Vrrroooom. crash and burn.

Hi! I have been out of town for about a week, and actually tomorrow is my son's last day of school for the summer, so I am not sure how much I will be online this summer really. I sold a few more collections over the past week, I think there are only like two or three left so I am going to ship those final items out tomorrow, along with anything else that might sell today (*wink* *wink* last chance, make an offer) then the etsy shop will be empty and potentially closed for a while, or until I am in desperate need of money in the sometime future (who knows what the future holds). I have a whole bunch of fun family plans this summer, playing at the lake, camping, hiking, biking, stuff like that.  I also plan to establish stronger relationships with my local friends, do some DIY projects that have been sitting on the back burner for a while, and drink some beers on my hammock. Not that any of this is super important or anything, but I guess what I am basically saying is that I will be out for a while. I don't really even think I'll be back to this space in any real way again. I have LOVED blogging, for what it was, over the past year and a half or so and have learned and grown so much from it. I have met some really incredible people, seen some amazing things, and enjoyed some great opportunities. I have been fundamentally changed by this blogging experience. For the better. I have never felt more confident, at peace and accepting of myself than I do right now. I really think that the blogging community helped to grow that in me. Meeting people I feel a kinship with through words is a very powerful thing.

I was going to just end this right there, but you know what, I think I am just going to go all out and throw all of the shit I think about blogging out there. Why not right. It's the end and all. Of course, I'll throw in a little disclaimer since I only know Myself and my own experience and understand that it is likely wildly different from anyone else's and I would never want to pretend that I know someone else's story anyway, SO this is a summary of my blogging experience:

Ahem: When I started blogging I was a very insecure girl. I had just broken up with a girlfriend that basically told me I was a terrible person (who I disagreed with at the time but still felt like shit about) and didn't really have any other friends. I live in a small town and had a huge gate around my heart for various reasons and thought that a good way to fill my time and make money would be to blog, sell vintage and try to make friends on the internet. I was nervous about clothes. I liked strange things and felt like a weirdo when I wore what I liked in real life. When I posted pictures of myself on the internet at places like chictopia and Weardrobe, people seemed very supportive and made me feel less strange. eventually I got some followers on my blog. I could not believe that ANYONE was interested in my shit let alone people in New York or HOLY SHIT!! AUSTRALIA, CANADA, GREAT BRITAIN!! WHOA! I checked my analytics program daily and freaked and gasped at every new reader in every new country.

By January 2010 I was being offered free stuff from people and companies!! People were being so nice to me! I was commenting back on just about every comment I got, following back, favoriting back and blogging daily to keep up momentum (on the blog, Chictopia and Weardrobe). I was staying up till past midnight and up at 5:00 am reading blogs to keep up and return the niceness. I couldn't believe that so many people liked me. I had never been popular AT ALL. I was in fact covered with acne, mousy and a bit plumper and totally uncomfortable my whole life until about the middle of 2009 when I was finally treated for Hypothyroidism and magically thinned out, cleared up and came into my own. All of this attention was unbelievable and completely addictive. At 30 years old, a mother and a wife, living in a little western Nevada town, I was being called chic by awesome people all over the world. I started paying close attention the the numbers. My ego started to get stronger for the first time. My mood started to be affected by how many comments I got on a given post. If I got less one day or fewer votes on an outfit on chictopia I analyzed everything and tried to see what I had done wrong. My findings : shorter skirts, pretty hair, hats, higher shoes, over the knee socks and cool prints got better ratings. Also awesome makeup and a great sense of humor helped. I began to cater to blogworld. I lost myself for a little while.

