Wonderful Wonderful Weekend! Beautiful weather, friends, family and food!  What more can I ask for! Plus, I just rediscovered these espadrilles that I bought a few years back at Marshall's and they are feeling very timely (even if Zebra is not the animal print of the season, or is it?  I have no idea).  I love them with a good high waisted pair of vintage Jordache shorts! Ya, they are a little short, but Beer and Bar-b-que can make that feel just right! Right on, right on. (you have no idea the voice [anyone see Emmet Otter's Jug band Chritmas? Freaking Great!)  I am using inside my head to type this post, and it would make a whole bunch more sense if you did but you will just have to take my word for it that it all sounds Hilarious in my little mind! What a dork!)  Off to eat!  Hope you are enjoying your weekend!

Espadrilles: Marshall's (or Ross, I can't remember)
Jordache shorts: thrifted vintage
Plaid shirt: vintage thirifted
hat: vintage thrifted


with teeth

My soon to be sister-in-law let me borrow these killer boots for the evening last night! So stinking amazing to me! They look like they have open alligator mouths all over them with teeth and everything.  This sweater is verging on frumpy gone lazy, but it is super soft and extremely warm and just enough to play down the vampyness of this dress.  I like me a good chunky hand knit sweater (this one found at the Salvation Army).

I have had two new suggestions for home videos.  One is a scarf as a top wrapping tutorial (will require a body suit so that no frontal nudity appears on my blog) and the other maybe a follow-up to the hair cutting video, like a "how I style my mop so those of you who cut yours can get tips in case you want them" video.  I have some time this weekend so I will attempt both.  I hope you have a really wonderful weekend in the mean time!  Hope the gorgeous weather holds here!

Sweater: hand knit thrifted
dress: American Apparel
boots: borrowed
necklaces: most thrifted
webbed necklace: purchased at Red Chair


powder blue

Super casual outfit today.  Truth is the weather is a bit crap and I refuse to admit it. There has been some amazing progress made on the Etsy Register site though (thanks to Annie of Time Enough for Drums and Annie of Little Ocean Annie)!!  Below are a list of general content guidelines to describe how it will function:
  • The site is all-inclusive place for people who are both etsy sellers and bloggers to promote their shops free of charge, and do collaborations with one another if they choose.  The site is also to be a great way for Etsy buyers to find new shops they maybe didn't know about.  Basically, it's bringing exposure to everyone.
  • Any etsyer/blogger is free to post their Etsy shop updates on this site.  
  • We've also discussed different ways to bring content to the site, not being solely a space for Etsy shop updates. (seller tips, features, themed days, spotlights, collaborations, etc. details coming soon)
  • Little Ocean Annie has been working on making buttons for the site in different sizes.  If you want, you can post this button on your own blog to continue to direct traffic towards The Register. 
  • Annie started a Twitter account for the site also.  Here it is: http://twitter.com/theetsyregister.
There is so much more to this and I think it will be such a great resource for those of us who enjoy buying (and selling) vintage online from other bloggers we know and love! While we are still working out layout details and what not (anyone have good resources for vintage wallpapers?) we hope to soon have it open for the public! Thank you so much Annie and Annie for really running with this!  You both have done an amazing job so far and I can't wait to see how it all turns out once its fully functioning! 

Members Only Jacket: Vintage thrifted
Seychelles pumps: thrifted
fan pendant necklace: vintage thrifted
Tee and Pants: American Apparel 
Bracelet: Street vendor Honduras


back home

On day three of the convention in Vegas I wore this exact outfit, minus the hat.  I apologize for not getting a shot of it but the whole day was sort of hurried with breaking down our booth and all, and by the time we got back to the room to get my camera for photos, I just fell face down on the bed, with my shoes still on, and went completely to sleep. There was a wet spot under my face when I finally woke up for dinner and completely smeared mascara all over my cheek.  Apparently no pictures were being taken. The next day I just wore the same thing with cut off shorts and my TOMS since my feet were still tender, then we drove all day home.  Not very eventful. I wanted to at least show you my final attempt at profesh dressing (though it was more like casual Tuesday).  I was originally going to wear a pencil skirt and a blouse with my suit jacket but my sandals were my most comfy shoes and they looked ridiculous with the knee length skirt so I quickly swapped my whole outfit for this one and it seemed to be fine.  Most women had shifted to flip flops and flats anyway.  

