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I love warm evenings. This week has been just beautiful. I have a bit of news before I launch into one of my proposed topics from yesterday (I have not decided which one yet) and wanted to get some feedback if I can before its too late.  I am coming to San Francisco this weekend!  We are seeing Sharon Jones on Friday night and will be going home some time Sunday!  If you are from the area drop me a line! I have contacted a couple bloggers that I know are in the Bay area, but honestly, I usually have NO idea where blog people are from. So, ya!  Let me know!

Ok, so sugar free days, or thrifting. . .   I think I will go with the sugar since it kind of feels more urgent for those of you who are trying to do this thing.  If you have no interest in reading beyond this point I will not take it personally.  

Typical days without cane sugar* 

Ideal*: 2 fried eggs*, 2 pieces sprouted grain (Ezekiel) toast with butter and Simply Fruit jam, cut up tomato, and two cups of earl gray tea with honey and unsweetened soy milk.
Quick: big bowl of oatmeal with agave nectar, unsweetened soy milk, walnuts, and some type of berry or banana. and two cups of tea as before.
Super quick or Out: Starbucks Grande Earl Gray Latte with sugar free vanilla and Soy (cheats, I try not to eat artificial sweeteners, and the soy adds some sugar.  You can do milk and honey if they have it, I just try not to be difficult) and a turkey bacon egg white english muffin thingy or feta spinach egg wrap. or McDonald's Egg McMuffin and Orange juice.

MID MORNING: I try to never let myself get hungry and some days (ideal) I don't need this snack but sometimes I do.
Lara Bar, or Grapes, or almonds and string cheese, or other fruit. More tea.

Ideal: big salad, butter lettuce as base, adding generous amounts of tomato, kalamanta olives, cucumber, feta, pine nuts, fresh basil, sliced turkey and with olive oil and balsamic vinegar whisked together.
Quick: Turkey sandwich (or wrap) on sprouted bread toasted, with cream cheese or hummus, tomato, lettuce and mustard. Tortilla chips and sugar free salsa or avocado on the side if I am very hungry.
Super Quick or Out: Bean Burritos, a turkey wrap from my store deli, tortilla soup or something like the above from a restaurant.

Usually one or two of the following: Any snacks I didn't have from mid morning, whole avocado with tomato and tortilla chips, fruit, more earl gray tea or just green tea, natural peanut butter with banana, Emerald brand Cocoa Roast Almonds Dark Chocolate (surprisingly delicious and no sugar) Or toast with Simply Fruit (depending of if I have had bread earlier).

Ideal: 1. Home made chili with Sour Cream, cilantro, and chips. 2. Home made curry sweetened with honey instead of brown sugar (recipes on the curry paste jar) with green grapes, grape tomatoes, bell pepper, shrimp chicken or tofu, over rice. 3. mushroom kebabs with grilled veggies over rice.
Quick: Big salad with turkey, hard boiled eggs, olives, tomatoes, nuts, cucumber, basil, oil and vinegar.
Out: Whatever as long as there is no obvious sugar source.

Coconut milk ice cream sweetened with Agave Nectar, Brianna's Brown Rice Crisp Cereal (the only cold cereal I have found sweetened with fruit juices) with Rice Dream, or Cinnamon Rasin Ezekiel bread toast. herbal tea.

*only honey, pure maple, molasses, agave nectar and fruit juices are allowed for me in order to feel less tired, cranky and not break out all over my neck.
* This is my ideal.  I am not a nutritionist. This is just what I like to eat and what makes me feel good.
*I get eggs at my local feed store from local farms and chickens I drive past every day. they are cheaper and WAY more delicious if you can get your hands on them. 

So, I have listed lots of options. I eat generally from the things I have listed here.  Somedays I am hungrier that others so I just eat when I feel like I need something and what I am craving.  I eat tons of cherries and berries right now.  And nuts.  I had cake at a wedding shower I threw at my house on Saturday and got fresh angry new zits on my neck that I regret, so I have lots of motivation to continue the regime. More info about my rituals can be found here .  I hope this was helpful for those of you interested!

Dress, sweater, shoes, hat, accessories: Vintage thrifted (more on this another day)


Lindsay said...

This is amazing. I'm not sure if I could go entirely sans sugar, but you are showing me it is at least possible to cut out sugar and use some natural alternatives. Thanks for this!!

Unknown said...

