woman vs. man

They say we all have two sides, right and left, masculine and feminine, yin and yang, you get it, and I feel this outfit strikes the perfect balance.  I love a good shirt dress and happened to find a few of them last week.  This one, with is Chambray fabric, tuxedo pleat breast, and button up style, paired with the lady like sleeves, mid length skirt, pockets and red lipstick, cat eyes and a braid, make me so happy.  It raining here a little so the addition of a hooded trench and fedora made sense and added to the jazzy feel.  These shoe were a gift from the girl that gave me this.  They are so great right!! This look is a bit conservative, but that is sort of what I love about the mens wear look, a little mystery is so fun sometimes.

For anyone who was interested in having a dress made by Sabrina (see dress in last post) she would be more than happy to have it done in any of your specifications.   Want it longer than mine, no problem, want a different fabric, no problem just contact her at this address sabrinahartoto(at)gmail(dot)com.  She said she would love to bring Batik to the rest of the world!  So have at it! 

COMMENT OF THE DAY: Check out Tess and her blog.  She is a very wise girl, especially at almost 20.

tess said...

Hi, so this comment will be random, but I was procrastinating by reading my old blog post comments and realized I missed one of yours from January. I saw that on one of my earliest posts on the new blog you asked how old I am. I am 19 (but 3 months away from turning 20), so I feel like your comment about aging in 7 year intervals is somewhat true since I am close to 21. I think part of the reason why I've been forced to mature so much this year us because I'm in my second year of college, so all of my delusions from freshman year are being swept away for reality.



Please meet Sabrina.  I am so happy I did.  I met her on Chictopia as "simplycheap" and recognized her as having such a great eye for pattern, color and design.  Sabrina lives in Bogor, Indonesia, where apparently, if she wants a dress, she can walk into a fabric store and choose whatever she likes, give a tailor her measurements and her idea for how she would like the dress to look, and they will make it for her or an incredibly decent price.  I read about this on her Chictopia blog and was so in love with the dress she had made (shown top) that I contacted her complimenting her on her savvy and just casually asked if there was anyway I could have a dress made too.  She said sure.  She goes in to town on the weekends and if I sent her my measurements she could pick some fabric out and have a tailor make one for me too.  She worked out the price (about $60 including shipping) and abracadabra this beautiful dress arrived in the mail today!  Miracle! I love it SO much!  I just slipped it on and styled it up quickly so that I could wear it for the remainder of the day but I love how she did an opaque charcoal tight with a brown sandal!  So CHIC.  This whole situation couldn't be stronger proof that the internet is magic.  Thank you SO much Sabrina!  I LOVE this dress!


simplycheap said...

Hi all! I'm Sabrina from the story above. I don't know what makes me happier: that the dress is adorable on Christina or that you all like it! Contact me if you want something like it, thru my chictopia or my gmail account: sabrinahartoto@gmail.com
Thank you, Christina, for putting this on your blog!


I cheated

On so many levels, I should not have this dress.  I was not supposed to go shopping until I was finished listing batch one of my esty stuff, but I had an acupuncture appointment in town and my car just drove to the shop after!  I was only supposed to be shopping FOR MY SHOP, and promised that even though I love this dress I would sell it, but I cant. I am full on rewarding myself for my incredible will power (I tell myself, although it is clearly lack of willpower that brought it to my possession) Oh well.  you win some battles and you lose some. Interestingly enough I waited till after I listed this morning to actually put it on, ethics you know, and the light shining through the skylight this time of day gave me a little like Halo or something! My decision has been blessed by sunshine (yes I am still trying to justify this whole thing but its actually REALLY good news for you since I found some stellar stuff!)

I still have some company and so I will keep this a bit brief since we are eager to get over to the Bowling Alley since thats what we do for fun here when we are not shopping for vintage.  Hope you are having a very lovely Thursday!

COMMENT OF THE DAY: Yes,  They were smiling on me!  Thanks for the validations everyone!

Kate said...

Sometimes when you find yourself compelled to drive to the thrift store, it is because, for whatever reason, the thrift gods have decided to smile upon you! They wanted you to have this dress!


you are so inappropriate!

Yes this outfit is VERY inappropriate for this season, but it was my play outfit from yesterday.  I can't help but make an impractical fantasy outfit each time I style my stuff for my etsy shoots since its just like my personal play time (and I am taking literally hundreds of pictures so I have to break it up a bit!)  I was going to pair it with something much more practical for my post today, but I received a very welcomed and unexpected guest today and was unable to really do anything computer or camera related.  The reason I have posted now is to just give a "blanket" notification to you that I did receive all of your item inquiries and will absolutely process your requests and questions tomorrow.  The items of interest will all be listed between 9:30 and 12:00 pacific time tomorrow as well.  You will get an email if you have requested one.  Sorry for this sort of half assed reply, but I hope we all understand when unexpected variables interrupt plans.  Thank you!

