I woke up this morning feeling like I am already in that space. I kept my eyes closed and imagined that I was in that little vintage bedroom with its minty sage walls and fuzzy rugs and hardwood floors and that I would step into my little slippers and make fresh coffee with my coffee press and watch the sun come up through the east facing kitchen window with its deep window sill where I have placed a few ripening tomatoes that just came off the plants the day before, straight from my garden.  I imagined that those tomatoes were picked just a wee bit too soon by my over eager son, who just couldn’t wait any longer after watching them grow from little white flowers to the green, then orangey red bursts.  Fragrant earthy coffee filed my senses, warm sunlight, orange, green, yellow, blue. Musical birds. This is going to happen.  AND I WILL TELL YOU WHY.

I FOUND IT. The house. The little old lady house, built in the 50’s, original vintage kitchen with teal metal counter tops and deep cast iron sink with built in washboard, and the hardwood floors and established herb garden and private back patio canopied with grapevines (four different varietals!!) and twinkle lights strung across and right next to the farmers market and summer concerts in the park and zoned commercial (owner: “so you can run a little business out of your home if you like!”) and the cellar originally used for canning and the big old fireplace and radiator and OH MY EFFING GOODNESS the rent is a couple hundred LESS than what I am paying now!!!! I found it yesterday just driving around, sniffing around, flying around with my eagle eyes. The woman who owns it just happens to be a massage therapist as well and disclosed to me that she too divorced when her child was seven and with the bit of settlement money she got, she put money down on that house and signed up for massage school. Both massage and that house have served her ever since, and now she is engaged and in the most loving relationship and they are renovating a little old place together and she couldn’t be more happy. WHAT A COINCIDENCE.

I freaking applied. We will see what happens!! The closets are VERY tiny so I will have to get very ingenious about storage, but I am up for that challenge.

Before I get to move and store a bunch of stuff though, I am going to try to sell it all! I started listing right after I turned in my application yesterday! Making that space. Manifestation and shit like that.

So we will see!! Life is freaking miraculous and amazing. That is all I have to say.



So, although I don’t have a retail shop set up in my house selling oddities and witchy knick-knacks yet, I am getting close. Currently my house is overloaded with some of the most interesting, random, and amazing objects. My friend Kai has a pretty keen eye for unique home goods and has been collecting things for a while.  When I told him he would be a natural “Etsy Seller” he agreed to let me show him the ropes, and brought over a few boxes containing his favorites. This guy has got my number. Carved wood altar pieces, animal skulls, mid century wooden trays, unique ceramic jars and pots, AND BOOTS, like woven kilim boots, that made my mouth salivate and my palms sweat and if they had been just a tad bigger would have been his payment to me for helping him set up a pretty kick ass online home goods shop (if I do say so myself).  AIRIVATAhome is the name of his shop.

I have been away from etsy and vintage and all of that selling business for a while, so it was kind of fun to see how the apps and programs have changed in the past couple of years. I even got pretty excited and have decided to start selling vintage again. It’s so funny though, I am so excited about the stuff Kai keeps bringing over for his shop that I just want to focus on home stuff. I have so much vintage still, dresses and blouses and coats and shoes and boots and belts and accessories that I held on to when I liquidated “just in case” I decided to come back. I have not listed any of my things yet, but I probably will now that Kai is all up and running. 

You can see his shop at AIRAVATAhome.

Also, I promised my grandma that I would begin blogging regularly again.  We have had a few scary weeks regarding my grandpa and his health. Reconnecting with them and many of my root people, have shifted my priorities tremendously. All of this is actually really exciting for me. I am really looking forward to getting back in touch with people. Picking up the dropped threads.

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