Ms. Longshadow

I think Ms. Longshadow would be my alter ego name. Not because it's the opposite of me or anything, just because I like the way it sounds.  Maybe it could be a roller derby name. I am only thinking of it since I happened to get that last picture and decided it was cool.  I honestly just don't have anything else on my mind right now. L o     n   g s h a d    o     w.  weirdo.   I could babble on but it would be more weirdness.  Better leave it be. what a nut.

I did get some super exciting news yesterday though!! From Seval and Fay!  They informed me about this!  Could not freaking believe it!

Romper: vintage thrifted
scarf, purse, belt, thrifted vintage
MIA Shoes: Urban Outfitters


truck stop

Thank you for all of the great validation yesterday! Looks like I have given myself the green light!  Though these shoes are vintage and thrfted, I may be getting a new pair of Toms soon.  The wedges. I might not, but I am sure you will not be surprised if they show up here eventually.

So,  thrifting huh.  Well, as I explained to Fay and Fia, and as Paige now fully knows, my luck at the shops has nothing to do with me having special powers or a special strategy or technique. I simply live in a place that people love to go to, to retire and die.  These people bring a life time of loot and it gets deposited regularly.  I am probably one of maybe 5 girls in my immediate town that like vintage but maybe the only one that sells (though not much lately) and the vintage aesthetic is not fully embraced among the greater Northern Nevada area so I have plenty of it all to myself. I mean, Ask Paige, the stuff is just sitting there for super cheap, waiting to be plucked!  I head out to my local shops (there are two now, one closed since I alone cannot keep all three in business!) every week or 4 days, the shops in the next city (there are 4 pretty good ones) maybe once every two weeks, and the shops in the furthest city (loads of huge ones) once a month ish. So I guess constancy is my trick? I start with boots and shoes, then head to dresses (where I touch EVERY SINGLE piece) then to whatever else. I weed out anything stained or ripped or missing buttons (unless its really freaking great and worth the effort to fix) I never buy things that just create work for myself.

That's it.  So sorry to disappoint. If it is any consolation, you guys are the only ones who even care about my thrift stuff!  Thats why I keep coming back here!  You GET me.  To you I am not the "eccentric" girl in the crazy old lady clothes.  Well, maybe I am but at least most of you appreciate that!

Dress: vintage thrifted
Shoes: vintage thrifted (Oh, I will probably sell these since they are a tad too tight!  When I took them off this evening I decided I had better never put them on again {see Haiku Ambulance's comment from yesterday}.  They are 7.5 I think.. the brand is Bandits.  I wear an 8, 8.5 so that explains the discomfort.)
belt, purse: vintage thrifted
Scarf: thrifted


slip sliding

I am a firm believer in the slippery slope. You have a rule or a goal or a strong routine, or and ethical, moral mindset toward something, but due to varying circumstances you let something slide this once.  You justify it, accept it, no harm done.  Vow that that will be the only time and that you are sticking strong to your principals the next time.  Then, for some reason the next time comes and you think back on how easy it was to break your code the first time and that there were no serious repercussions so just one more time really won't hurt right?  Naw. . .  so, you bend the rules again. FOR THE LAST TIME you tell yourself.  And it's a little exhilarating.  This time you question why that pesky rule exists in the first place.  Better to question the rule than question your own character and judgment, because, I mean Jeeze, you are a good person and its not like its hurting anyone. Third time comes around and this time its BALLS OUT madness!  You break the rules with fire on your wings!  Double break it in the same go round to really pound in the fact that you have just completely fallen down and off of your high horse and there is no going back!  You don't even want to go back since it would mean stopping this wonderful thing that you are now so accustomed to and have no intention of quitting!!  Yeah!

What in the hell am I talking about?  What has sent me free sailing down the slope to my lowly existence?  I will tell you.  Just not right now.

Awe!! I'm just effing with ya!  I used to have this rule that I would only buy two pairs of NEW shoes per year, one pair of sandals in the spring and one pair of boots in the fall, all the others must be second hand, but I broke my rule by buying my Seychelles teal shoes (justified, they are awesome) and then again when I bought my Toms (in my head I think I was thinking 'well, another person gets a pair so it cancels out?') and then, the great tumble and fall was Saturday in San Francisco. I got the pair above (on clearance at Urban for $29!! COME ON!!)  and another pair of "vintagey looking" t straps (I am in my brother's wedding this weekend and needed black heels!! Look I am still justifying myself!  I am pathetic!) Sorry if you were hoping it would be something more delicious than shoes.  I am starting to think there is nothing more delicious than SHOES.  Crap.  I have to get a hold of myself.

Hat, shirt, purse, sweater, necklace: thrifted
Shorts: American Apparel
Shoes: MIA Urban Outfitters


Where did you leave your heart?