This fantasy outfit is composed of the same walgreens leg warmers and platform t straps from yesterday's shoot plus my vintage fedora, H&M trench skirt and a vintage scarf that I just wrapped and tied.  The little cardigan is vintage too.  Ok!  Thanks again! Tomorrow PROMISE!


Call A Spade, A Spade! said...

Hey! I don't see anything inappropriate about your outfit! You live in the warm climate (like me) and arizona is warm. If I could get away with wearing something like that I would. We have had a few cool days lately, but spring is springing. I LOVE the outfit! You go for it girl!!!


Lets do this thing

If everything goes to plan, I will be listing this first set of things a few at a time and be finished by Saturday (available at MarieRetroRevival) .  I will then proceed to shop like a maniac to stock up for more.  I made a deal with myself:  List first, shop after. I was going to offer reserves, but some of the items are an exact fit and I have not decided the prices yet.  If there is a specific item you would like though, let me know and give me your email address and I will notify you when it is listed.  Hows that?  That way you can see the size and more pictures and you will be able to make a more educated decision. All righty!  Step one and two are taken care of!

COMMENT OF THE DAY:  I found some really great size 6.5 lace up leather shoes!!  Two pair actually! They may work!

sandyb said...

Ah! These outfits are fabulous! Good on you for looking at this new phase as an opportunity. I will be a frequent visitor to your Etsy shop and hopefully a reg customer, too! (I wish we had the same shoe size however... but alas, I'm a measly size 6.)

opportunity in loss

These past couple days I have had a whole lot to think about.  Unfortunately, due to a very horrible and untimely event that took place the week before I left for NY, the eating disorder clinic I work at may be closing.  For the time being, I am out of work, and maybe will never be working there again.  I take facts like this a few ways really.  On one hand, I am Sad (for lack of a better adjective) for all the people touched by this incident and since this job was the most rewarding, perfectly tailored position I have ever held, and on another, I feel Thankful that I was able to sample the profession in a safe way, and that I now know that charting a course in that direction would suit me well.  More feelings: Freedom to explore new opportunities or to focus my energy in a new direction, Worry that I will never find anything quite as rewarding, or that I will settle for "good enough" (practical), Motivation to take stock of my gifts and talents to put them to good use, and perhaps, Relaxed knowing that I have no pressing obligations, giving me time to sit quietly and reflect. Fortunately, my circumstances allow me the space to indulge in these emotions and to process them into something constructive. If my situation required me to get a job, I know I would have a completely different set of feelings.  This is where I am right now though.

I am thinking I will immediately get more focused on my Etsy shop.  I sort of used it as a hobby, shopping for it sporadically and listing inconstantly, but I know I can do that all right with a little more focus.  Then, maybe just see what comes.  I feel strange about making my blog my "JOB" since I feel it would change the dynamic and maybe cause me to resent it.  This blog has been something I look forward to every day.   I would love to focus more energy here, but I have to be careful to not make my blog MY LIFE, but ABOUT my life.  Does that make sense?

To the outfit: I feel a bit indie hippie today with my striped cardigan and necklaces.  Funny little story, yesterday I posted about trend cycles and what not, and the focus was sort of on socks with sandals, and at the same time Jen from A Little Bird Told Me. . . did a little socks with sandals combo but this time with skinny jeans, so I, seeing that, thought it was such a good idea and decided to try it, but I don't have any small black socks so I thought I would try my short Walgreens leg warmers  instead (Like Chloe Spring 2010? I don't know seasons) so that my painted toes popped out.  It feels like a great transition actually and looks even better bare legged (I will cook up some examples soon) A little "early adopter" but it felt really cute and cool to me.  So ya, cool.  Right?  I mean, YA! Shrug.


Celine said...

I'm so sorry...whatever you went through sounds awful. But I have to say - most people never figure out what really makes them happy and fulfilled in life. I still haven't! So the fact that you can say that, at least, is a truly wonderful thing. I totally know what you mean about your blog not being your entire life. That's what mine is right now and I think I need to get back to having a real job. Ha. Anyway, I love your Etsy shop and definitely think you should put more thought into that! And good luck - with anything/everything :)


Why wait?

Today I really wanted to give these cuffed shorts a try, and they looked fine, but I ended up changing into the jean shorts instead.  Something just felt a little bit more, appropriate, distressed, contrasty? about the jean cutoffs with the sport coat.  I think I am pretty excited about my personal transition from boots to sandals as well.  Its a pretty big step for me.  I am not sure what exactly is motivating the shift.  The promise of spring? No, what I really think it is is the fact that I saw Mel wearing a similar pair of open toe sandals last week and thought, 'Well jeeze, if it looks so great on Mel, maybe I can pull it off too.'