Now we are home and I have a lot of caching up to do, but it feels so wonderful to be back! Thank you for your feedback on my suit and business attire (though it was not super conservative).  I have a completely renewed respect for you women who do this everyday.  This was a very humbling experience and has made me feel extremely fortunate to work for myself in a creative field!

Trench Skirt: H&M
Tank and Circle Scarf: American Apparel
Shoes: vintage 9 West
Beaded Bracelet: Street Vendor Honduras
Hat: Dockers
Shoes: TOMS


suit up, we're goin in

Day two of profesh dressing.  This is the very first suit I have ever owned.  I don't know how I feel about it really but it functioned really well today so I can't complain!  Just wore my low sandals today and it was much better, but I am still soaking my feet tonight (thanks for the tips!). I didn't take my blazer off at the convention, but absolutely did for drinks after.  My top is another scarf tied in the front this time with the top folded over to cover the knot.  Not sure why I keep doing this here on this trip, but I have a feeling I will continue when I get home. I am so brain dead right now.  Bla bla Ha Hahhahaha!  I gotta go!

Blazer and pants: Banana Republic
scarf top: vintage
sandals: vintage 9 west
necklace: vintage thrifted


night and day

So today was the first day of the convention we came down to Vegas for (ICSC RECON, The Global Real Estate Convention, someone asked yesterday so just letting you know.  My husband's business interest actually, not mine).  I decided to wear a shift dress that could look tidy under a blazer for day and still cute and ready for drinks in the evening.  Shoes had to be practical since we were walking and standing all day (they still hurt like a mother effer right now. How do you standing-all-freaking-day-for-work women do this??  Tips please!  I have two more days of this! Apparently I am a wuss) and my dress is linen so it got wrinkles down the front the first time I sat down. Oh well.  At least my necklace (a gift from Merl at Clyde's Rebirth!  Thank you Merly!) is FREAKING AWESOME no matter what (in my humble opinion)!  These pictures were taken just as we got back to the casino. Now we are laying in bed watching Myth Busters (a rare treat since we don't have tv channels back home.)  So many things within parenthesis (I have always used them but there seem to be so many today.  Too brain dead to construct proper thoughts and sentences). (Oh and are the punctuation marks, when you are using parenthesis, supposed to go on the inside or the outside? Does anyone know this?  I guess I can just google it. I just wish I remembered.)

Dress: Banana Republic
Blazer: Banana Republic
Shoes: vintage thrifted
Belt: vintage thrifted
Woven Laptop Bag: vintage thrifted
Necklace: Clyde's Rebirth


anything in Vegas

Vegas is pretty fun.  I am not sure I could ever live here since its pretty overstimulating, but for this weekend, I can deal with some crazy.  The conference we came here for starts tomorrow, and so will my attempts and looking professional, but today we will probably hit the pool again and do some shopping. I   have been looking for a good excuse to try this scarf/ shirt and skirt combo.  I just folded the scarf in half to create a triangle, tied the back and tucked the loose ends under, then tucked the front of the triangle into a high waisted skirt.  I think the cut out in the back look is sort of cute, and in Vegas, just about anything flies.

shirt: vintage scarf thrifted
skirt: H&M
Shoes: vintage thrifted


When In Rome?

These are not my best photos, nor my most creative outfit (clubbing last night in Vegas, simple is good enough for me), and I was going to wait to post till I had something better, an outdoor shot or a day time outfit, but there was an issue I woke up and decided I had to discuss right NOW.  In response to my post yesterday I received some really sweet comments!  I also received a couple of very heartfelt, concerned comments, first from my shy friend from Mass. and then this one from xoxo:

Anonymous said...

"Hello, ever since I've learned of your blog, I've been an avid reader since. Every time I visit, I'm always amazed at how you put things together. It's like, "What will she think of next?" Or sometimes, when I'm shopping or looking for outfit ideas or when I'm stuck on how to put together something, you know what crosses my mind? "How would she wear this?" Seriously. I know, right.

I really admire your style and look forward to visiting your blog for inspiration. I'm a firm believer that you don't have to spend a lot of money to look good. Nor does it have to be a designer name. Many will comment on how "cute" your shoes are or how they "love" your dress. But what many don't realize is that It's How You Put It All Together that makes it look good. A person could have the best-looking shoes in the whole world, but if she doesn't know how to wear it, it becomes just a pair of shoes.

