Organic Machine

This outfit is sort of a combination of "hurry I woke up late!!" and "oh goodie, its cold so I can grab that great new jacket!"  My mom recently visited her friend Victorina who, as I have said before, has the most generous soul on the planet, and who had been going through her old boxes and things tucking away the items she knew I would love!  She had saved a whole pile of capes and jackets and coats and clothing from her extremely stylish days (she still rocks so hard) in the seventies!  Trust me, I know how lucky I am.  To even be able to call this woman my friend is a blessing in itself (she was the one who said you should give things away while you still love them so the love transfers over).

A couple of people have requested a little more information about my eating and yoga habits. I have to first begin by saying, well, please just know that every person is different and has different needs.  I have discovered my unique little combination that makes me feel comfortable and healthy and good and it took a very long time but was so worth the attention and effort.  I am a bit reluctant to include this information because I would rather encourage anyone to find their own unique needs.

First, I think of the body as a whole organic machine.  At a certain point last year, I knew my machine was not running well (very tired, weak immune system, sluggish digestion, emotionally unstable, sad, bloated, puffy face, reoccurring infections) so I went to the doc and got a full physical with every blood test that seemed applicable.  My doc is a D.O. and practices Osteopathic Medicine.  These Doctors see the body as a whole and treat the whole body rather than just the negative symptoms that manifest.  Many docs would have given me an antidepressant and sent me away, but she took the time and eventually diagnosed me with Hypothyroidism. Once the proper hormones were replaced and my body regulated, the machine eventually began running more smoothly and is, I feel, a year later, at its optimal function.  I have not been sick since December (a record).  There are external variables that provide my machine with greater performance though:

  1. Sleep.  At least 8 hours of it and of very high quality.
  2. Yoga and Spirituality.  I practice yoga every day in some form or another but at least 4 times a week, my practice includes a period of centered breathing, 8 - 10 sun salutations, warrior 1, 2 and 3, triangle post, chair pose, tree pose, seated forward bends, half bridge, twists and other combinations of postures as I feel are needed, always ending with a nice long savasana and an offering of Meta (unconditional loving kindness) to myself and someone else. I am not sure  how important the postures are in comparison to HOW I perform the postures.  I am partial to Yin Yoga, a style where the postures are held for several minutes or breaths.  I sometimes mix it up with Yang as well though integrating more flow.  I just do what I feel my body needs at the time. (I know I just outlined my physical yoga practice, but far more important than any of that is the spiritual peace I get from my practice, A WHOLE huge topic in itself and one I feel is best reserved for personal conversations) 
  3. Food.  I got very interested in Blood Type and its effect on our metabolism and body functions for a while and think it is worth looking into.  The basic concept is that according to our blood types (which have an anthropological genetic history) certain foods are utilized more efficiently in the system, and certain foods slow shit down.  Each type has different characteristics.  I am a type AB.  An eating style outlined in the book "Eat Right for Your Blood Type" by Dr. Peter D'Adamo, has been proven by trial and error by conducting my own experiments on myself.  I feel sick when I eat red meat, and sugary things, I feel better when I avoid most dairy products, I feel really good when I eat lots of vegetables and sprouted grain breads, I NEED protein with every meal either from eggs, beans, turkey, or nuts, in addition to Carbs and Fat,  and I have to eat a little bit every couple of hours.  Type O and B blood types have very different needs, while type As are very similar to ABs.  I could probably write a full research paper on this subject but the main thing to note is that I pay VERY close attention to how foods make me feel physically, and avoid the ones that make me feel bad.  I am fortunate that food has never been an emotional thing for me.  This all sounds so complicated as I am typing it but it is really not something I even think about any more.  I have trained myself to just reach for things that my body wants and needs when it wants and needs them and it works out.  
  4. Love.  I am fortunate to have a lot of love in my life.  My family is very loving and my husband and son provide me with more love than I thought possible.  Perhaps even more important though, is the fact that I am truly and madly in love with myself.  As narcissistic as it seems, I am not ashamed to say that I have a healthy love relationship with me.  I think it has helped me to treat myself with care and respect.  
Finally, please note that I still falter and get off my tired and true path.  When any one of these elements begins to get off balance I see degradation in the others.  My machine sensors are pretty sensitive though and I have the tools to repair things as I need to before very bad things happen.  And like I said,  this is just what works for me.  This feels good to me. Acquainting yourself with your own machine is not only worth the effort, but may be the very best thing you could ever do for yourself and those who love you. 


miss twinkletoes said...

