought that word and typed it just like it says.  I guess I just feel bad that I couldn't just get over myself and do a proper post for such a sweet gal.  Desiree is a good mom and a cool genuine girl, super cute with great style.  She is from Texas and actually kind of reminds me of Sookie from True Blood.  Here are some pics of her:
SUPER CUTE RIGHT!  You can just see her reading your thoughts can't you.  Well, If she reads mine they will look a lot like the words on the page.  At least I am honest.  If you feel so inclined to read my nonsense over there you can, however, I suggest you just skip to her regularly scheduled program to meet a seriously cute, mind reading (well, this is not confirmed), stylish Texan in her own element.

Way more photos of my outfit here and more importantly, more pictures of the lovely Desiree.

Shorts: LeProust Vintage
Shirt: AA
Shoes: Lucky Brand Koko Wedges
Accessories: thrited

{EDIT: Blogger Second Skin said...
So, there have been problems commenting? Check. check. Sorry if you have trouble. I will not take it personally, ever, I promise. Comments are super nice and so SOOO appreciated, but I want you to know that if you are ever unable to leave one, or just really don't feel like it (totally completely OK) I will never take that shit personally. I assume you come her for your own reasons. It doesn't matter what they are really. Its just so nice that you even come. And if you ever become disinterested in me or what I am doing, I am sure you will stop coming here. Thats Ok too. Its an at will internet. In the mean time, just know that your presence is noted and appreciated, regardless of your comments (Which are cherished and read several times. I am not going to lie, I freaking love them but until I can be a more thorough replier and commenter, there can never be any expectation on my part WHATSOEVER) Anything you decide to leave me here is seriously proof that people are really really good inside and just like to share that goodness when they feel moved to do so. So thank you. Very very much for your efforts.}


already standing on the ground

These are the days I long for all winter.  The hottest days of summer. They get so hot that the heat brings on these storms.  We had torrential rain fall today. Flooding rain. Huge puddles. Then it stopped and the sun came out and it all dried up. Now the vapor is being held in the sky above me and its bound to fall tomorrow and the next day and continue to the end of the week. This process of build up and release. Intense heat relieved by intense rain resulting in a clean, clear, renewed air and ground.  It's great. You will NEVER hear me complain about the heat.  I think it is one of the most cleansing experiences. I can submit to the heat.  Revel in it. I love going out in the summer rains.  I can't do that with the cold.  You have to be on your guard with cold weather. Never trusting it fully since it can get the best of you if you are not prepared for it. But this, this time right now always helps me to be present and still. Even in myself.

Dress: Vintage
Accessories: Thrifted


We have a winner!

I went to the random number generator and asked them to give me a number between 1 and 156 and the number they gave me was 30. 30 .  . . .   I wouldn't in a million years pick 30 out of that many numbers but I guess that is why it is so random.  I hit it 3 more times and it gave me 6, 17, and 101. . .. !!!!!!  I don't know but I think a number like 72 or 113 is so much more random than those, but I am not a random number generator, obviously. So anyway, I counted through the entries to, ahem, 30 and was careful to not count any people from other countries (you are still winners in my book remember that) and after counting and double counting I have found this to be the winning comment of the Bangles from the giveaway:

 rebecca said...

I probably should use this time to comment on how fabulous that bracelet is and would be on my little arm, but I also want to say that you seem to be a genuinely awesome person and this blog has been very inspirational to me.
Thank you!
Congratulations Rebecca! Thank you for your very nice comment as well!  I will be emailing you shortly with the details! And, really, thank you everyone who entered to win it.  I was surprised and shocked by the turn out. 
Just in case you were wondering, it has been a very refreshing and enlightening time for me these past few days.  Truly, struggle brings growth.  I feel very sparkly and new and energized from this finding. I have visual metaphors and analogies for you to describe all of this but they all border on cheesy and sappy so I will spare you all of that.  Just know that I feel better now.  Sunnier.   A little . . . Sparkier.  Less hard work. (you seen High Fidelity?) So ya. Ahhhhhh.  The drama has lifted.  It feels good.  
I took these pictures on Saturday actually.  I have been wanting to wear this silk sheath dress for over a year now but it took me seeing the super cool hot chick from DIRTY HAIR HALO tie her sheath dress at the bottom to realize how to make it work.  Thank you Shannon. (I told you in the comment of that post that I would do this someday.  Betcha thought I forgot or was just kissing your butt, but I didn't and I wasn't.)
silk dress: vintage gift from and ex girlfriend
shoes: Seychelles
Purse: vintage gift from a new girlfriend 


I am not a plumber.

