City Slick

The fourth collection I will be selling in my shop, I have called "City Slick" in my head, mostly because I don't live in a city and I think if I did I might wear more of these kinds of things (in fact I wore the dress in the bottom row when I was in NY for Fashion Week last February). But really, most of these items are pretty casual and appropriate for everyday. It is a bit of a smaller collection, but I will have more new collections in each of the coming weeks. I should be listing this one tomorrow (Tuesday) from 9:00 am on, and tweeting each item if you are interested! Also, there are still a few items from the first two collections that I am accepting offers on if you would like to check it out.

All of these items are Vintage and will be for sale at SecondSkinStyle a piece at a time on Tuesday, October 26 starting a 9:00 am pacific time.

{EDIT: Per an anonymous request, the cap toe booties are women's size 7.5, knee high boots size 8, brogues are mens size 8 or women's 9.5, burgundy booties size 8, heeled textured leather boots size 8 as well. Again, sorry for lack of size variety.}


Penny Dreadful Vintage said...

I do live in the city, and I'm not nearly this groovy! Though I would wear those black brogues in a minute, fantastic for the office.


Peetzi Jen said...

That bottom dress...LOVE! And those burgundy boots...SWOON! And that long sweater...YUM! I'm not near my computer tomorrow morning but I will have to figure out a way to do some shopping with you :0)

Anonymous said...

I love your style. Period.

Enter to win a $35 gift certificate to CSN stores now through October 31st!


Anonymous said...


Can you reveal what size of the black brogues and black toe cap boots? They are great!

Anonymous said...

helllllllllllo pretty lady!!
k last post - beautiful long legged ladies! wow. Intense!
now for this, im LOVING that bow belt type thing. wow its incredible, what is it? your findings are just so amazing lady, im am flabbergasted every time i see a new collection of yours no joke. hope your monday is going well!!


Opal Wells said...

oh my... those maroon and black capped toe boots are AMAZING! if only there were a size bigger.

a fine collection to add to the shop

fashion trends said...

Omgosh. You always seem to have the best vintage finds.

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