Then I started getting sick. I was losing sleep thinking about my blog, my outfits, people I had failed to comment back to, my reputation. I was totally self obsessed. A rift began to grow between my family and me. I am not sure when all of this was taking place. I want to say December - like May or June of last year. I tried to scale back.  I felt like a bitch for getting attention but not returning it. The summer brought some pretty major personal problems for me. I was dealing with some heavy things family wise, that put all of the blogging into perspective. I started focusing less on commenting and stopped checking my numbers so much. I stopped reading other blogs except for the ones that were linked to people I actually knew or felt a kinship with. I began to REALLY enjoy blogging in a whole new way. I had less pressure I was putting on myself. I stopped associating my self worth with the attention I was receiving. (Please note, when I began blogging, my personal self worth resembled a ritz cracker. Blogging and attention inflated that cracker to Guinness Book of World Record proportions. It felt great, at first, but I saw the danger in letting my self worth be related to a freaking computer, and clothes, and words.)  I finally began to allow some separation and feeling my worth away from all the blog stuff. I knew the blog couldn't have any power over the way I thought about myself because if it could make me feel good it could also make me feel bad.

In the end of November I had an epiphany. I tried to blog about it, but I don't really think blogging was the best forum for all of that. It was more of a personal discovery and I thought that if I shared it with people reading my blog that maybe it would help others. I thought maybe I had a purpose and a reason for throwing all of my thoughts out into oblivion. . .  and maybe I did. I just typed right out of my heart. I had been doing that anyway all along, but I think I was a little bit more guarded before. Ever since then it has all been different for me. For a while I thought that maybe I had a responsibility to blog and share my thoughts, but I realize that was just residual ego left over from being the oldest child in a family of four. "Be a good example" "Be a role model." "Lead by example."  All the things I was raised hearing. That is just ridiculous. I don't need to feel that responsibility. That feels so . . .  egotistical that I even thought that. I guess I waiver between feeling like I am just fine on my own in my simple little life, to feeling like I have a responsibility to be a part of the larger world, to do something bigger, but through BLOGGING? Really? That is the way I will reach and influence people for the better?  A part of me says yes. maybe. But why?

I tired to do more in my local community but it feels a little like starting at square one. A part of me is lazy. and quiet. and introverted. and a total homebody. OK a huge majority of me. I guess we all want to feel important. We all want to be heard. Like those little Who's in Horton hears a Who or whatever that shit is:  WE ARE HERE! WE ARE HERE! WE ARE HERE!! But if I get to the meat and bones of that, it just feels silly to me. I feel silly. The more distance I get from blogging, the more at peace I feel on my own, the more time I have with the people in my direct life and the more my mind can just be present and see what is right in front of me.

This is just how I feel. I may be a weird bird but whatever. Maybe I am just totally normal and boring and just not very extraordinary . That is totally fine. I shouldn't need people to tell me what I am.  And people telling me things is what got me to this point so maybe I do need that, but I don't want to need that. So VROOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOM . . . there goes my dive bomb. . . crash and burn.  I am sure anyone reading this is not totally surprised.  Please just know that I am fully aware that your reasons and experiences for blogging are probably completely different from mine. I don't judge anyone based on my own shit.  I just thought I would give one last blabla bla. There. I am done. :)

Thank you for reading my thoughts these past months and for leaving your comments. It's had a profound effect on me. :)


Hugs and Fishes said...

Thank you for your honest perspective. I have many of your outfits post/photos in my inspiration folder, and even if I can't get any new inspiratio from you, I can all still work off the style you portrayed. Strange right? I feel like I know your style, like "how would Christina wear this??", and you are a total stranger to me. But most importantly your honesty and vulnerability was something that drove me towards you. YOu are a very beautiful lady, and if you can have bad days and insecurities, surely I'm entitled to them also right? You helped me allow myself to have "bad" days, and I'm greatful for that. From you photos on chictopia, I began following your blog, and you were the very first blog I had ever read, ever!! I can tell you this not-fashion-saavy marine biologist hippie from San Diego is one person who will sorely miss you and your blog...

Anonymous said...

oh, you. i love you, darlin'. i am so glad that we formed a real life, seriously rad friendship. and we can talk about this stuff on the phone whenever we feel like it, but i hear you...so loud and clear. as you already know, i too measured my self worth with how well i was doing on my blog - who was leaving comments, how many people visited, etc. and then i kinda stopped. but then i'd post here and there. then i stopped again. but here i am...still blogging. but ONLY because i found myself in a really good place about it. i still read blogs, but i no longer compare my blog to theirs. i am no longer concerned about the numbers. i just like sharing stuff sometimes. you know? at the end of the day, if i have time or maybe something fun to share - i blog about it. because i want to. or maybe because the boys are watching a movie anyway, so posting about baby bedding isn't taking time away from them. you get me? i know you do.
ps. you do NOT sound like a bitch. you sound like a betch. it's totally different. see ya on the flip side, sista. ;)

The Suburb Experiment said...