You see, I have come to realize my role in the cycle of "trend."  I am sure I am not the only person who knows about this cycle since I am sure I read this somewhere, but basically you have your "trend setters"  the ones who do things first when no one else has even really thought of it.  These people are completely artistic usually, are oblivious of trend and fashion, and probably don't even know that they are starting something or that anyone is paying attention, they just do what they think is cool and fun and it gets noticed and sort of spreads out to the "early adopters." These are people who can recognize a great idea and take it on way before the mainstream catches wind of it.  In my opinion this group of people includes most fashion designers (Few designers are absolutely trend setters) They adopt an idea and transform it into something accessible for the next group of people, "Personal Stylers." I think (this is all sort of flying out of my butt right now) that I belong to this group of people.  These people catch onto things after it has been processed slightly by the fashion machine.  They see many different takes on a similar theme, take the elements they love the most, and apply it to their personal style.  Not all trends are accepted but it doesn't mean they don't give them a try once or twice to see how they fit.  I think My HEART wants to be an early adopter since I find myself buying things at the thrift shops seasons before they hit the scene, and while I know they are cool and special and I love them, I WAIT until I have seen a number of trusted sources give them a spin.  I think after the "personal stylers" there are probably more tiers, but I think most bloggers probably fall into this category.

The open toe sandal over tights or socks thing is an example of this.  As is the rolled shorts thing.  Last spring and summer and bought a whole mess of high waisted pleat shorts to roll, pleated trousers and whatnot and people sort of thought I was crazy.  I have been sitting with this stuff for a while now and finally I feel comfortable wearing these things. OK, Today I changed, But seriously, I am ready.

As a really happy and very exciting side note, I just wanted to give you links to the two sites that actually put my "street style" pictures on!  Thank you so much Kelley Anne for pointing out my photo on Team Peter ! AND  Martini of Beyond Boston Chic just posted my picture today with a little story of the whole encounter!  Both appearances are pretty exciting for me!

COMMENT OF THE DAY:  Thank you for refreshing my memory! I think It was the "Tipping Point". Great book.  

Your description of people involved in trends and trendsetting sounds a bit like one of Malcolm Gladwell's books. I can't remember exactly which one - maybe Tipping Point? Anyway, you look great!


lightbulb moment

You may recognize this jacket.  It is seen in the close up photo of my blog header.  I LOVE this jacket so much but for some reason could never figure out how to wear it properly until just now.  It was given to me by the most beautiful (spiritually and physically) woman.  She runs an artisan shop in Big Pine, CA called Art From The Heart .  Spending even just 30 minutes with this woman is enough to completely realign your priorities to love and selfless giving.  She makes you want to become a better person.  She has just GIVEN me so many beautiful things, with out any conditions.  While I was shopping at Beacon's Closet last week, Mel and I found a full length version of this jacket and both gasped at how beautiful it was.  For more than $200 it was actually very appropriately priced, but I have to say, this jacket is worth SO much more to me.  And one day, I know I will GIVE it away, not anytime soon, but when the time is right.  The woman who gave it to me always says we should give things away freely while we still love them, that way they carry our love to the next owner. Thank you Victorina for your lesson.

I am not sure what it was that turned the lightbulb on for figuring out this outfit. I think I have always tried to mix the color of the things under the jacket and ended up feeling overwhelmed by the bulk and pattern of it.  It seems so obvious to me now that a slim silhouette in monochrome, and a matching scarf make it work. The boots felt like just the right touch to keep things casual in all that black. And now that I think of it, I am sure that skinny black jeans would work too.  Hmm.  So happy to have learned the key.

COMMENT OF THE DAY:  Again, So many really heartfelt comments yesterday.  I am always so moved by how inspiring your comments are.  This one really got to me!  Wow, thank you so much D. Just, wow, thanks.

D. said...

I always feel so amazing after reading your posts. You talk so much about the positive people who have influenced your life but I don't think you look at yourself in the same light. You are one of those positive people that leave imprints on others. I've never met you but I can tell by the feelings of peace that I get after your inspiring words.


Home, home again

Oh it is so nice to be home! It is very warm here (like in the high 40's low 50's) and sunny and GREEN and smells like fresh dirt and springtime! A little time away always makes you appreciate the comforts of home.  I almost hugged my dress form and tripod and entire closet of clothes! I look at all of my clothes a bit differently now after being in New York.  They all have so much more potential!  I can't wait to spend a little time making new outfits!  I am such a dork, I wrote down three full pages of outfit ideas while I was away.  I got so inspired! While I know this outfit is not very flashy, I think I am seriously digging the whole utilitarian look and am pretty excited to wear colored socks with sandals!

This weekend I am catching up on my laundry and cleaning and playing with my son, but I plan to really hit the blogs, return some emails and answer the questions in my "ask me anything" place Monday morning.  In the mean time, HAPPY WEEKEND!! Thank you all so much for your comments and encouraging emails while I was away!  It really made me feel so connected even though I was so far away!  I am just so thankful for the friendships I have begun to cultivate here! I will be catching up soon!


what i would have worn... said...

Ooh I've been looking for a pair of shoes like this... Love this whole outfit actually.
I can totally relate to the feeling of coming home. Living so far from family I spend several months of the year travelling and as much as i love it, I always let out a breath I didn't even realize i was holding when i walk in the door...
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