San Francisco is fun!  There there are toy stores and live music and old prisons and parades and crazy people.  This is the first time we took our son to the city (Granny happily tagged along to stay in and order room service with our boy while we went to the Sharon Jones and the Dap Kings show!)  I have several pictures here in this post, but I will briefly explain them so it won't feel too muchness.
First, the toy store and the prison.  We loved both.  Grant thought that creepy baby was pretty funny. Alcatraz was pretty creepy and cool. They had a few cells made up so you can see how the prisoners lived.  Looks like it would suck pretty bad.
Later that night (Friday) We met up with Fay from FayFrisco who happened to have the evening off and just happened to live in the city and could join us for SJDK.  She has some really great photos from that night if you would like to see more! Fay is really really fun and super cool and we had a great time diving right in to all the getting to know ya stuff! Really cool new chick to check out if you have not already! 
Saturday morning I met with Fia from The Laundry Narrative and her husband and adorable little one!  They met me in the center of Union Square where we got tea and chatted about all kinds of things while her girl played and her husband alternated chasing her and snapping some great candid shots of the three of us (which will be on her blog soon if you would like to se more!)  Such a grounded and extremely stylish family! I also could not take my eyes of of her great vintage top! I was so happy to be able to meet them and hope to be able to spend more time getting to know Fia the next time I come to the city! 

Finally, the Exploratorium.  OK.  This place is absolutely amazing.  It is essentially a gigantic airplane hanger like building filled to the brim with science experiments!  We watched a real COW EYE dissection right in front of us (SO INTERESTING) and got to play with conductors and magnets and a million other things my inner geek has been dying to play with!  We went for my son, but it really is a cool experience for anyone. 

All right!  I think that sums up the weekend!


flake flake flakerson

I was trying really hard to get my shit together and prepare a thrifting post for tomorrow and maybe even take some pictures before I leave in like 2 hours for San Francisco, but its just not going to happen in this reality! Seems I am actually too old to stay out partying till 4:00 am. Nuff said.  I will be taking pics in the city though and meeting with a couple of bloggers so I will have lots to share when I get back (and may do a post while I am there, we will see.) I just wanted to pop in really quick and let you know.

VERY FUNNY AND GREAT OPPORTUNITY: Merl is a freaking genius.  If you tell her your funniest joke before 3:00 pm tomorrow I think, and she thinks it the funniest of all the others, you are going to get like a free ring and a 40% discount on something cool! My head is fuzzy so go to her blog and check out the details.  There are some really funny ones there already and I may have to just bookmark that post so that I always have a good joke up my sleeve!

Thanks for stopping by!  Now go tell Merl a joke so I can read it later!

poor documentation

Hey, I know there are a few serious hipstamatic haters out there (Angela, Photo Degree Girl,  I do not mean to offend you with these images, I was just not allowed to bring a real camera to the show) but I am happy to have the option of it when I am in situations where I make friends with drunk girls in cool cowboy boots in the bathroom at a rockabilly show.  It happens to me every time I go out actually (which I assure you is not very often).  Last night we saw our friend's band "The Darlins" and guess who they opened for?????  Charlie Daniels.  Do you know Charlie Daniels?  I didn't, ashamedly, until last night.  He is the guy who wrote and sings "The Devil Went Down to Georgia."  It WAS AWESOME. Classic Country.  I am not usually a country fan. This stuff is pretty great though.

So, I was all pumped to wear the red outfit, but I honestly felt like a tart, harlot so I changed. There was nothing showing or anything, I mean I was wearing shorts and stockings, but I think I will save this outfit for a costume party.  I have a red straw hat too so maybe I will be a pinup cowgirl this year. Anyone having a party?  Can I bring my Hipstamatic?

Top: Dress, hat, purse, belt: thrifted vintage
Red cowboy boots: Thrifted vintage (and make me feel like the crazy chick from Footloose)

Bottom: Dress, hat, belt: thrifted vintage
Shoes: Some brand from Marshalls
Serpent Stockings: Agent Provocateur


the deets

I love warm evenings. This week has been just beautiful. I have a bit of news before I launch into one of my proposed topics from yesterday (I have not decided which one yet) and wanted to get some feedback if I can before its too late.  I am coming to San Francisco this weekend!  We are seeing Sharon Jones on Friday night and will be going home some time Sunday!  If you are from the area drop me a line! I have contacted a couple bloggers that I know are in the Bay area, but honestly, I usually have NO idea where blog people are from. So, ya!  Let me know!

Ok, so sugar free days, or thrifting. . .   I think I will go with the sugar since it kind of feels more urgent for those of you who are trying to do this thing.  If you have no interest in reading beyond this point I will not take it personally.  

Typical days without cane sugar* 

Ideal*: 2 fried eggs*, 2 pieces sprouted grain (Ezekiel) toast with butter and Simply Fruit jam, cut up tomato, and two cups of earl gray tea with honey and unsweetened soy milk.
Quick: big bowl of oatmeal with agave nectar, unsweetened soy milk, walnuts, and some type of berry or banana. and two cups of tea as before.
Super quick or Out: Starbucks Grande Earl Gray Latte with sugar free vanilla and Soy (cheats, I try not to eat artificial sweeteners, and the soy adds some sugar.  You can do milk and honey if they have it, I just try not to be difficult) and a turkey bacon egg white english muffin thingy or feta spinach egg wrap. or McDonald's Egg McMuffin and Orange juice.