I'm glad you wrote about this. I've had a family blog for 3 years and then I discovered this whole fashion blogging business. Which I was really excited about for 8 months and then. . . meh. I still have a job I'm deeply unhappy with, I don't have any close friends nearby, and buying clothes and getting compliments aren't helping either situation. I HAVE become more confident which is pretty awesomesauce.

I've started visiting and commenting on blogs that I really like, and only if I have time. I'm only responding to genuine comments because those lead to the meaningful connections. I enjoyed finding your blog and looking at how you put together outfits but if it isn't fun anymore. . . why bother? You're certainly not obligated to any of us. And there's always the archives. :)

Good luck in the future!


P.S. I'm glad someone bought the one collection with all the bright dresses. I was one glass of wine and a few clicks away from purchasing it. And I already bought one of the other lots. Hee hee!

Deirdre Schwiesow said...

Just wanted to mention that - in addition to your great style and interesting writing - you are a great photographer. Your self-portraits are always beautiful - it's not just about what you are wearing but the whole picture. So, even if you don't keep blogging, I hope you will keep up with the photography!

Rachel said...

Ok so i have always been a lurked on your blog and don't really like to leave comments because I always feel others have said what I want to say already! You always look amazing, your pictures are beautiful and you are funny and sassy! I have thoroughly enjoyed reading your blog and have been inspired by you many times, and I have a gorgeous pair of trousers from your etsy shop, so I along with many others will sorely miss your writing and pictures, good luck with everything, have a lovely summer with your family!


Sydney said...

Rock on, sister-friend. You're doing what you need to do, and I only have respect for that. Thank you for being honest, and whole heartedly, thank you for this little space. You've been an inspiration. Enjoy yourself :)

Amanda said...

I was so sad that I discovered your blog after you had already stopped frequently listing in your etsy shop. But now that you're saying goodbye to this space entirely, I feel like I missed out on a year and a half of inspiration. Thank you for creating such an amazing place - I'm so glad it exists and that I found it. Even though I'm sure we are all sorry to see you go, I'm glad you're taking care of yourself. I wish you all the best!

Angela said...

Yours is one of my few favorite blogs - I'll miss your presence, the inspiration of your style, and the peaceful, earthy views in your photos, but everything you said makes sense. Blogging is an odd filter, and I'm glad that you're defining yourself outside of this whole weird world that is easy to get caught up in, that you're seeking to establish more relationships "irl". Thank you for sharing a part of your journey here, and it'll always be good to hear your thoughts if you should choose to post them...By the way, those orange shoes still have your name on them. :)

myedit said...

I can understand what you say completely. I have this constant inner battle with myself as I try to find the balance between making this into 'a thing' (and we all know that includes advertising and linking and complications) or if I keep it as this time consuming hobby (as I have until now... for what?). I admit, I feel validation from fashion blogging, somewhere, out there, people appreciate what I wear and I am not just the ridiculously tall girl wearing a dress to the supermarket. It has been a huge ego boost and made getting dressed that much more fun. But it is a constant drain on my life and my husband patiently bears the brunt of that.
Gah... I just don't know what's up or down sometimes... BUT I just want to say, all the best with your future endeavours! I hope that in between family and friendship you find time for fashion and writing. You excel at both. xoxo

Rachael said...

I've certainly enjoyed all your posts, from your spiritual discoveries to your trips and vacations and shop and outfit posts. All of 'em. And it's interesting to read it all laid out there now, because I remember those seasons of your life, from a stranger's perspective of course... I know nothing other than what you post (or that you didn't post). Thanks for sharing and good luck on your life. And thanks for explaining.

Stella said...