Things I learned yesterday:

  1. Ugly can be pretty too. Thank you Paige.
  2. You guys REALLY want that Bangle Set from yesterday (and you have till Saturday night to enter to win it). Thank you DesignerApparel.com
  3. If I endure hideous amounts of stress, the pants that I received in the mail, that fit perfectly when they arrived, will be a might too big the next week. Dangit stress. 
  4. Sometimes you don't even have to meet someone in person to know that they are absolutely incredible and will be in your life, maybe, forever. Thank you internet. 
  5. That leak I have been dealing with, trying to fix and plug and fill, exhausting myself and all that: it was never my leak to fill, fix or mend in the first place.  Nor was any other leak that plopped itself on my doorstep.  I can't fix leaks, and I don't want to. Leaks have the power to fix themselves, and they are the only ones that can.  Thank you meeting. 
  6. I still feel like I should try though. Dangit brain.
  7. I have to go to more meetings.  Thank you brain. 
  8. Brautigan is a genius.  Thank you Zoe
  9. People are amazing. Thank you people. 
  10. I am thankful. Thank you me. 

Pants: Vintage from Barefoot & Vintage (I will grow back into them, don't worry) 
Shirt, shoes, bangles: thrifted
Purse: treasured gift 



Hello! Not yet ready to chat casually about my most recent hole plugging project, but fortunately I have some other quite interesting things to discuss.  First matter of business: Last week Paige proposed a challenge.  She called it something like "Ugly can be pretty too" or "style this piece of shit" or "make this odd thing look cool" or something great like that.  Paige even made a page for this little style challenge, (which I can't seem to find right now but I will, ah here it is!  All the details and how you can join in!) Of course I accepted her challenge!  Of freaking course!  and I came out of my nonblogular stupor to play around with it and show you what I came up with!  (I JUST made that word up, Nonblogular.  Use it if you want. It means specific things you do that would not end up on your blog for whatever reason. Used in a sentence: "Oh shit man, this is totally nonblogular, don't even worry about it.") Anyways, this is my solution for a somewhat poofy, nearly impractical (its super hot) but strangely incredibly beautiful blouse. I folded the button down collar into itself, belted the poop out of it, and rouged it up with my cutoffs (this is how I feel about these cutoffs) and some lace up boots.  The hat brought the magic. According to the terms of the challenge, I am now to identify the new challenger, and I choose (since she told me she would kill me if I didn't choose her, and I half way believe her (just joshin!) is the magical Merl!  Good luck Merly two shoes!  You have a whole freaking list of eager beavers awaiting this lovely thing so you know what to do!

Second order of business: I would like to offer a giveaway here.  Well, actually the lovely people at DesignerApparel.com (I know you have heard of them, and if you are so inclined to purchase great designer stuff, from Betsey Johnson,  to Derek Lam, to Kate Spade, go there, seriously, you won't regret it) would like to offer you something on my blog that you have a chance to win, but I will probably end up buying since I am not qualified to win it (how freaking fair is that!) and the item is this amazing:
Alex and Ani Feather Bangle Set.  All you have to do is leave a comment on this post before, hmm. . .  lets say this Saturday (July 24) at midnight (PST).  I'll wrap it up and announce the winner this Monday.  Good luck people.  . .  Luckies.  At least you are lucky if you live in the states.  Ya, you have to be a USA resident. So sorry if you are not,  but hey, you are in good company since I am not eligible either. You can still leave a comment I will just not put your comment in the winner pool.  You will still be a winner in my book though.

Blouse: The ugly pretty challenge thingy
boots, hat,  belt: thrfted
Shorts: cut from AE pants


head, shoulders, fingers, toes

Pardon my brief absence.  I have all my fingers and toes filling small leaks while I await reinforcements.  Variables.  Compromise. Setbacks. I assure you I am ok.  Everyone will be ok in the end. The end just keeps getting moved further away. and my fingers and toes are tired.  We will see how today goes.  Thank you so much for your words.  I'll tell you about all of this later.  I AM OK.  I promise.


fixing a hole

I love analogies.  I use them a lot when I am talking to people since, I think, being a visual person, it helps me to describe and understand really complex situations, usually emotion and interpersonal based. Sometimes I don't even have to come up with my own analogies, they just happen in real life and sometimes they happen simultaneously with the situation that relates to it.  I know I am speaking in general vague terms and that an example is absolutely in order but for the time being, I can only share one half of the analogy with you since the other part is too raw and personal to disclose.  

Yesterday was the first day in months that the oil was not spilling into the gulf.  A plug was put into place that has stopped the oil.  Damage, unquantifiable damage, has been caused and is still something that will need to heal over time and be dealt with, but the source of all of the damage, the base problem, has, for the time being, been stopped.  Experts don't know if this plug will work.  They don't fully know the condition of the well.  It could be too weak and break if the pressure from the plug builds.  This plug is a test, and they are watching it very closely over the next several days, measuring the pressure, looking for leaks occurring elsewhere, observing the integrity of the well, to see if greater steps must be made.  The cap may just be the answer and it may be enough, in which case they will cement over the whole well and call it good! Whoo hoo!  No more leaking ever!  But a practical view, and pragmatic steps are in place since it is maybe, just not enough.  