The last note that I wanted to let you know is that please don't become another ModCloth robot like many bloggers out there have become. Their prices are high up there for a reason even though these same items are found elsewhere at lower prices: they spend $55,000 a month on advertising, that's $1800 a day. I'm not sure if this is only on pay-per-click through search engines like Google or their advertising as a whole, but that's a hefty sum that they of course pass on to customers.

Your creativity shines through in all your outfits regardless of where you get them.

I  know that this comment was not about Sponsorship or anything like that, and I am so thankful for the warmth and honesty of it.  I respect you for coming forward and telling me what you think. I have had something on my mind though that I feel I should talk about now.  Ever since I was offered my first sponsorship, I have had a funny feeling about it.  I thought about it a lot.  I liked the person who offered to sponsor me, I liked the business, the merchandise (LOVED) the spirit of it all, but I felt really funny about accepting money in exchange for content, a link, whatever.  I did accept an item though. I was allowed to pick whatever I wanted as my gift from the shop (and I went on to buy more from this talented person).  I was sure to disclose that the item was given to me. I decided right then that I will probably not accept traditional sponsorships in the form of banner ads or links, and will only accept gifts from companies or items that I would really purchase if I had the extra dough.  I have been offered many many things, money, giveaways, trips, link exchanges, and some have been from people and companies I truly love and respect, some generic, but as you will notice, I am sponsor free.  If I wear an item I have been given, I wear it because I wanted to, not because I had to.  I only wear things I love to wear.  I have never been dishonest about that. 
I have nothing against blogs with sponsors and my favorite ones are sponsored by numerous companies so please don't think that I judge or anything like that.  I PERSONALLY have always had a strange relationship with Money, particularly money given to me in exchange for my actions.  Don't pay me to do something, I will do it if I want to do it. Jobs are a different story, but in recreation, Ya.  My blog is my recreational hobby.  My shop makes me money, but it's a hobby as well and it is always on my terms.  The moment I mix money with someone else's expectations, the activity feels heavy and contrived. I can't stand that feeling.  I hope this all makes sense.  I am just typing my mind. I just thought I would tell you where I stand on this issue.  I am also a little hungover from last night and maybe oversensitive, but these feeling are true.  
So, to respond to your concerns,  Don't worry!  I will always be true to myself! What would the point of having a personal style blog be, if I was not representing my personal style (good, bad or whathaveyou). Thank you so much for your support and praise.  It makes me feel nice that you enjoy my space.  I will, in turn, just continue to get dressed each day and talk about it.  

Dress: American Apparel
Shoes: Seychelles 


circle one: yes, no, maybe

I seriously feel sort of strange about shopping for NEW clothes.  Not new to me (I can buy thrift every day of the week), but spanking new. I had been contemplating a purchase at a very popular (ahem, ModCloth) website for a while and I finally just broke down and did it.  Below is a letter I feel like my conscience should write: 

Dear ModCloth,

I have seen you around.  I have to admit, I think you are really cute.  Everyone talks about you all the time, I mean you are so popular.  The thing is, I usually avoid the popular crowd, but you seem. . . different.  To be honest I have watched you quietly for months.  You probably don't even know I exist.  That's okay.  I would rather stay quiet and adore you from afar.  If you ever came to me and said hi, I think I would turn into a complete dork and lose it anyway.  I follow you on twitter and try to ignore your Music Monday Samples (great) or your quirky updates on what you are up to, but find myself creepy peeping on you anyway.  OH!! Your darn daily item updates and peep toe pumps and vintage gems!!! I think I am worried that this will turn into a full on obsession and I will end up giving you everything I earn, and my thrift stores will feel so ashamed of me for giving it up for retail all of the time and having nothing left for them.  I just had to tell you though, I think I like you. Actually, I have a super big crush on you.  Please don't tell anyone. 

C. @Second Skin

Seriously, I felt like I had to hide a dirty secret when I bought this dress, then when it arrived, I tried to find flaws with it.  I couldn't.  Its great.  The fabric, print, cut.  DANGIT!! Why do you have to be so Effing Cool???!!!! 

Off to Vegas now!  Hope to get some cool casino shots while I am there! 