Sad to see you go, and I do hope you come back! However, I completely understand where you're coming from. I've taken super extended hiatuses from my blog because I felt that I was doing it for all the wrong reasons at some points. However, I always came back because the friends I'd gained and the wonderful community were too much to give up.

But, again, totally understand and respect how you feel. To many happy trails for you! Whatever your path may be!

Anonymous said...

From looking at your pictures, it is hard to believe that you never felt beautiful in your own skin. But better to get there later then never at all. I, like the others, will really miss your blog, your fashions, your journey, but you should blog for the love of it and for no other reason. Enjoy the rest of whatever you have coming in your life, and thank you for your fashion inspiration and introspective life. It's been a fun ride with you. Gerrilyn

Miss Millie said...

Hey gal

Sad to read this but happy to notice you keep on sailing steadily on your river, the most important thing being that you remain true to yourself: it seems your compass is tuned on the right direction!
I will be missing your blog, outfits and thaughts!
I really liked the honesty of this post, we're all the (insecure, pain in the ass love needing) same so I totally understand your in and out blogging process: a giant leap on your life journey.
You are/were a great source of inspiration.
Now, you have my e-mail address: please let me know if you dropped in France, I'd love to meet "irl" one day!

Much love , loadsa respect and all the best to you Christina

xxx Em, the cucumber sandwich girl

Anonymous said...

I will so miss your blog! You have been an inspiration in fashion since I've stumbled upon your blog. However, I hope you find super adventure in the next chapter of your life. I hope that you leave your blog active- if you can do that- so some of your readers, including myself, can come back and get inspired from your outfits.

Happy Living!

Anonymous said...

I'll miss your blog. You are one of the truly talented and stylish in the fashion blogosphere.

Anonymous said...

You will be missed that's for sure... I still hope that you will visit Montreal one day :)
and don't forget Dr Seuss words “Be who you are and say what you feel because those who mind don't matter and those who matter don't mind.”
I wish you all the best, health, love and serenity.
And of course I'll check your blog now and then...hoping...

San said...

Ah, sad to see you go, but I understand you totally. It is a journey for all of us and we change. I'm glad that you are now selfconfident and I wish you and your family best of luck.

Thanks for sharing your style and ideas, you obviously are a great person.

Jayanthi Kanderi said...

Sad to see you go :(

Georgina said...

Dear Christina,

Thank you so much for the time, energy and heart that you have put into your blog. Like many others I have found your style, your attitude and your search for the best way to 'be' really inspiring. I am not surprised by your decision to step away, whether it is a temporary or permanent break. It doesn't feel sad but maybe that is because you explained it so well? I just wish you love, happiness and peace in your life, however you choose to live it. I appreciated your very honest, personal 'searching' posts - they reached out to this reader in England and comforted/challenged/fascinated/inspired me. I hope that you have a beautiful summer with your family and that you stumble upon the next adventure to set your heart racing and engage that busy mind of yours.

Love to you (from a complete stranger! But truly felt. How funny...)


The Semi Sweet said...

I'll miss you terribly in the blog and twitter land but I understand your feelings completely. Enjoy your life to the fullest and hopefully our lives will cross paths again. I loved meeting you in NYC so much! You had a ton of personality and you were just amazing:)

Anonymous said...

Also sad to see you go. I like that you never come across as snooty, but always very real, and that with what I consider the coolest style on the web. I've always loved checking your blog, and have enjoyed that you don't pretend to be perfect - you don't leave a sense of inadequacy in me like some blogs can. I hope that this summer brings you a lot of fun and peace, and if you do make it back to your blog, it will be a lovely thing. God bless!

Laura said...

although i've written you only a comment or two and we conversed thru etsy when i wanted to buy a pair of shoes, i feel that i have to write you this, now that you are closing your blog.

i want you to know that i've been with you and i've followed you daily because i thought your blog, your character and your style worth attention.

you are great, just don't forget that. and you also look great and i think you look confident in your own skin. and your style ideas are fun and fresh and i get a lot of inspiration from your way of dressing.

i am a little sad you are closing this blog but i know that you know better what is good for you and i think you should do what your heart dictates.

we are two strangers, we never met and yet i fell we are so similar. and i think that's wonderful. that this can happen between someone living in america and europe.

i don't have a style blog although i was giving thoughts about it and that's because i think i am too lazy to do. to maintain. but i appreciate you for doing this effort. and all the bloggers out there doing this, maybe it's so much fun doing it. if i will ever start it, i will let you know, if you are interested. i'm thinking you will be still following some blogs you love.

so i felt i had to tell you these things. and to ask you to keep the blog as it is because of the great inspiration i can find in these webpages. i mean not to close it.

thank you and good luck in the future!

