the wild unknown

As he stood behind me tapping on my shoulder, I could hear him whispering, “Okay, clear the hands first. Looks like you have seven chakras out. Oh, there is something else.  Is it with the thinking? No, not wrong thinking.  With spirit? Yes. Seems like your spirit wants to be doing something else with your life. Massage? Retreats? Astrology?  No. Something I am missing? Yes.  Seems like you will need to figure that out for yourself, but seems like your soul is wanting to do something new.  Something about helping other souls. Now lets check your lumbar spine.”
This continued as he realigned and unwound and reworked each area that he asked my body about. I used to ask him how he was reading this stuff and had a strong interest in discovering his secrets, but his simple answers always came back, “Its not mystical or anything.  Your body is telling me.”
As I left the absolutely magical (I don’t care what he says) Chiropractor, Dr. Joe, I felt a peace and relaxation I hadn’t felt in over a month. Totally tuned up, and with a renewed interest in what it possibly could be that my soul is wanting to do with my life! I thought I WAS doing what my soul wanted to do!
Back in 2011 I had a total breakdown. On the outside everything looked totally stable: Husband, gorgeous house, awesome kid, successful blog and vintage business, and plenty of money; but on the inside I was constantly attempting to crawl out of my skin, completely depressed, disempowered, and wanting to die.
I was not living my soul’s purpose. And it was very obvious things needed to change. Fast forward to today, I am now divorced and in an incredibly fulfilling relationship, living in an epic historical house, have another beautiful awesome child (a baby girl), have a successful massage and shamanic therapies business, enough money to cover my needs, and I feel Pretty Amazing! So what is it?? When can I finally call it good, complete, done? 
Well my friends, my internal answer to this question is simple: We are never done. We get to keep growing and changing and learning and creating.
So, this morning I woke to find a beautiful sweet note through Etsy from a girl named Dorit who used to read this blog, back in the day.  As I read it, I felt all of these sweet feelings flood through me and remembered how awesome it was to write and connect with people through my writing. Right then I did a tarot reading for myself (with a new deck I just got from The Wild Unknown) and discovered that its time to let some old saboteurs within die, and reinvent my creative expression.
Creating from a place of excitement is where I am starting! AND I am really super excited about Astrology, Tarot, and Writing.  So here we go!
Starting tomorrow Ill be posting an astrological tarot reading on my new website and blog whitemetallungs.com, for whoever happens to see it. Some days I’ll write my interpretation and some days I’ll video it.
I’ll be pulling one card for the center to represent the person receiving the reading (anyone who happens to be into it) and a card for each house in an astrology chart.  There are 12 houses all representing a different aspect of our lives. So it’s a pretty rounded reading giving a bit of perspective on how we can make the most of our day energetically. We’ll see what happens!
 Thanks for following along! 
Christina Luna
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