Early Spring

I have been receiving all of these early spring catalogs and it's making me feel impatient to just start selling these springy floral things. I know many many many of you are buried in snow, buuuuuut I thought I would just give these a try in the shop as sort of an "Early Spring" collection (plus its still summer down under).  And really, as stand alone items they can all be winterized. Well, maybe not ALL of this stuff, but some of it.

I will be listing these items for sale, and tweeting each listing, on Monday, February 14th starting at 11:00 am pacific time. There are still some really great wintery things in the shop right now that I am offering a 40% discount on through this Sunday at noon. Just click HERE and enter promo code: TAKEITOFF at checkout to receive your discount. Thanks so Much!

(click images to view larger)


Kayla said...

Ah I can't wait for Spring and this post isn't helping!

Ramblings of a Small Town Girl

Unknown said...

the skirt with the pockets is just way too adorable. luckily i live in florida where spring and summer and fall all melt into one!

<3 steffy


jessica january said...

i miss sunshine so much!
you look to cute in these!


The Bohemienne said...

That little ruffly top is adorable!


Anonymous said...

went looking for the walnut necklace and got sidetracked by the Dior belt. Many lovely items for Monday.

minnja said...

Love the pictures :))


dimi said...

Great!! Can I call dibs on the blue "happy" skirt? I have a similar one with a "happy train" on and they would be perfect standing side by side in my closet!! Have a lovely day!

ShelleyW said...

I'm loving the floral skirt in yellow and gray.....MUST HAVE!!

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