Laura said...

oh and i want to say something more.
the first time i found your blog my reaction was 'wow, this lady's got style. and she is so young and looks so good!'
as i went thru your blog i discovered you had a boy! i couldn't believe that, as you look so young i could bet you never had kids.

RoseAG said...

I'll miss you too! I did find your Mom and I hope she keeps her etsy shop up because she's really on my wavelength as far as rocks go!

I've loved your visuals.

In the end life in-person is what we're all about.

Panty Buns said...

Though I've not commented regularly I have followed your unique blog - the light fashionista interests and artistic style mixed with the uniqueness of your own life and your family.I liked it when you started taking photos outside and sharing more of what your life and thoughts were like. (and helping us appreciating the fashions).

It was one of your blog posts that caused me to contemplate whether Dharma could contribute to a better path for me. Who knows. It might if I let it.

I hope you will choose what the right things feel like to you and yours, since I doubt any of us are omniscient. Best of luck doing whatever you do, and if you write maybe I'll be lucky enough to read it.

kim said...

I've been offline for a while and am surprised to find out you stopped blogging... I've followed your blog for some time now (from Belgium! :D) because your style is not the same cookie-cutter style I see on most other blogs. And because you had the guts to be different I figured you must be really confident. Shows what I know I guess, or how different the internet is from real life. I'm always surprised to find out people behind blogs are shy. I haven't started a blog because I'm a bit shy myself.
And I was also surprised when you said you only had one friend. Because a) you seem really nice and b) you're married, didn't you meet your husband through friends or something?
Anyway, I suppose there's always a story behind a blog that we don't see. I do hope you have gained and will hang on to your confidence now. And I wish I could still follow you here but I understand your decision as well. Good luck and all the best to you!

Kimberellie said...

Oh Christina! You are a dear! I know I would love you in real life! Everything about you is just lovely...your faults and all, LOVELY.

And thanks for the glimpse into your "blogging obsession". Whenever I read about how much time people put into blogging (people like yourself who have become quite "successful" at it I sigh and realize: yes, this is why I can't do this. I haven't the time. I can definitely see how your family relationships would suffer!

I think I am a lot like you, I want to make a difference, be heard, do SOMETHING for the world. But like you, I wonder, is blogging it? As well, like you, family has to come first. It's the most important it! I figure heck, I'll probably live until I'm 80 or so, and that gives me 50 more years to contribute to the general good of the world, but until then I am swamped with motherhood and dirty dishes.

But yes, this is long...do do do. I think what I am trying to say is: thanks for the peak into your head and heart. I can relate in many ways. It is good to read that this sort of thing comes with a price...and like you, I don't want to pay that price. Perhaps we should leave it to the young childless ladies?

That said, I am SO GLAD you blogged for the time you did. Because it was great to get to know you. Because the you you are is really unique and interesting and wonderful. If you ever decide to blog say like once a month, text only, barely any pictures, whatever...I will still be here (btw: the sort of blogging I think am interested in myself and wonder if anyone would be interested in reading!).

But yes, much love,

your friend Kim

Anonymous said...

Though I am sad you are no longer going to be blogging, I understand and respect your reasons. Yours was the first blog I ever became addictited to, and inverdantly introduced to be to the whole blogosphere. I've followed you the whole time, keeping your photos in their own inspiration album on my laptop. You are the reason for my goodwill obession and have goven me inpsiration to start a blog, something I may or may not do. I truely love this blog, and even the lack of new posts can't stop me from revisiting this website. It's an odd sensation, being in a one sided frienship. But i really do feel as though your my personal friend, even though i'm stuck in my little north carolinan town. No matter how hard I try, I'll never be able to sum up how much this blog ment to me.
Love, Annie

Andrea Eames said...

