Read, Weave, Run, Write

Aside from the day to day family household things, I spend all of my waking moments doing one of these four activities. It sounds rather boring actually if I put it that way. And if you take these things at face value it would be pretty boring. The great thing is, I believe that there is a spectrum for the way we can perceive life- at one end, you see everything for exactly what it appears to be, face value, and at the other end you understand that everything you can see with your eyes is merely a shadow of what the thing really is. A reflection. I have spent time sitting in a reality where there is nothing beyond the visible real. Its fine. There are nice things about that type of living. I am far more interested in sitting in the other end of the spectrum though. I love to imagine that what we see (and measure with all of our external sensors) is only half of our true reality. That visible reality is very well documented through science. What if every object, activity, and physical sense you have is mirrored by, in equal proportion, an unseen reality.

1) Read
It was important for me to give a summery of the seasons in my last post so that I could use them as a reference point for where I am right now. I spent the summer in the world of the physical real, but about a month ago, I full on stepped into to other side, just to see what I could see. I have been reading like crazy. Reading books that entertain alternative points of view. After I physically read the words, I read the meaning of them against my inner voice (We all have an inner voice right? Im not talking about monkey chatter in your brain but a clam, grounded, inner voice? I might have two actually, but I am pretty sure I am not schizophrenic) to see what I really think about what I just read. I talked to people about my findings and my new (new to me) ideas to read what they thought of it all (hmmm, mixed reviews). I am continuing to read more. Here are some books that have sent me reeling so far:

Indigo Adults, by Kabir Jaffe and Ritama Davidson: You know how I said I went to that Chakras class two Fridays ago? Well at the end of class I was talking to the teacher for a while and I told her some things. CRAZY things that I have not really ever talked about with any one outside of my safe circle. She did not seem surprised by my crazy shit. Instead she smiled at me and told me to look up Indigo people. She was very nonchalant about it. "Just look it up on the internet or get a book about being an indigo and see if anything makes sense to you. Call me when you are ready to know more," she said.  If anything I have ever said has resonated with you, maybe check this one out. If you feel like you are supposed to be doing something more, or if you suspect that there is a much larger plan in play, or if you just feel strange and different and maybe a little bit off from the majority of people around you, investigate this for yourself.

The Secret History of the World, by Mark Booth: I am nearing the end of this one. If you found the above book interesting, this one is like a handbook for the imaginatively aroused. Blowing my effing mind.

The Secret Life of Plants, by Peter Tompkins and Christopher Bird: So my husband goes into Vitamin World to get some fish oil or something and and the guy behind the counter acts stunned and says "Whoa! I was just thinking about you! That was so random!" Then he launches into this whole conversation about how our energies move at a much higher and faster frequency than our bodies and that if we are sensitive enough we can have experiences where we can sense things blablablabla . . .  and on and on and then he brings up this book and says that back in the 70's, this guy hooked lie detector machines up to plants and say that they responded to very specific phenomenon that lead the guy to do all these studies and find that plants communicate with each other and this that and the next thing . . . my husband was like, "ok dude. cool. can I buy this fish oil?" But he came home and told me about it since I am in to that kind of thing, and I bought it and read part of it and freaked out. This book was maybe the catalyst for my new abstract, looking glass state of mind.

Boy, this is already getting long. How about I talk about the weaving tomorrow. or later today. I need to get some food. Oh, and I responded to your comments in the comments section that you left them in. I will continue to do so , but please know that I am not like sitting here EXPECTING you to comment. If you want to chat that's great but I will not be upset if you just want to read and be entertained or bored or whatever you are doing here. I would LOVE to hear your thoughts but I hope you just do what feels compelling for you. And I just looked up the word compelling because I wanted to be sure my heart chose that word correctly and it did, but I want you to comment only if your heart feels compelled to do so, not out of some other perceived obligation. ok.


Anonymous said...

I love reading. It really doesn't matter what I read. I think that the process of reading is cathartic. I once read an article that analyzed the positive effects of horror films on society as they, in a way, affected people in a way that made them more aware of themselves and scenarios presented in horror films. Essentially, the article said, horror films allowed people to subconsciously create and work through scenarios in their mind and be more prepared for real life incidents.

In a way, I feel like literature allows us to explore other perspectives and lets us experience catharsis by shedding any worries we have and taking on those of the characters we read about.

I just googled Indigo people. :)


Unknown said...

It's amazing how books feed the soul, eh? You know, Christina, all I can say is "I understand". Not that we're exactly alike, because really we're not. But what I connect with you is that we're both in our heads a lot (not always a good place to be!) and we both are searchers. I appreciate your comment about comments....I'm taking a bit of a break from blogging until I really figure out what I want to say. Your style initially attracted me to your blog, but then it was your prose.

Just feeling reflective lately, I guess; but have gotten a bit disillusioned with blogging. I, also, tend to be a bit impulsive and when I'm ready to make a change, it's something I do pretty quickly. Completely rambling at this point...like a sea of words wave crashing in my head, so I'll be off! Thanks for being open...I don't think any of us are that way often enough. ~Serene

Mr.Coyan said...

So when Terra and I were looking for a location to get married so long ago we ran into this guy that rented a house in the woods and we talked for quite some time and then after a while he turn to Terra with a strange realization on his face and he says "oh you’re a indigo child" or something crazy like that. So I'll check stuff out. I always tell my students to do what feels right, maybe I will now ask them to do what they feel compelled to do, same thing...

Meg said...

I'm way intrigued by these books. I have to say, though, leaving behind the physical feeling of summer is rough - I guess ignorance is bliss? Does that make sense? Thanks for inspiring me.

duckalicious said...

this Indigo Adults thing sounds like something I can relate to ... hell, I just ordered it. I see you're on a very spiritual path and this inspires me deeply as I'm just embarking on a similar journey myself (I was kinda forced to "move my ass" to prevent this life from destroying me). just out of curiosity - have you ever tried EFT and/or transcendental meditation?

oh, and welcome back!

Second Skin said...

So Patty, what did you think about some of the things you searched after this post? I totally get what you were saying about taking on the characteristics of the topics you read about to explore new perspectives. I wonder how these perspectives sat with you.

Serene - thank you for sharing your sea with me. I have been thinking about what you said about us being searchers. Do you know what you are searching for?

Mr. Coyan - I am saving up so we can talk on the phone. I am still organizing my head a bit. I would rather get my shit tidy beforeI launch into it with you. maybe by that time you will have some ideas of your own about all of this.

Meg- No doubt lady! But I guess there is a time and place for everything right? We just have to figure out how to make the shitty times useful!

Duckie- No I have not tried those things? I am going to search them now. Have you? What has your experience been? do you recommend it? I am interested to hear what you think about the information you checked out after this blog post.

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