Energy is the new black.

Let me sum up the past year- I did NOT get the vintage house I was longing for it the post below.  Instead, I accepted that sometimes I am not the master of my life and there is indeed a greater plan.  Surrendering to that lead me into something so much better. On October 1,  2013, I moved into a much more perfectly fitting historical home right on the main street of my town, and opened a wellness center. We (my love, boy, dog, kittens, and I) live upstairs, and downstairs we offer regular yoga classes, massage and body work, meditation groups, retreats, and a variety of classes. We call it One Studio 395.

Its a dream come true. A true testament to the power of our creative force. Since October, an abundance of beautiful things have happened!  

So much LOVE! 

And Kittens!

And Downward Facing Dogs! 

And a Garden Grown From Seed! (its a work in progress)

And still a little Vintage! 

And so much more. Over the past year I have been studying and learning lots of new things. I am in the final lessons of a South American Shamanic journey through the Medicine Wheel. Its taught me so much about myself, my shadows and how we are all connected through energy. Its also taught  me how to work with the chakras, clearing dense energy and trauma, cut energetic cords, retrieve parts of the soul that have splintered off, past life regression, ancestor work, and to heal myself and others through the power of forgiveness and love. It has been a very humbling and empowering experience that have allowed me to really move in to the grace of this life. We are offering this journey at One Studio now, starting in October!! 

In addition to all of the massage, energy, and shamanic work I have been doing, I have also been offering Astrology readings. By a crazy, lovely, synchronistic turn of events, I realized, finally, that I was given the ability to recognize and feel these incredible energetic cycles and interpret them in practical language for the purpose of self acceptance, acceptance of others, renewed perspective, and the overall peace that comes with understanding that the ENTIRE universe is conspiring to help us! It started at these monthly women's groups I was attending where I would just give a little summary about the current cycles, and sort of morphed into a class and then personal readings. I am excited to write more about this on my new blog: onestudio395.com.

This will be the last post from me at this site. This chapter now feels more than complete. I wanted to post here one last time so that I could clear any connection to this space and to reestablish some of the connections I loved while I was bringing energy here. If you read this, and if you feel like reconnecting, I am ready. I'm also on Facebook. My name is Christina Luna but you might have more luck finding me on my page for One Studio. I would love to begin a community of bloggers again though. I have missed it tremendously. 

If you are reading this, thank you. For being a witness to my life. You have been a mirror that's helped me to see myself so much more clearly. 

So much Love,

Christina Luna


Seval said...

I'm very happy to have a chance to keep reading you on onestudio395. I'm more than happy to hear from you and I even feel some hope about life, whenever I think about you and what you've accomplished in life... I'm so happy for you and so proud of you! Love you Christina! Optum!

lisa said...

i was just thinking about you the other day, christina! glad you are doing well!

lisa (formerly archives vintage)

Evelína said...

Hi Christina! I am really happy for you! Great to see your doing well in your life and also in your business. Thats just awesome!:-) I keep my fingers crossed for you.

Much love, Evelina (Petite Sample)

Jazmyn Cherie said...

Oh my goodness I am so excited to see your post! Glad you're back renewed and happy!

patriciabeatriz86 said...

Sooo happy for you, Christina! Hoping to read more amazing posts on One Studio 395! Glad the last year has brought you so many beautiful things! :)

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