Lady West

I hope you like this collection!  It has fewer accessories and shoes in it but I am noticing that the earlier collections were very accessory heavy and light on clothes so I am trying something a bit different this time, experimenting, you know. This feels so lady like and western so I am calling it Lady West. Some serious goodies in this one (in my opinion!) I will be listing this one Monday, November 1st, starting at 9:00 am pacific time. Again, no pre order reserves to keep it fair, but I will tweet each listing as I have been. I am hoping to write my descriptions ahead of time so that the listing Monday will go fairly quickly.  For more information about my shop you can click the shop link below the header! Thanks again! (Oh! and thank you for all of your feedback about my new header!  I will be keeping it then! So happy you like it too!)

for sentimental reasons?

This poncho and the purse are two more magical treasures from that antique faire I went to out in Sacramento a few weeks ago. . .  dude. . . Right!!?? I photographed a bunch of stuff from there yesterday for the next shop collection!!! I will preview it today probably and list it Monday, right on schedule. WARNING:  It is jam packed full of capes and ponchos and cocoon lacy things. But for now I want to talk a little bit about Music.

Now, I am no musical genius.  I do know positively, without a doubt, what I like. I took a History of Rock'n'Roll class to meet like one of my history requirements in college, with this girl actually (ya, I mean, it WAS art school but I too was surprised that it counted! Maybe it was social studies or something? I can't remember now! It was great though!) So I do know SOME stuff, but this is not about any of that. This is about appreciation. I was recently asked on Formspring, what type of music I listen to. Here is an excerpt of my answer:

"All Kinds," while a cop out, is accurate but not completely true. I have decided I like a specific mood or feeling of music that may span across genres. I have a theory that people fall on a scale of music appreciation with lyrics on one end of the spectrum and feel on the other, meaning that you are either a sentimentalist, valuing words and meaning of songs, or an emotive listener, driven more by sound, rhythm and mood. Most people feel both are important, but I think you may find that you tip to one side more than the other. I tip toward the emotive end, and the mood I enjoy changes periodically, but right now it's an eyes closed, body moving slowly like a snake, upturned mouth sort of mood.

So to elaborate, I, OBVIOUSLY NOT A GENIUS, have a theory that people generally fall on a scale from maybe one to five, one being that the sound and beat of the song is what primarily draws you to it (So like songs in other languages, songs without singing, pop songs like Gaga songs or Sexy Back, maybe trance or other dance music that makes you move, etc.) and five being very lyrics driven (I don't have a million examples of this since the lyrics YOU like and the lyrics I like may differ and may create a conflict, but you understand what I mean right? Where the message of the lyrics is more important than the music they are written over.) SO, that being clarified, I think I am a 2. DON'T get me wrong, there are plenty of songs that I love that have AMAZING lyrics, but the music or sound is almost ALWAYS what drew me to the song in the first place.

When I play all of my FAVORITE songs in a row, I notice two things, they all make me want to move in the same way (as described above) and they are all about LONGING. I personally do not identify too strongly with longing since all of my needs are very well met, but perhaps I am infatuated with that feeling?  I don't know, but that mood is a common thread in most of my favorite songs. If I were to make a mixed CD for someone, with all of my favorite songs on it (ahem) I think it would be very important to know where the person receiving it fell on the scale.  Are they going to focus on the words and read too far into it? Are they going to need a disclaimer stating that I am not trying to "send them a message" or anything like that. Or, are they going to get that that is just my personal rhythm and mood preference?  Hmmmm.  Is this making any sense?  Is there a book about this anywhere or does all of this just exist in my head? A person gets to thinking when they have long stretches in a car.

If you were to make a list of your VERY favorite songs EVER, would you find a common thread?  If they all sound wildly different, is it then the lyrics that draw you to each?  Take your time. You don't have to even answer here, Or maybe tell me when you figure it out.  I am just curious. . . to know if I am a weirdo.