Good morning! Thanks for taking the time to detail this out for us. I've always thought that skin's clarity (lack thereof!) was something I could do nothing about. I have to say that I am so intrigued, though. It can't hurt, right?

I love the necklace...looking forward to hearing more about that. Have a great day, ladies! xo

Seval said...

This is a really helpful post! And oh girl I loved that dress so much! The colors are perfect... Well I don't use sugar really but I do eat somethings including sugar I guess so I think this post is gonna come to my desktop to check again and again!!!

Anonymous said...

Ok... Am I the only one who sees a resemblance between this outfit and Idée Géniale's?
was it a floral dress and wrap top day? I didnt get the memo :(
Ok Now Im gonna go read your sugar info! then I may comment again...

Anonymous said...

ok comment part 2:
Have you tried rice syrup? I wonder if you could eat that... it's a sweetner made from rice (don't ask me how - it baffles me) I bought some the other day for a recipe (which didnt end up working out) but I will probably try to use it in the future. There are sooo many sweetners out there in natural food stores, it's nuts. You could make sweetner from a shoe! (I wouldnt recommend it though)

kate said...

I love this outfit, just like every other one. Your style and blog is definately my favorite right now, the first one I read in the morning. I would love to have your closet, or at least selection of thrift stores.

Hannah said...

You just have to walk outside and fall in love with where you live huh? It's just beautiful! I always wonder where bloggers are from as well (I'm from Waco, TX area when I'm home and from Lubbock, TX when I'm at college)

Anyways,I have been hunting for a hat like yours. I think my grandpa may have one? hmm.. and I can't stop looking at your outfit yesterday. I love it!

kenda said...

1.) i'm so jealous that you're going to see sharon jones. i love her voice.
2.) great outfit. it's a lovely summer look.
3.) thanks for expounding on your sugar free diet. i'll definitely need to plan out my meals out if i'm going to go w/o sugar.

J. said...

LOVE this sweater!!!


Hello*Pretty said...

I love the sugar free deets.. very inspiring! How long have you been living this lifestyle? I am taking baby steps to get healthier and plan on incorporating some of your recommendations.. So,thank you so much for this! And, fabulous outfit, you look amazing as always!
xo- karrie

maggeygrace said...


You are so inspiring. I don't think I could ever go without sugar just because I am the pickiest eater in the world, but you make me WANT to:)! Do you have an exercise regime? You have such an amazing figure!!

I adore your (romper?) or (dress?)! It's so cute! And the sweater tied is adorable too. Everything you wear is just delightful- I guess you could say your appearance is flawless! :)

Becca [Free Honey] said...

It sounds like you are quite the healthy eater. I try to eat as healthy as possible and avoid all packaged/processed foods. But the reality is that oftentime life gets in the way. Especially when work gets crazy it's so much harder to eat well - it's at those times I usually find myself famished and just reaching for whatever is there/easy.

I'm sure you've been doing a ton of research to acclimate yourself to your new diet. I'm wondering, have you found any restaurants (national chains etc.) that are better for you than others in terms of using less sugar and more natural ingredients?

The Semi Sweet said...

I need to look up the health benefits of cutting out cane sugar now. I'm sure the refining process is not pretty and/or healthy. I love your look here. So pretty!

amanda said...

sigh. i really think i should try this. it seems so appropriate that you'd talk about such a thing on a day when my skin could not possibly look worse. sugar is like my life though so it's kinda hard to take the plunge. especially since i brought cookies to the shop to eat after my lunch :) i do love honey and agave nectar so maybe it won't be so bad. oh but i'll miss my sour gummy candies oh so much. sigh.

tess said...

wow, you're quite the healthy eater, Christina! Thanks for sharing. I'm always fascinated by articles on nutrition, so I loved reading this. You seem to eat really well, covers a lot of food groups, healthy fats, and seems to be rather filling, no deprivation here! Your meals seem to easy to make and the ingredients aren't too obscure (I agree with your comment on Starbucks orders, I would never want to be horribly fussy, those people need a life haha). I am not trying to go sugar free, but I am trying to cut down my usage my fake sugar in my coffees and teas. I dunno if artificial sweetners are bad for you or not, the research isn't definitive, but at the same time no one is recommending them either haha, but I dunno what's in them so I'm a bit worried about long term build up of it, I've found I really enjoy using honey and agave nectar (such a godsend!) as a replacement. I have a few questions though:

- what do you drink throughout the day?
-do you eat this exact same meal combination daily? I might get bored

Unknown said...