Dress: ModCloth Tangram Frock
Shoes: Old Navy
Belt, necklace: Vintage thrifted


Lady Luck Lover

I sold one of these jumpsuits recently in my shop and had regretted it ever since. It was so cute, and fit me perfectly, but I thought that I didn't wear these things for some reason.  Until I lost it.  Then I just really wished I had it back.  Some lucky lady in San Francisco is sitting pretty in it now.  Congrats lady!  Lucky for me (yes, I will accept that lady luck is my lover right now) I found this one last weekend along with the top from Monday and the outfit from yesterday. . . and this scarf I tied and used as a belt and the necklace and bracelet.  Its been a freaking good time for me.  I take luck when it comes to me and realize that it is never here to stay.  Don't take it for granted. I appreciate and cherish it like a good lover and just hope she stays with me for as long as she can! I love you lady luck!

I got some really cool things in the mail recently too (more crazy luck!) and I am pretty excited and eager to wear them! Thanks Merl, Kimber Shining Star, Modcloth and Maimie girls! I can't wait to do special post for each package!

Jumpsuit: vintage thrifted
Scarf, accessories; vintage thrifted
Shoes: Lucky Brand


Azure Garden

I am loving this jean bustier.  I found it at the thrift shops last weekend. It's not vintage but Jeeze how versatile it is!  I found this skirt and these shoes in the same shop, this whole outfit just sitting (in opposite corners) waiting to be snatched up.  Goodness I love my life.  This top will probably be a regular in my wardrobe for the entire summer.  I don't wear jean too much, but it seems to be the perfect dose and the perfectly structured element to mix with flowy skirts and florals.  I am so enjoying this warm weather!

Getting my hair lightened a bit more and my roots touched up today.  I am excited to continue getting blonder! Funny though, I had washed my hair last Friday and wasn't going to wash it till my apt. today (so you know, every 4th day is what I have been averaging) but I texted my girl yesterday to ask if she wanted it clean and told her the last time I washed it was Friday.  She seemed pretty grossed out, "UM, ya, clean hair please." Its like I have gotten so used to the grease and texture that it doesn't even seem gross to me anymore! Everyone I tell "I have not washed my hair for 4 days!" Seems SO grossed out and always asks WHY??!!  Oh blogland, I am so happy you get me! Thank you for not judging me (or at least doing it quietly to yourself!) It means a lot to me that I can tell you all my quirky things and It just gets accepted. . . or even praised!

{EDIT:  My hair apt went great and my hair girl clarified, it was not the grease she was worried about but the product build up.  She was not grossed out and fully supports not washing for many days.}

Shirt: Azure, thrifted
Skirt: vintage thrifted (a dress in a similar print is in my shop)
Shoes: 9 West, espadrille cork wedges,  thrifted
Sunglasses: Rayban


super fly

I would like to think that when it comes to vintage polyester shirts, some fly and some really don't.  For a long time I didn't really know the difference. Vintage was vintage to me.  Even the ugly stuff was cool. But I am just so jaded now.  After sorting through racks of things I don't think I will be able to move in the shop, I have tried to be very careful about what I let in.  So, when I found this little gem I was, at first, very cautious.  Does it stink? No. Holes? Nada.  Itchy? Nope. Is the print nice?  Oh yeah.  And as cliche as it may be these days (at least in blog world) a little floral and stripes seem so perfectly spring. I didn't know I would get it together with this skirt till I saw how the tones seem to compliment each other. Add a little but of light tan, bam, I love this outfit.

I am super behind on emails. . . and question answering.  And I am going to Las Vegas on Wednesday for a convention with my husband, so I won't be listing anything in the shop this week.  Just catching up with blog friends and internet things.  I will still be posting from Vegas (and will be in Business Attire, trying to look my most professional.  Hmpf.  We will see how it goes!) so there should not be a break in posting, but in case it is sporadic that will be why.

Shirt: thrifted vintage
Skirt: American Apparel
shoes: vintage 9 West thrifted
purse: vintage Liz Claiborne
hat: Dockers
belt: vintage thrifted


Hot Oil

I love the weekends!  The weather is beautiful, no obligations, just soaking in the mellow. I have accepted my sugar free existence completely (the only thing I slightly regret is not being able to eat my Newman's Own salad dressings.  Paul, I would do anything to eat something with your face on it, but I won't do that.)  Oil and vinegar work just fine (plus I got Newman's Own Olive Oil!!  HOTTTT!) Yes I have a serious crush on Paul Newman. The hottest actor to ever live. Period.

Hope you have a fabulous weekend!

Romper: Vintage from Amanda at off of broadway
Purse, Bracelet, Shoes , belt: Thrifted Vintage
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