Hi there!!  I tend to accumulate lots and lots of vintage stuff since I am addicted to thrift store shopping, so I sell it on Etsy at SecondSkinStyle. I used to have a different Etsy shop before this one, but in an effort to make all my internet names matchy matchy and brandish I have this one now. The great thing about this new shop is that I now sell clothes in "collections" or about 25 piece groups that have a similar feel, and I list new collections each week. Each collection process includes a preview post and usually a lookbook style photo shoot. I tweet my listings so you know exactly when a desired item is listed. Once the entire new collection is listed in the shop, I take negotiated offers on left over items from the previous collections. For instance, right now you can pretty much name your price on the items left from the three bottom collections.  Make sense?  To make an offer, CONVO me in Etsy. Thanks so much for your interest and happy shopping!! 

Shop the City Slick collection by clicking the image above. 

Shop Eclectic Country by clicking the items above. 

Shop Crisp Nautical at SecondSkinStyle by clicking the photo above. Make me an offer on what is left!   I am ready to negotiate!

Shop the Signature Collection at SecondSkinStyle by clicking the photo above. Make me an offer on any of the items above!  I am ready to negotiate! 
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