The photos are amazing, I really love your look in front of this beautiful landscape!

Fia Kilbourn said...


This jumper is cute. I've never worn one, so excuse my ignorance and possible inappropriate question, but does it making going to the bathroom difficult. :)

Fia Kilbourn said...

Just realized it's a dress. Oops.

Haiku Ambulance said...

Oh, it IS a dress! It's lovely and looks like a romper. I love the sweetheart neckline, too. Amazing.

And your regimen sounds really, really, really delicious.

I am so bummed that I have been slammed at work and everywhere else and haven't even had time to comment (and then my internet acts afool at home. But only when I'm alone and have total access to a computer. Figures).

So, you'll be hearing from me again very soon.

Annebeth said...

Thanks for letting me know about the flickr abuse and thanks for the sweet words honey! Don't feel bad you don't have the time to comment, I know you are an amazing person and I feel like we both know we check each other from time to time (in a non creepy way, lol)

LOVE the floral, LOVE the tan, LOVE the shoes and LOVE your hair up like this.

Cara said...

The last picture is amazing. This outfit is gorgeous <3 And I love how you wear your cardigan.

Unknown said...

I read in your previous post, in seem like forever ago, about you having 'hyperthyroidism' - if i am remembering incorrectly, please forgive me.
but, have you considered going gluten free as well? my mom and a dear friend of mine (and i am thinking me too, but haven't been properly checked out yet) have hyperthyroid - and once they went gluten free, it put their emotions and body back in check. i know it seems kind of taxing to add another thing on the list of 'don't eat'...but you know just in case you want to try something.

oh, and yet another adorable outfit. i really love that shirt!
love,meghan. (littlebirdie)

m.fay said...

I just love this dress, so cute! Your blog is darling! Found you on bloglovin, so happy I did. Please stop by and say hi.

Cris said...

you have beautiful skin--great tone...and it most likely has something to do with your diet. The honey and coconut oils are a lot better for skin than the processed sugar.

I dig the shoes. I had similar ones in black that I bought in London. But walking in them everyday in the rain wore them out.

Cant wait to hear about your thrift ideas. Too much money is being spent gotta start bargain hunting!


Ashley [Free Honey] said...

Super cute outfit - really love the dress! I have nothing to say about the rest of your post, seeing as how I have the eating habits of an overweight 12 year old boy, but I admire your will power greatly!

xoxo, Ashley

janiece said...

Love the hat, tops everything off nicely. I'm from South Australia; we just celebrated winter solstice.

Morgan and Lua said...

Thanks so much for posting on this!! Just sent it over to my boyfriend so he can try going sugar-less.

I tried no sugar, no dairy to help my skin and found that for me dairy was a bigger problem. But I noticed you don't eat alot/any dairy either! I've been off dairy for probably 4 years and it's amazing the difference I see with my skin.

Thank you thank you. By the way, amazing photographs.

Rachael said...

Awww, I live in SF but I'm going down to LA this weekend! I hope you have a wonderful time!!!

Unknown said...

LOVE how simple the cardi+dress combo is but your proportions/volume play is just right.


Unknown said...

ps. I just read your cane sugar-free post... a bit confused. why can't you eat cane sugar? is it for the fact that the other forms of sweeteners are easier to absorb into your body or lower glycemic index or what? (sorry I'm a chemical engineering/biochemistry double major so just curious)


Unknown said...

"Although honey is a natural sweetener, it is considered a refined sugar because 96% of dry matter are simple sugars: fructose, glucose and sucrose. It is little wonder that the honey bear is the only animal found in nature with a problem with tooth-decay (honey decays teeth faster than table sugar). Honey has the highest calorie content of all sugars with 65 calories/tablespoon, compared to the 48 calories/tablespoon found in table sugar. The increased calories are bound to cause increased blood serum fatty acids, as well as weight gain, on top of the risk of more cavities. "

Lou said...

Such beautiful pictures! And it’s always interesting to hear about someone else’s diet. I’m also a “no-sugar” convert. I even try to avoid honey etc. It’s crazy how much more energy you have when you remove yourself from the grips of sugar’s clutches, and how quickly you stop craving it.

Brittany said...

Your pictures are looking so super amazing lately! & I love how you listed all of the food you eat.. we all want your rockin bod!

jemina said...

You always look so fabulous in every picture, xoxo

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