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One year. It was weird going through my archives for this post. I don't think I have ever scrolled through the whole thing. There are a few of you who have been with me the ENTIRE time. Some who have come and gone. Some who are brand new to this space. I just want to say thank you. Thank you for giving my thoughts an audience for the past year. This has been a year I will likely remember more vividly than any other that came before it. Its been a year of great discovery. It feels very strange to be able to witness it as a viewer and as a subject. To be able to look back on the year and have such a clear record of it.  Bizarre.  Lets see what happens now. I hope you will join me. 


Universal Print

This is one of the very few times that I am actually up at 5:45 to type my post out the morning of it posting. I usually take my photos and write my posts about 6:30 each evening and schedule the posts to go live at 6:00 am while I roll around out of bed about 7:00 am.  I know. pretty sneaky.  BUT today is totally legit! I woke up with a hot dry cough and the moonlight shining on my eyeballs so hard that I thought I was being interrogated in my sleep by a bio terrorist. "I will make you sick with a virus if you do not disclose your partners location!!" "NO! I'LL NEVER TELL!! Cough Cough." Luckily it was close enough to waking time, and coincidentally I was unable to post last night due to "Open House" at my kids school. So, here is my actual brain typing at 6:00 am. morning. How are ya? I understand that some of you are up this freaking early every day. nice. good for you.  not really my cup of tea, but I have one steeping as I type this so I'll be right as rain in a jiffy. Oh, maybe talk about the clothes: The main point of this outfit is my Freaking AMAZING PURSE that Paige got me for my birthday!  It is leather and blanket and woven and scrunchy and just lovely. Got in the mail yesterday from the etsy seller Paige ordered it from but the gal didn't include her shop name (which made me realize that I never do either, hmm) so I can't give you a link right now. Seriously thought, thank you Paige! I have no idea if the shoes and belt even work with it, but I really don't care. I think this print may as well be universal. Okedokey. 

Dress: thifted vintage
purse: Gift
Shoes: like Marshalls or something
belt: vintage thrifted


It came! Finally.

My birthday gift to myself belt was backordered, but it has finally arrived and it is glorious! Everything feels special and new! September is giving me all the warmth I wished for at the beginning of the month! Things are looking GOOD! I feel like I am living in a fantasy where everything is exactly as it should be! But this shit is real folks. So real and so nice. I have nothing else to say right now. Just breathing in the good times. . . Ya, you smell that?  Thats good.

Shirt: very old worn out thrift shirt that I cut. Feels fabulous with this belt.
Skirt: the same thrifted vintage one I have worn a million times. Feels new with this belt.
Boots: well these vintage Fryes are "new to me" but still feel great with this freaking belt
Freaking amazing cool ass belt: Anthropology. shit yeah.


nonverbal communication

I was thinking about something.

I sort of think the way we dress is like having a nonverbal conversation with everyone we come in contact with.

Would you sit in a room and speak aloud to yourself? Maybe, but likely you would seek an audience for your words.

So while I think, "I dress for myself" I am maybe nonverbally speaking aloud in a room full of people who have an opportunity to listen to me if they want to, but they either have to come to my house or visit me on the internet. This doesn't make any sense.

BLAAA.  Happy freaking Monday anyone.  My brain had a great point over the weekend but apparently it is gone now.

These Deep Thoughts have been brought to you by Sunday and the letter D.

{EDIT: This is what I am talking about!!  I am pretty sure I just want to sit in a room with a full teapot and some cucumber sandwiches and talk to this "Anonymous EM" all freaking day long. To be completely honest, I had two whole long paragraphs originally for this post where I went on about gender roles and how my motivations behind my decisions to wear certain shoes must say something about my nature or drives and I got all caught up on my temporary desire to create the illusion of longer legs (with platform heeled sandals) but decided to can it all since it was Monday and a bit too heavy. This comment makes me realize that Mondays are for fresh thoughts (for some people) and although I am still a bit incoherent and all over the place, it is refreshing to receive this comment from EM (especially after getting an earlier anonymous comment from a practical shoe hater, who I also suspect, from other comments he has left, also hates my bangs and likes my hair long and flowing. Hmmm. Too bad Anony.) SO THANK YOU EM. You made my day! I hope that a mutual friend does introduce us someday.}

Anonymous Anonymous said...

I believe the way we dress is like a (more or less) subtle display of who we are - or what we want to show of ourselves to the world.
Not precise as pheromones for animals - we can trick others whereas animals can't - but like a non verbal ID, yes.
If I like the way you dress when I see you first, especially if it is mutual, there is some sort of recognition that will come right away the next time I get to see you
and often, we will happen to share common interests if our dressing schemes are close (or at least the interest of looking different than a majority which brings us back to a shared interest for fashion ).
Then we might exchange smiles or have eye contact & surprisingly - or not - we might be introduced to each other soon after by a common friend!
We should never ignore these signals; most of the time they're not even conscious in people's minds & to me this is when they speak the truth about who they are; some master the "dressing psychology" according to who they hang out with and circumstances to show they belong or not, to trick others or just for fun.
Some will put together an eclectic style & will change "characters" from a day to another.My morning ritual starts with
"Who do I want to BE today"?
I use it for all, but mostly for fun and definitely belong to the second category.
I do believe we never only dress for ourselves: my look doesn't exist if not in the observer's eyes, does it?