OK these facts about the spill were absorbed into my ears in 15 minutes on NPR today and may not be completely accurate since the entire time they were talking I thought they were talking about something else.  I KNEW it was about the spill, but I mean, they were giving me a visual concrete analogy for what I am currently dealing with in my personal life.  I feel like I am on the team of experts.  We put a plug in a certain well that has been leaking, spewing poison for well over a year actually, slowly killing everything around it. So many things were tried by the "local community," cleaning and scrubbing and contraptions, but in the end their efforts had been only slightly successful or not at all, due to the fact that the source of the problem could not be stopped. So much loss and depression.  Feelings of hopelessness. And JUST YESTERDAY, in conjunction with the PHYSICAL PLUGGING in the gulf, finally the leak was plugged.  We are not sure how the plug will hold, but its something! It's a start!  There is so much the "community" will have to do to have to do to recover, but at least we have this plug.  We will be watching it closely over the next several days.  I really do hope though that it will be enough. 

One day I will tell you all about what I am talking about, but while we are in this watchful time, I am keeping somewhat quiet.  I just needed to let off a little pressure here.  I am sure those well experts are a ball of knots right now.  waiting. watching.  hoping. 

Dress, necklace, hat, purse and whatever else: thirfted
shoes from Urban Outfitters



Somebody asked me on formspring the other day (yesterday maybe?) to describe my typical day.  Ok.  But its not very glamorous. Just a warning.  I am sorry if this is terribly boring.

Too early: I hear "tweet tweet tweet" from down the hall signaling that my baby bird is awake. I realize it is very early and ask him to come into the mother pond and sleep for a little longer. He does.

A little later: I decide I had better get up if I want to take a shower.

30 minutes after that: Bird is dressed and so am I.  We go down for some food and tea made by the man.

By 8:30: we are in the car and on the way to school.  I assure son bird that I will be back to get him by 12:30 since he asks every day and checks the clock to be sure I am on time.

9:00: catch the first few minutes of Fresh Air on NPR and wish that I could stay in my car all morning to hear the rest. but I don't.

9:30 - 12:00:  I go in to a trance and forget everything that happens during this time.  Its like lost time.  Sometimes I awake to find my house cleaned, sometimes I see groceries have been placed in my fridge, or laundry has been done, thrift store things are bought or an even bigger mess was made.  Its all very fuzzy.  Sometimes it looks like nothing has been accomplished at all.  It's the craziest thing.

12:00 - 12:30: I come to and realized that I have lost time and I must go get the son from school. I package things to take to the post office and listen to loud music in the car, unless it is Friday. Then I listen to Science Friday on NPR.

12:30: I arrive right on time to get the boy.  He decides he wants to play until 1:30, so I sit on the playground for an hour to let him burn energy.  The other children swarm and touch my bracelets and hair as if I am a non threatening alien.  I wow them and pretend not to notice their hovering while I check my email and some blogs on my phone.  (Trust me it gets old to have the same 6 children ask you the same questions everyday. "what's your name? what color are your pajamas? are you grant's mom? why do you wear those bracelets? my mom has a phone like that, where did you get yours?)

1:30: we leave and head over to the local feed store to see if they got any new baby chicks in and to pick up more eggs and these little mint candies that the boy likes.  We kill time there.

2:00: Arrive home and eat more food.  I seem to have eaten in my trance and the boy ate at school, but we are still hungry. We also do any number of things from water fights, to Lego Batman, the park, or visiting grandma, or creative crafts, but this time slot almost always includes a little boy crapping and a mommy wiping a butt.  still.  and he is almost 5.  At least its in the toilet.

2 days a week at 3:15: We head to martial arts classes.  Boy is an orange belt but will test for yellow in a couple weeks!!  I sit and watch, or look at blogs on my phone.

By 5:00: We are home and hungry.  Food gets made.  Its a group effort. The men like meat, I like salads.  the process takes time.  We are usually done by 6:30, 7:00

7:00: I go up and freshen my makeup and re adjust my outfit, put my shoes back on, make sure I am all ready for pictures.

7:15 - 7:30: Choose my spot for pictures (within a 100 ft radius of the house) and take my blog photos.

7:30 - 8:30: resize my pics and write my blog post while the men play video games or watch a movie or play outside. I schedule my posts to publish at 6:00 am the next day.

8:30 - 9:30: bed time ritual for the child.

10:00: mommy and daddy time, or blog commenting time depending on variables.

11:00: bed time.

Huurraaahhh!  My typical day! it may not be glamorous but I like it just fine.  I love my days actually. Understand though that while this is typical, there are always variables shifting things around.

Dress, belt, hat, bracelets: thrifted
shoes: gift from husband
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