I'll miss you but am grateful to have met you! A lot of this strikes a chord with me too - I followed a similar path in some ways. I'm still blogging but it's a quieter, more peaceful blogging, and I don't feel like a slave to it any more. I'm glad you don't either.

Take care!

Andrea xx

Amber Schmidt said...

You are an inspiration. I'm glad that you didn't just leave it at that because honestly... I'm going through something very similar now. I've become the gal behind the blog instead of the gal with the blog, if that makes any sense.

So thank you.


Amanda WG said...

Im a little late to the game (as always) so I am pretty much echoing everything everyone else already said...

thank you for blogging! thank you for putting yourself out there and being truly open and honest. I have admired your courage, creativity and kindness so much...in fact, you were one of the people that got me going. it didnt seem so scary after I found that someone else had the same internal battle over baring all....but despite the battle you did it! and thats awesome. you're awesome.

i feel so lucky to have met you via these wild interwebs. all the best to you and your family...enjoy the summer days! perhaps we will bump into each other again someday :)

Jodi Kolesky said...

I just wanted to thank you for the effort that you put into this blog...regardless of what your motivations were at different points of this journey, it was a gift to me. I had an awful fall/winter and sitting down with my morning coffee and my computer and reading your posts helped to brighten my day and reminded me to GET DRESSED! So for that thanks and thanks for the clothes! Have a great summer!

Helen Steele said...

Good luck for the future and have a wonderful summer. I will forever be glad I stumbled across your blog -it inspired me AND I got to purchase that stunning long belted camel coat from your etsy shop. I've never felt like such a glamour puss in winter time.
Sending best wishes all the way from Great Britain,
take care Lel x

Anonymous said...

This is really sad. I understand the reasoning but it's disappointing and if you truly loved blogging, I feel like there would be a way to continue without putting yourself out there so much that you begin to feel like your confidence level depends on it. I'm sure it's tough to read comments about your appearance/personal life all the time but since you have such a knack for fashion in general, you should make a blog that's more professional. You don't have to tell us about your life if you're uncomfortable, you could just post pictures about DIY projects and articles about clothing related topics. Your closet progress post is an example. Just the outer layers of your life, the creative parts, you don't even have to put up pictures of yourself. I just feel like if you love blogging and fashion then you can do that without all the self-analyzing as well. Your style is excellent and I think you know that. You don't need anyone to tell you although I know compliments are always nice. I think your talent lies in fashion and you should be able to share that with the world if you want to without compromising your personal life. I'm sure you'd be able to figure out a way to do that if you truly wanted to.

Corks + Caftans said...

I agree with Paige! And I went through the same crap, and just don't care anymore. I started C+C mostly to give my husband a way to talk about wine in a meaningful way, and shazam! He's going to start working in the industry now, which was my greatest hope! Although the pressure started to get to me. I don't look at numbers anymore; I can't. I have never been a big comment getter or receiver, and it made me feel guilty. For what it's worth, your posts always touch me. I care most about the words, anyway.

To be totally honest, I think it's ruled our life too much. I sometimes wonder, given we started growing this baby right after our wedding (when I was laid off), what our marriage would be like without it. Without laptops always open or worry over new posts. I've hit a sincerely horrible patch lately and life is throwing me curve balls left and right. In fact, I thought of you the other day--I listened to some meditation aids a friend sent along and I got through about 7 seconds (Lie down. Get comfortable. Close your eyes.) before I started weeping uncontrollably. You mentioned that time in acupuncture when this happened--I just, I got that. I loved that you shared that. Your center and your wise ways have lingered with me even just across posts from someone I met for a fleeting moment once in NYC. It's crazy. But when it comes to blogging, probably the best thing about it, in my opinion.

You'll be missed, but I might be right behind you.

Emma said...

i think its so hard to find the balance between blogging cos you love it and blogging obsession. ive relaxed my blogging regime a bit lately, i still want to blog but comment replying and getting a post up is not my major concern!! its like anything, moderation :) grea tpost, very thought provoking

Emily said...