Diggin the shades!


sarahannnoel said...

Such good advice. I think approaching health in the holistic sense is really the only healthy way to do it. And healthy, holistic is individual. That's the beauty of it--a holistic me is different than a holistic you.

Beautiful. Thanks for sharing!



diptea said...

I may be wrong but you look so 70's in this outfit. Way cool than Jackie from the 70's show. :D

My dad and mum are both very spiritual people, and spiritual doesn't always mean that the person should wear saffron or give up on materialistic things. I have a style blog and I enjoy food. And I am spiritual in my own way. Yoga is for physical well-being and spiritualism is for mental well-being. And when put together they bring peace. At least that is how I interpret it. :)


Anonymous said...

i totally agree. being in tune with your body is one of the best things i have done for myself ever.

Not only does it make you aware of how things are working, but i feel like the world becomes that much more vivid to me!

Love this post. xo, Kim www.crowded-closet.com

FutureLint said...

Love the coat, definitely a 70s vibe going on! I do yoga every week, but I've never tried the blood type diet, I'll have to look into it!

Erika said...

that jacket looks so warm & you look fab!!

you really know how to rock jeans, too!

:) <3

Charmalade said...

Even though loving yourself is technically the definition, I don't think that when you say you're in a healthy love relationship with yourself is narcissistic in the negative connotation at all. As we get older, we're told to be modest. And I think that modesty is a cherished trait to have, but that doesn't mean you have to be hard on yourself. Mentally, that isn't healthy, something I need to-- maybe a lot of us need to-- remind ourselves of. So it was interesting for you to show us a little insight in your daily, healthy routine.

Oh, and that's a pretty bitchin' foxy coat, if I do say so myself. :)

Toast with Charmalade

Corey Lee said...

I'm loving the glasses, especially the last pic!

What we four say said...

I love this, so 70's. I think the 70's were my favorite era for clothing, besides all the really old vintage dresses which are harder to wear on a everyday basis. You always manage to make anything look chic! I have been meaning to read "eat right for your body type" for a while and keep forgetting, thanks for the reminder! :)

What we four say said...

BTW, I didn't have a chance to comment on your eating disorder post but I think you are such a amazing gal to help out like that especially w/o pay. The blogging world is such a better place with you in it! :)

tess said...
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tess said...

this post was fascinating! I agree with you that the body is a machine and food is its fuel. that's why I find it silly and stupid how many girls try and fuel their body with diet coke and half calorie cookies, that's not fuel. go for the juice or cheese stick, it may have more calories, but it is better for you. I also believe we all have different bodies that like certain things and dislike others. It is great you know how your body reacts to various foods. I find it naive how some people just cut entire food groups out of their diet because it is a trendy diet like veganism. you know that dairy is bad for you, but my one friend tried to go vegan and was told she was shutting down her body because of this. we all need to know what we need and the sooner you realize it the better. great post!

chelsea said...

Posts like these are why i like your blog so much.I just love your your down to earth spiritual approach to life. Loving yourself is a GREAT thing - more people should try it. Ever heard the saying "If you don't love yourself no one else is going to"? BTW, even though I am so thankful for spring {you got a taste of how dreadful our nyc area winters can be}I was sad to put away my gorgeous blue suede fox fur coat {thanks so much for reserving it for me.}I'd like to think that when I do start wearing it this fall your awesome vibes will rub off on me haha.kinda like what your friend was saying about the karma thing.XX

chelsea said...


Jen said...

You look so cosy and wrapped up! Which is weird, as it's been so warm here recently! :)

chelsea said...


C said...

I have to say, I've been reading your blog for a little while now, and I so so so appreciate your posts. They are though provoking and meaningful (and beautiful, of course).
Its so awesome that you took the time to write all of this, and I agree! I've recently been paying attention to my body, what it needs and how I feel. It truly is the best thing for me. It definitely took me some time to start, but now that I have, I feel amazing!
Anyway, thank you so much for the inspiration (in more than one way)!

