Vintage Missoni

I am still totally in Mexico. And very likely wearing this vintage Missoni swim romper that I found last October at the Sac Antique Faire that I used to always talk about. I only went there one time, but Let me tell you, it was a really really good time. By the way, I totally have house sitters and stuff. . . and they have guns. So if there are any crazy internet people out there that are thinking of breaking into my house. . .  you ought not to. . . If you know what is good for you. Besides, I took all the good shit with me to Mexico. I will be seeing the rest of you next week when I begin to finally sell the rest of my stuff. Thanks for your patience if you are still hanging around here. And have a lovely weekend!

Hat: thirfted
Belt: gift
romper: treasure
shoes: J. Crew
Cardi: AA


this doesn't make sense.

I took these pictures last weekend because right now I am gone. Cruising on a ship somewhere in the Gulf of Mexico. Don't be envious of me though. I probably had a bit too much fun last night and am, as you read this, nursing a headache and a raw tummy. But then again, maybe I am laying on a chaise lounge in Belize right now and drinking an Ice Cold Brewski. I have only anticipation of what will come, seeing as how, while I write this, I am still in my house in the kitchen with a runny nose and a lot of cleaning and packing to do. I am excited though! Hope you are having an excellent week so far! According to my plans I am taking pictures of this trip! I have no idea if I really am though since sometimes the best laid plans fail, but I have every intention of taking some!

Scarf trick top from last Friday, scarf thrifted
Shorts from AA
everything else thrifted.


easy fix

I found this printed piece at the thrift store and it was originally a dress. The fabric is so floaty and soft though that I thought it might whip up and show my undies without my consent in the windy spring we are having so I sewed a tiny one inch section at the hem between the legs to make it a romper! I love it like this! The top is so slouchy and with the pockets it will surely be a serious staple for me. Regarding this turban, I guess everyone has tutorials now on how to do this, but I actually was shown in real life by Gabbi who arrived at my house a few Fridays ago wearing one as the perfect little topper to an already perfect outfit. Gabbi, in case you were wondering, is actually my new etsy apprentice /  amazingly smart, intuitive and beautiful friend and will be helping me list and sell stuff next week / month. She has an amazing eye for vintage as well and has a new blog so go check her out and say hi if you want!  You will not be disappointed! She is a real sweetie!

Everything thrifted except for the shoes which are Lucky Brand and the ring, a gift from a dear friend.


little boobs

Another scarf trick that makes me happy I have very little boobs!  Just an extra large scarf, folded into a triangle and wrapped around my body twice to tie in the front up top. A little flap of extra fabric folds over the tie. The shrug is an infinity scarf.  Have a fan-freaking-tastic-weekend!!

Shrug scarf: UO
Necklace and tube top scarf: thrifted
Pants: H&M
Shoes: J. Crew


diamond in the rough

I am packing for a trip that is coming up for me soon (hint: it will be tropical) and I was playing with my scarves and I think I invented this. I am sure I am not the first person to do this but its new to me. A diamond shaped sliver of abdomen shows with this scarf trick, and I think I am 100% okay with that. It seems like such an innocent slice of flesh doesn't it? Solar Plexus. The center. The home of will power and ego (according to my yoga instructor).  Basically what I did was take an extra large scarf, fold it into a large triangle, put it on like a shawl with the long side of the triangle over my shoulders, then took those long ends and tied them behind my back. This made a sort of shrug, right, so then I took a little broach and pinned it closed up front. Vvvvwaaa Lllaaa. Shirt with a peek a boo, egocentric, diamond cutout. (the back just looks like the back of a shawl, but I tied it up into the other knot and made it look nice and slouchy back there, sorry no pics, but I will take some next time.)

All items thrifted.