Poncho, Purse: the Sac Antique Faire!!!  aka Heaven.
Scarf: UO
Boots: vintage thrifted


feathers in her hair

 I have had these feathers in my hair for almost two weeks now. I bumped into my stylist a while ago and she had some and said she just started doing them in her salon! I was in the next day.  I got two sets. While they are very subtle (don't think you can even notice them unless you are up close to me) I think they are maybe the coolest thing in the whole world that I can do to my hair ever.  I want MORE. I want to fill my head with feathers. I no longer want to be subtle about it.  I feel like people SHOULD have feathers in their hair.  They go in like extensions with a little clamp on a small tuft of hair. I have washed them and brushed them and treated them just like my real hair. They are freaking brilliant in my opinion.

Another brilliant and happy thing: I have been waiting to wear this outfit for over a month now! I got this Furry Vest (not actually fur but THE SOFTEST acrylic fuzziness) from Monica of Spotted Moth, back around the time of my birthday, and have patiently awaited the cool fall (no need to rush these things you know) to be able to layer it on and let it warm me to the bone. . . and it is WARM. It freaked me out to see that it was only about $45! In fact most of Spotted Moth's things are VERY affordable and super of the moment. The fact that Monica runs her company out of the home she shares with her mother and sister (her two teammates) and over-sees every little detail from the twine and paper her items are wrapped in, to the site design and complete shop inventory, making her almost a one woman show, makes me even happier to own something from her. In FACT, it was her shop and my conversations with her that motivated me to revamp my shop and brand. So thank you Monica. . . and thank goodness its cool enough finally to wear this great piece!

Oh!! One last thing!!  How do you like my new header! It was designed by Fay of FayFriscoLife.  Fay is not only pretty handy on the computer, she is also a clothing designer and currently designing a killer menswear line! While you are at her site, check out her portfolio as well!  Her illustrations are so great! (By the way, I used that picture on my business cards so I thought it would make sense as the banner but I think I feel a little bit strange about my butt being so prominent on my header! I don't know!  She gave me a few others to try so I might change it up over the next few days to see how it feels and what you think.)  Thank you so much Fay!!

Vest: Spotted Moth
Shirt, necklaces: vintage thrifted
Pants: BDG
Shoes: lucky brand
Feathers: Brilliant!!!


work work work

Hi there!  Thank you so much for all of the Congratulatory Anniversary comments yesterday!  We had a great day. No pictures were taken but sometimes that is just the way it goes. :)

I know I have been off on my listing schedule as well. I did get a chance to get it all in the shop today though so if you had an item you were interested in, it is in the shop.  I apologize for my relative absence but hope to be back in full swing tomorrow. In the mean time, I hope you are having a very nice, beautiful week! The fall really is gorgeous, even if a bit uncomfortably cold. Thank you for visiting!


come cuddle

Just as my pictures loaded, someone asked me to come cuddle. . . 

Oh, and since it is my anniversary (11 years together, 8 married!), my listing schedule may be a bit patchy today. . .  But it should get done by 3:00.  I hope you can find someone warm to cuddle with today too. 

All thrifted but hat (BR) and leggings (random) 


City Slick

The fourth collection I will be selling in my shop, I have called "City Slick" in my head, mostly because I don't live in a city and I think if I did I might wear more of these kinds of things (in fact I wore the dress in the bottom row when I was in NY for Fashion Week last February). But really, most of these items are pretty casual and appropriate for everyday. It is a bit of a smaller collection, but I will have more new collections in each of the coming weeks. I should be listing this one tomorrow (Tuesday) from 9:00 am on, and tweeting each item if you are interested! Also, there are still a few items from the first two collections that I am accepting offers on if you would like to check it out.

All of these items are Vintage and will be for sale at SecondSkinStyle a piece at a time on Tuesday, October 26 starting a 9:00 am pacific time.

{EDIT: Per an anonymous request, the cap toe booties are women's size 7.5, knee high boots size 8, brogues are mens size 8 or women's 9.5, burgundy booties size 8, heeled textured leather boots size 8 as well. Again, sorry for lack of size variety.}
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