I love fashion; it reveals so much about people & is a powerful,creative and ever evolving way of expression.

See, you're not the only one with these - not so pointless - thoughts!! ;)

Love your blog, am hooked.
Don't always like ALL of your clothes but totally get the coherence between your nature, your mood and your outfits.That's my definition of style.
Dig your writing too.

Thank you for this daily treat.

A bientôt,

Sweater vest, belt, dress, beret, shoes: thirfted
Bracelet: gift from Mother-in-law


turn of events

A few things that happened Thursday:

  1. I contacted a vintage dealer who will come to my house and buy my vintage off of me regularly at 50 pieces a pop. (this is a big deal for me)
  2. I restocked the two retail spaces I am selling vintage out of. (and collected my moolah)
  3. I discounted the remaining inventory in my etsy shop to prepare it for selective weekly listings and my new listing schedule. (I have been slacking horribly in this department but I have a plan this time)
  4. I watched my son get his very first hair cut by someone who was not me at a salon. (my heart broke. This was the first time his personal aesthetic differed from mine, but instead of holding those reigns too tight, I let him have the haircut of his choice. ends up he has impeccable taste in hair cuts, and now looks like the most handsome boy I have ever seen. Though he was before the hair cut as well) 
  5. Ran into a "loose end" at the grocery store and sorted it all out. (7 years ago I took a water painting class from a woman named Janice. I loved the class and took to it very well. Janice lent me her very favorite paint brush to use for the class. Due to certain variables, I stopped showing up to the class and accidentally kept her brush. I felt guilty about it. Ends up she still gave me a passing grade for the class and when it came time for me to graduate from university, that credit saved me from having to go a whole extra semester. I felt even more guilty about her brush. I saw her at the store tonight for the first time since my last day in her class and apologized for the brush, gave her $20, which she only accepted $10 of, and thanked her for the grace she showed me by passing me even though I dropped out AND stole her favorite brush. She was touched, but promised that she wasn't bothered. We talked for a long time and it ends up she runs a gallery and wants to see my work and show it if I get at it again. She always thought I did pretty well at it and would love to see me work again. wow.) 
  6. Decided to start sculpting again. 
  7. Took these pictures in between the store and my decision to make work again. (actually my husband took them since I was nearly out of sunshine time and was in a hurry to not to miss it.) 
  8. Made Tilapia for the first time. (it was good)
  9. Realized that it was a very eventful day.
  10. Cracked open a bottle of wine. 
The following photos are for my grandma, but you can take a gander too if you would like:
He loves it. LOVES it. He feels older and cooler. I love it too. It was just sort of a big deal to me for some reason. It was the first step he has taken, the first opinion he has had about how he would like to look and the visual identity he would like to have. Anyway, I am having a very strong MOM feeling right now. I know that is not really something I talk about here so if you are not interested in relating I will not take it personally. But thank you for giving my feelings an audience. Not sure why, but it feels nice to know that you are reading this. As it always does since that is why I continue to do this. So thank you. and thank you for your advice yesterday. 

Pants: AE
Shoes: lucky Brand
Shirt: vintage


past horizon

This long fringe jacket was given to me by a person I never talk about. For a time we were inseparable. I started my first blog with this girl. She knew my aesthetic ideal better than I did. She bought me boots in my size when she found them, coats, sweaters, dresses.  I knew her visual desires as well, bought her things all the time, and the best thing about the two of us was that we were drawn to very similar things on the exact opposite ends of the color wheel. While I lusted over browns and rusts and muddy oranges (foreground colors) she couldn't get enough of pastels in purple, pink, peach, mint, sage (all the distant horizon colors) so we were never in competition (we were also different shoe sizes.)  About a year ago, we had a terrible misunderstanding. This is an understatement.  We dissolved our blog (she deleted all of her entries), and I began thinking about starting this one. Its been almost a year since we have spoken to each other.  OF COURSE I decided to wear this today to my acupuncture apt, and COINCIDENTALLY there was road construction on my usual route so I had to take another that MYSTERIOUSLY lead me right past her house. I didn't see her, but I could tell she was there. I almost stopped by, but I didn't.  Instead I went home and slept. I still find things for her when I am shopping. I did last weekend. Tossed it in the pile of "her" things. I think one day I will just put them all in a bag and anonymously drop them at her doorstep.  I feel guilty about my lack of communication skills back then. I wish I could tell her I am different now, how I have changed, that I feel like a different, better person a year later. I just wish I could give her amnesia so she could forget she ever met me, then meet her again next week.  That is impossible. But I wish it could happen.

Rust fringe jacket: gift
Shorts: vintage jordache
boots: vintage Frye
body suit: UO
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