Plan B

Hi. So the event was successful. I hope I was able to convey from the photos the sort of mixed feelings I had that day. I am in a state of limbo now. I still have all the neatly organized, bunched together body bags of vintage over filling my car, reluctant to bring them in for fear that I will have wasted the energy I mustered to get them out in the first place. The original plan was to lay out a blanket on the lawn this past weekend, systematically open each bag and lovingly fold them into shipping boxes, ready for their next destination.  That didn't happen. Practical issues got in the way. How does one ship 200lbs of clothing across the states affordably?  Hmm. Shipping the lot. The final obstacle. Not to mention that I fell a tad short of my projected sales goal for the party.  SOOO. The stuff remains in my car until I finish formulating PLAN B: the somewhat more tedious, less easy, more responsible way to finish out strong. I said in my resignation speech last week that my final day would be May 31st. Looks like my boss is holding me to that. And doesn't that always happen!  Every job I have resigned from (all of them so far) I have put in a generous amount of notice and each of my bosses have worked my ass to the bone in those final days. I guess that is a good sign, but you always hope that they will just cut you your final check when you put in your notice, right! And then you walk out the door! No loose ends to tie up, no final projects to finish! Just FREE. . . . but why would I expect working for myself to be like that?  There was this one time that I called my boss from work and just said "Hey, I quit. I am sitting in the back of the store and I will sit here for 30 minutes until you get a manager here, then I am gone. If a manager doesn't show up I will just lock the door and leave." That was a mistake. It felt amazing and liberating, but burned that bridge SO hard and eventually made me feel like a piece of shit. NOT a smart move. The equivalent of this for this business would be to just pull up to the thrift store and donate it all. tomorrow. And don't think I didn't consider it. . .  I know I would regret it though. That just feels sloppy and lazy and wrong to me. Not that there is ANYTHING wrong with donating to thrift stores, but it would leave me with the final debt of my business unrecovered ( guess that is not a word, unrecovered, but it feels like the right word for this), and that feels irresponsible.

What is PLAN B then?  Well. I guess I am pretty sure I will have to sell some things myself here on the blog or in the etsy shop. Maybe I will bundle "like things" together and sell them as packages. I don't know yet. But I said I would work till May 31st and I guess I have to hold myself to it. . . shit. . .  its not that bad. I am actually incredibly good at working toward a deadline. I like having solid end points. They give me focus and control. I will not start this final selling till May though. I have a few things going on in the next two weeks that will keep me away from proper organization and planning so don't anticipate anything right away. Two weeks of limbo, one month of focused selling, then . . . . the next thing.

Speaking of the next thing. I don't know what it is yet. That is OK with me. just fine actually, I DO PLAN TO BLOG ABOUT THIS THOUGH. Just letting those of you who showed an interest know. I will let you know how it goes. This blog took a major shift and turn at the end of November last year and I am just continuing to round out the curve. Some of you may remember my canoe or car theory. Still riding along in my little boat. I am on the right track though. I know I am. I love that occasionally we can see each other on our individual, separate routes.


Behind the scenes: an honest account

last minute decisions

 letting go

the empty space

 Getting my shit together

Money for the till 

Before the arrivals

A successful event.


but maybe I could get away with it . . .

The air couldn't settle on how it wanted to be today. When I took my son to school I was wearing shorts, these loafers, and this white sweater. It was sunny and warm. By mid day the wind picked up and I changed into jeans. Soon it was sunny and SNOWING and windy. I finally had to grab a hat trench and this miraculously warm and soft, hand knit scarf. I am so happy to have the tools to adapt to change.

Shoes, sweater, hat, coat, belt and purse: thrifted
Pants: Levis
Scarf: A very cherished gift from a very thoughtful friend. I am sorry you can't see all the different buttons in shades from cream to burnt orange and mustard. And it feels softer than a baby lamb slung over your shoulders. Well, I have never actually touched a baby lamb, but I have been completely preoccupied by the the thought of obtaining one for a day to just hold and pet. There is a fresh batch of them grazing alongside one of the roads I have been frequenting and I have nearly had to pull over to just get a closer look at them through the fence. I have imagined myself jumping over the fence and just grabbing one. It's a little nutzoid. But this scarf is doing me just fine for now. Thank you sweet friend for keeping me out of jail for attempted lamb stealing (since I know I would get caught. I ran the scenario over in my head. It's . . . sort of a bad idea. . . )


Don't worry, be . . .

I am ridiculously happy right now! I am making the right decision! Last night I was filled with angst and I asked for a sign, some proof that I was heading the right way, and I got it clear as day!  Black and white! In a literal spoken message meant exactly for me.  Just an hour ago from a stranger at the grocery store! I couldn't feel more at peace right now. All of my uncertainty is gone. And don't these pictures look so different to you? I feel different. Thank you thank you THANK YOU for all of your heart's words on my last post and for all of your support and encouragement!  And please don't feel sad. Things are going to be all right. I know they will. I want to hug you.

Also, you were right Paige. Thank you.


come fly with me, let's fly, let's fly away. . .

