Over my head

I have 30 minutes. Boy has it been a long weeek. Lets just get started shall we.

The second Universal Law that I will be paying attention for the remainder of this week is The Law of Correspondence. Since I am trying to really get a good grasp of these things, I have included the definition of correspondence.

a close similarityconnection, or equivalence there is a simple correspondence between the distance of a focused object from the eye and the size of its image on the retina.communication by exchanging letters with someone the organizationengaged in detailed correspondence with local congressmen.• letters sent or received his wife dealt with his private correspondence.

The internet explained this rule to me this way (These were copied from my notes in my journal and I failed to write down the link, but I think these definitions are universally recognized):

"As above, so below; As below, so above."
"Know thyself and thou salt know all the mysteries of the gods and universe." 

On a very simple level, I get this rule as our thoughts (as above) effect how we feel (so below) and how we feel effects our thoughts. Easy peasy.  My kid is crying on the way to school today, positive that he will have an awful day and that he will miss me. He cries harder. Harder crying makes him think that that bully at school will hurt him today. He bawls. I stop the car and reveal to him that he is just going around in a circle creating a cycle of sad. "STOP. Take a deep breath and think of how you felt when I surprised you at lunch time last week. Exhale and push all of your breath out and take another deep breath in and think about how happy you will be to see all of your friends at martial arts after school." this continued till the tears stopped.

We all do this, just on a different scale. My little breathing exercise worked well enough for him to get a grip and head off to the playground by his own will, but sometimes we have no idea we are trapped in little feedback loops. What kind of loops do I have going on?  I feel pretty good right now, so my loops are pretty positive. I remember sad and scared loops from not too long ago though. How did I break them?

On a much wider and cosmic scale, I think this second law is also stating something about the planets, sun, moon and constellations. As WAY above, so below.  But below and above are such relative terms on this scale. Relative in that how I am oriented on the earth with my feet pointed toward center, which would I guess be below me, and all that expands out from the level of my head into the freaking infinite cosmos, is above.  ( I have no idea if that last sentence is grammatically correct but lets just go with it for the sake of time.) But really I guess that is putting a whole shit ton of stock in the importance of human life since we are infinitely small compared to how large these "above" bodies are. I am going to think about this aspect of the rule a little more. I think it has to do with archetypal energy and universal consciousness. Personification for the sake of clarity. I need to think about this.

To be Continued. at some point. this week. ish.


Oh Dang.

Hey! Hi! You know, its crazy, but I was journaling Monday and Tuesday about some new things and I though for a second, while I was writing, that maybe I should be writing this stuff on my blog. I quickly dismissed the idea and covered it with, "you have been journaling just fine on your own on paper, so why would you suddenly want to blog again?" Good question, so I continued in my paper journal. BUT then, I got a little kick in the teeth, a good jab that comes when the nudge of an idea is not quite enough to spring me into action.  You guys know. Well, I wouldn't say the kick came right away, there was more a gentle tug on my heart strings from a few long distant friends. The tugging lead to the realization and the realization was like a full on kick. My teeth are fine though. In case you were wondering.

Sooooo, What? What's up? I am totally out of the loop.

The first Universal Law governing everything in the entire universe (duh) and our entire perceived reality is The Law of Mentalism. The Law of Mentalism essentially states that all human reality is mental, and that our entire universe is one big, huge, infinite intelligence and that all of our brains, rather than creating unique thought, are simply channeling signals like the little am/fm radios sitting on the shelves of your garages. We can tune in to different channels and play whatever tunes suit our moods, ideals, and perceptions, but we should be mindful of what we broadcast since our minds have the power to influence and create our reality. Your environment is your thinking objectified.

For the past few months I have been turning my dial to stations I didn't even know were transmitting before. I have been letting stations play, sometimes a few simultaneously, through my receiver for extended periods of time to see what their purposes are and if there is overlap in the transmissions. Its been a little like trying on different lenses and filters and seeing how they cut through the glare and fogs of my reality.  In more concrete terms, I have been taking a shit ton of classes, reading an even broader shit ton of books and talking to a shit ton of people. I have been meditating and finding new parts of myself (and everyone technically).  I have been doing breath-work and have found a way to use my voice and breath to raise my awareness to higher vibrations and dimensions. I have kept dream journals and received messages from my higher self. I have charted the movements of the moon and kept a keen eye on the planetary shifts and aspects, recording any influences that may be accorded to them. In case you were wondering, Yes, I stepped into to the deep end, but I have never felt more at peace and grounded in my entire life. Apparently, the deep end is where its at for me.

So that explains where I have been. Here, but there too. I know that many people have mixed feelings about all of this type of thing. Its fine. I shrug my shoulders at that. Lots and lots of people are feeling the veil slip a bit though. Peering through that nagging feeling that things are not quite as they seem. My advice: READ. Read then measure. There are is so much information that can be found that will resonate for you. FIND IT. The more you find the more you begin to trust yourself. Till eventually the polarity will shift and it will be no longer a search to validate your truth, but an outpouring of it. The evidence is incontrovertible.

For the next 7 weeks I am studying the 7 universal laws, one for each week, and journaling, sometimes here and sometimes on paper, how they are active and effecting my reality. I mentioned the first above. If you wanted, you could research them for yourself and journal as well along with me. Pay attention to how you may deflect the laws, or how you unconsciously manipulate them. Pay attention to the thoughts that come and remember that you have the power to change the station if you wish. Consider that power before you follow an impulse to spread any poison in this space.

Thank you for missing me, those of you that did. I miss you too.
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