MID MORNING: I try to never let myself get hungry and some days (ideal) I don't need this snack but sometimes I do.
Lara Bar, or Grapes, or almonds and string cheese, or other fruit. More tea.

Ideal: big salad, butter lettuce as base, adding generous amounts of tomato, kalamanta olives, cucumber, feta, pine nuts, fresh basil, sliced turkey and with olive oil and balsamic vinegar whisked together.
Quick: Turkey sandwich (or wrap) on sprouted bread toasted, with cream cheese or hummus, tomato, lettuce and mustard. Tortilla chips and sugar free salsa or avocado on the side if I am very hungry.
Super Quick or Out: Bean Burritos, a turkey wrap from my store deli, tortilla soup or something like the above from a restaurant.

Usually one or two of the following: Any snacks I didn't have from mid morning, whole avocado with tomato and tortilla chips, fruit, more earl gray tea or just green tea, natural peanut butter with banana, Emerald brand Cocoa Roast Almonds Dark Chocolate (surprisingly delicious and no sugar) Or toast with Simply Fruit (depending of if I have had bread earlier).

Ideal: 1. Home made chili with Sour Cream, cilantro, and chips. 2. Home made curry sweetened with honey instead of brown sugar (recipes on the curry paste jar) with green grapes, grape tomatoes, bell pepper, shrimp chicken or tofu, over rice. 3. mushroom kebabs with grilled veggies over rice.
Quick: Big salad with turkey, hard boiled eggs, olives, tomatoes, nuts, cucumber, basil, oil and vinegar.
Out: Whatever as long as there is no obvious sugar source.

Coconut milk ice cream sweetened with Agave Nectar, Brianna's Brown Rice Crisp Cereal (the only cold cereal I have found sweetened with fruit juices) with Rice Dream, or Cinnamon Rasin Ezekiel bread toast. herbal tea.

*only honey, pure maple, molasses, agave nectar and fruit juices are allowed for me in order to feel less tired, cranky and not break out all over my neck.
* This is my ideal.  I am not a nutritionist. This is just what I like to eat and what makes me feel good.
*I get eggs at my local feed store from local farms and chickens I drive past every day. they are cheaper and WAY more delicious if you can get your hands on them. 

So, I have listed lots of options. I eat generally from the things I have listed here.  Somedays I am hungrier that others so I just eat when I feel like I need something and what I am craving.  I eat tons of cherries and berries right now.  And nuts.  I had cake at a wedding shower I threw at my house on Saturday and got fresh angry new zits on my neck that I regret, so I have lots of motivation to continue the regime. More info about my rituals can be found here .  I hope this was helpful for those of you interested!

Dress, sweater, shoes, hat, accessories: Vintage thrifted (more on this another day)


keep feeling fascination

I think my camera and I are getting a little more comfortable with each other.  We have been taking long walks together and watching sunsets for so long that we are starting to loosen up.  I don't feel its criticism anymore and its catching my good side more often.  I have always sort of had a crush on it, but now its getting more serious.  What A Freaking Weirdo right.  All I mean is that I have been exploring new angles and poses (which is sort of big for me since my previous nickname was robot, due to the fact that I always posed the same and looked off to the side for like 6 months straight. Check my archives if you really need proof or were not around then or even care.)

So is this head thing called a fascinator? I keep seeing that word around and I looked at google images and it turned up some strange stuff. I got it at my local thrift shop yesterday and would normally call it a hat, but maybe its a FASCINATOR.  cool.  I hit the vintage hat mother load yesterday, which is silly since that happens once a month and I feel I should start selling them.  Or just start selling and listing again period.  Its been a while.

Two really kind of neat and fun new things I am doing: I am now a stylist on Whattowear.com.  Its this new site where you can ask any number of stylists (some celebrity stylists and Glamour Magazine stylists, not just bloggers) any fashion question and it will be answered within minutes with examples and pictures and products.  I am featured in the stylist section on like the third page near the bottom (or you can just click here), and there are about a million way cooler kids to ask questions to before you get to me, so it is super cool and surprising to be included!

Posts I plan on doing this week at some point: 1. A typical sugar free day of eating (since some of you have asked) 2. My thrift store shopping technique and strategies (another request) 3. a full on costumey dressup post since I am going to a super fun Rockabilly concert on Wednesday and have my whole getup planned and I can't wait!! and 4. obviously randomness.

silk shirt, belt, hat: thrifted vintage
skirt: shopmamie.com (they sold out of this skirt think but have lots of other really cute stuff!)
shoes: old navy


hi there noon!

Just throwing these out there!  Scrambling today! More tomorrow I am sure! Exclamation points!!  Happy Monday!!!!

Halter romper: vintage thrifted
sweater, shoes, belt, purse:  vintage thrifted
exclamation points: 4 cups of tea
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