I have an announcement to make. Well, actually, I guess I would like to whisper something in your ear because about a quarter of my heart doesn't really believe what I am about to tell you and is positive it will be screaming "I told You SO!" in a short while making me feel like a total cereal flake and sikester, yet again. In fact, the last time I proclaimed something and failed to deliver on my claim, I told myself it would be wise to never commit verbally or in written word again, but to just make a mental note to myself, and accomplish said commitment on my own, providing the wiggle room to back out if my heart so chooses to, thus avoid public humiliation and judgment. But you know the biggest judge is myself anyway since, no offense to anyone, the judgment of a stranger (not that you all are strangers, in fact I would absolutely, unequivocally call some of you my dear friends, though if you are truly my friend, you accept these slight eccentricities of mine and therefore do not judge me anyway, which is why I call you my friend in the first place) is really moot and I have far more critical views on myself than any one else could ever have anyway (which I assure you, I am TOTALLY working on!) I guess the reason I feel compelled to share this whisper with you here now is that most of you have really been on this blogging and vintage selling ride with me for a while now, and I feel like One or More of you could give me some ideas for how to accomplish my goal in the most painless way possible, while also providing you an opportunity to get something in return (if you even have an interest.)

I am quitting the Vintage Biz. I have put in my notice to myself and my last day is May 31, 2011. 

Yikes. I said it. Well, I have not hit publish YET so I still have some time to talk myself off the ledge here. But basically, yes. I am quitting. It is not for financial reasons. It is not because of any concrete reason exactly. It's just time for me to do something else and as long as I have this stuff stuffing my house, I can't move on properly. It feels weird though because one of the main reasons I have an attachment to selling (not that I have been doing much of it lately anyway) is that I like to have an answer to the question "What DO YOU DO?" "Oh, me? I am a vintage seller. I sell vintage clothing online." For some reason (one that makes me feel uncomfortable to admit) just saying I am a "stay at home mom and wife" doesn't seem enough. For some reason I feel the business of selling justifies my eccentric way of dressing, gives me something to do during the week while my son is at school, a purpose when I am at the shops rapidly wiping each hanger in split second time to reach the end of each rack while piling my cart high with treasure. I began the shop as a cover up and cope with my OVER thrifting habit and enable myself to continue my bingeing, but one coping mechanism just creates a different problem. I am not facing the issue.

It would be easy to argue that my shop in some way is a successful attempt at making my passion and hobby into a business, but there is the freaking rub. I am incapable of maintaining a passionate feeling once money is involved. In fact, money has never been a motivating factor for me, though I require more of it to continue, if I lack the passion for said activity (and truth be told, I would rather have my time than the money in that case.) And I am very very lucky to be able to be a stay at home mom. VERY LUCKY. I know this. I just feel like now that my son is in school, how can I justify "stay at home mom" when I am the only one at home. Then I am just a woman who stays home all day. . .  if not selling vintage, then doing what? Reading? Laundry? Dishes? Doing Yoga? Dancing around my house to loud music? One can only do these things for so long before they feel they are not living fully. There must be something more. and maybe selling vintage, a cure for an ailment that has passed, is not THE THING I am destined for. And maybe not styling other people either since while it was fun for a couple of months to try out, was not what I expected. Maybe there is NO THING but I will never find out as long as I am distracting myself and filling my time with things that have outlasted their usefulness to me. It's time for me to move on.

So, how does this relate to you? Well, the above photos are about 80% of my entire stock I have left. There are 4 trash bags of "lost cause" things that will be donated back to the thrift stores, and a few hold outs that tug too hard on my psyche to let go of in phase one (they are my personal stash items in case of panic later down the road, the cream of the crop things that will give me comfort and memories when this chapter of my life has ended.) All of these things are going. in some way shape or form. I am first trying to sell it at this party my mom and I have planned for this Thursday, then I am listing each piece online (with the help of Gabbi who I will do a whole post about soon). I guess I was wondering if there was some program that would allow me to just photograph like all of my belts, just as I have above, and you can just scroll over each with your cursor and the size and price will appear in the picture. I know I have seen it before. Is this an easy programming job or does it take a genius?  I just want to make this stuff available as cheaply and quickly as possible. Whatever is left. Or, do you know of any sellers that would maybe consign my stuff in their shops? Unfortunately I do have a wee bit of credit card debt I have to eliminate or else I would consider GIVING it away, but I just want to break even and maybe even walk away with a teensy bit of change in my pocket to help me in my next chapter. Anyone interested in purchasing the whole lot? I have a very clear $$ amount in my head. A very fair amount.

I am going to publish now. I am not even going to proof read this, its just going to fly.
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