HOW DID I NOT SEE THIS POST TILL YESTERDAY? I actually started reading it yesterday at work and my day finished and I just finished reading it.
You know I love ya darling, and I am so happy Paige brought us all together for a weekend of crazy girl shit. And we MUST do it again.
As for blogging and this whole post, I totally feel like I've been in/am still in your shoes. Blogging is a crazy thing. And if you have self esteem issues, it can get completely out of hand. I could go on and on about this but I won't cuz its 9am and it might not all make sense.
i miss ya darling. Hope you are enjoying summy with the boys!! xoxox

diptea said...

Everyone has already written beautiful stuff including what I wanted to say to you. So there is only one thing left to say. And that is, 'I love you!' I will be visiting this space as always as often as possible waiting for your next post. All the best with all your future endeavors dear girl. God bless! :)

Melanie said...

I will honestly miss your blog.. I haven't been very good at checking in daily (or even weekly..), but when I do, I read read read until I'm all caught up! Most bloggers, I roll my eyes or skip their thoughts entirely (great style can only get you so far), but I always genuinely enjoyed your posts. Aaand wanted to steal all of your clothes (sorry, not buy. I'm broke!). Best of luck for you and your family:)

xx, Melanie

Desiree said...

Thank you for this post and for your honesty. I've been a "on again off again" follower of your blog and only just realized that you've decided to stop blogging.

I thank you for sharing a part of your life with us all this while and for giving me a ton of outfit inspirations.

I'm happy for you. That you managed to curb your obsession and hold yourself back before this consumed you. Your honest point of view made me realize how common this actually might be.

I wish you all the very best for your future endeavors. Thank you for all the effort:)

Pooch Mess. said...

Hi there. I'm the same age as you are and am a mother of an adorable little as well. I chanced upon your blog and been drawing inspirations from you for more than a year now, around the same time I felt so alone and insecure about myself. I never left any comments before, but I feel like you're a friend I am now going to lose. And I have to say something. I've always gravitated to you and your thoughts. I do love reading your thoughts and rantings. But, I really felt what you said here. And that you are so real and true to yourself. I admire that. We all have hang-ups and you do not need to apologize. I do congratulate you, however, for yearning and moving on to living a much simpler life. For your sanity and better everything (health, relationships, disposition, etc.) I wish you good luck on all your endeavors. All the best to you and your family.

Your friend,

Annebeth said...

I love how open and honest you are, and I'm pretty sure a lot of people go through similar stages. We all get something out of blogging, and it gets us somewhere, but the journey can be "over" at a certain point. I hope your life is amazing and you are an amazingly gorgeous, chic lady, with or without blog! thanks for sharing everything with us and have a happy life, love :)

Anonymous said...

I've just found your blog in the past few days and have gone back almost a year in archives. And I completely respect your decision for leaving but I want you to know, that even 2 months after you quit this old thang, your words are reverberating and helping people. Though I am younger than you, and don't have nearly as much on my plate, your words have given me guidance and substance in dark days. So, never think this wasn't a worthwhile endeavor - maybe it no longer is, but what you have said has helped me immensely and the fact that you have been so open and forthcoming has set a beautiful example and has inspired me to do the same. So many wonderful women don't talk about these things, these feelings - and you have, and we are all the better for it. So, thank you very much. You have helped quite a few souls grow (and I know not only mine because there are a whole slew of commenters here who echo these sentiments). Good luck with whatever you do, and mostly just live and love. We're all going to be okay.

Anonymous said...

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Hilja said...

Thank you for this post! You have been such an inspiration for me! It's quite sad to see you and so many others stop blogging, but I have done the same now, so I quess it's time to concentrate on something else :) All the best!

rental mobil said...

Very nice, thanks for sharing.

Katherine said...

I just found your blog and wanted to say that this was an amazing post. It reflects so much truth and honesty and I think anybody who blogs can find truth in it (I know I can). Thank you very much and best of luck in your future endeavors!

Anonymous said...

missing your inspiring words and photographs!

all the best.

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