A said...

hello beauty...

ah yes, every machine must be oiled uniquely... but oil is indeed necessary.
I too eat 100% organic, meat once a week (farm raised, small portion usually no chicken) no processed sugars or wheat/gluten. Hard at first but now i feel alive.
Hope your well love...
You're killin it in that coat.... yowzzza.

peace and love from San Francisco,


JoAnna Duncan said...

Such cool outfit - love that coat!

Unknown said...

Thanks for the tips. I agree that different bodies need different things but it is great that u are telling people about whole-body health. it's so important and a little info. can turn someone's life around. You are also so blessed to have an old hippy in your life. I feel that everyone needs one ;) - so send them my way !
Tee, Hee!

E said...

I love that book, it is so spot on!

Jessica said...

So sweet! Does Victorina read your blog? It'd be neat if she got to see the ways you style her amazing gifts.

I really enjoyed reading this. I've known for a while that I need to be healthier, but haven't had the time or motivation to make a plan for doing better things for my body. Reading this really motivated me to do some thinking and devote some time to being healthier. And that's so interesting about the blood types! I'd never heard that before, I want to learn more about it.

Anonymous said...

You're such a sweet person and considerate of others, you know that?

Your post is a good wake-up call for moms like me who haven't been taking care of myself that well.
I concentrated so much on what my kid should eat (so fortunate that my child is a healthy eater naturally, completely opposite of mom) but not paying enough attention what I'm putting in my body throughout the day.
It reminds me to also be a good example to my son better so thank you for writing this.

So far your website has been a great inspiration fashion-wise and spiritually. I might even try out yoga and a little more luxuriating time for myself one of these days. :)

So thanks again.

Anonymous said...

This is great advice. I too believe that everyone is unique, but once you hit the right note, it's an awesome feeling.

Yay for health. And also for those sunglasses. I love them.

Kimberellie said...

Love this outfit. So cool with the sunnies. Oh, and I love this post.

You so very much remind me of a very good friend I have here (right down the hall in fact--apartment hall, that is). I just noticed the resemblance this post! Thus, I think you are EVEN MORE fantastic than I formerly thought!

You are fantastic! And very wise!



Eveliina said...

I LOVE what you say about LOVE and especially loving yourself! Everything starts from there, everything!
xoxo, Prefecta
Another Fab Day

Karen Beth said...

I really love this post and I love that you open up and share things like this. I can understand your hesitance to share your method of things and I understand your reasoning but I see your post mostly as inspiration, not instruction. Just for an example, I looked online after reading your post to find a D.O. in my area and found one! I plan to see him asap about some health problems and a less-than-optimal degree of well-being that I've had for awhile now. So see, your post inspired that.

Thank you so much! I love your blog!

Karen Beth said...

I meant to also say that I really REALLY love your last bit about loving yourself. I love that and wish I could figure out how to get there.

And I admire that you took the time to figure your body out and get in touch with its individuality and what it needs and responds to. I've meant to but... I haven't. I know I need to. I guess I just don't know where to begin with it all.

Anyway, thanks for a great, very inspiring post!

Karen Beth :)

Raquelita said...

Oh, wow! That coat is amazing!

Thanks for sharing your philosophy on your body as an organic machine, and I'm so glad to read about your self-love. I don't think it's narcissistic at all. I don't think we can be equipped to love others fully until we love ourselves.

Anonymous said...

I am so glad you told us all about your search for wellness. I have all of the symptoms you had and just looked up hypothyroidism and now I want to go get a physical too. I've been feeling like there's something wrong with me for months (maybe years) now, and was about to cut out things from my diet (gluten, sugar, lactose) to see if I might be allergic to things. Thank you for this. I'm going to call and make an appointment for a physical, because it can't be normal to feel this way all the time.

Seval said...

This is a very important post... You're a very responsible blogger :) And I'm glad to know you better everyday!

Aida said...

I was diagnosed with hypothyroidism 2 years ago, and at the time everyone was like "Oh I'm also tired a lot, disinterested a lot, I must have it too" and all got checked (all negative). I had some pretty nasty side effects from mine, though, which were pretty uncommon (including 6"+ sized hives and sleeping 15+ hours a night). I fully agree with you about the whole body as a machine. Having the hormone regulating pill helps, but it doesn't solve all problems on its own; reforming diet and exercise helped almost as much as the medication.

Glad to hear you have your "thing", everyone needs the chance to discover what works for them, whether that thing is something that has to constantly evolve or not. Always a pleasure reading about your insights ^^

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