Back to reality

A number of years ago I had a hair stylist.  And she wasn't just a hair stylist, she was magical.  She cut my hair for the duration of my college years and I can honestly tell you that while she was cutting and coloring my hair I received compliments on it multiple times a day.  It was a shorted, shattered, shaggy, messy sort of thing, and since my hair is WAVY not curly, it was the kind of cut that you just put some product in, scrunched with your hands and blew dry with abandon, and then magically it looked like a million bucks.  This Girl was a GENIUS hair sculptor.  Then she moved away.  and the magic stopped.  I shopped around for a new girl but it wasn't the same in fact my quest put me solidly in soccer mom territory.  

So I started cutting it myself.  I just hacked into it. I figured I couldn't really make it worse, and miraculously it worked!  I layered the crap out of it, thinned it by cutting up into it, and stopped treating it well.  Immediately the compliments started up again and I even got requests to cut other peoples hair.  I am now cutting, Edward Scissor Hands style, 8 people's hair regularly and they love it.  I honestly have NO IDEA what I am doing, but perhaps my degree in sculpture (clay!) has helped me with hair proportions or something.

Why do I bring this up now.  Well, my husband bought me a bunch of new tools as an early Christmas gift (razor combs, thinning shears, razor other thingys, just a bunch of random things) and I was bored over the weekend and just went to town on myself.  It LOOKED great yesterday, but today It was a little crazy (hence the pony tail).  Uh oh.  Well see how it goes tomorrow.  (oh and a side note: my girl recently moved BACK and brings her kid to my kid's preschool.  I have seen her a couple times, but strangely its like seeing an exboyfriend or something.  I am nervous to talk to her in case she thinks my hair sucks now. especially now that I may have given myself a mullet.)


sarah ann said...

Okay that dress is adorable! Can't wait to
see your hair!!

C said...

Killer dress! I cut my own hair too, sometimes, and usually have to do day-after touch-ups to avoid the mulletting.

myedit said...

I so know waht you mean, a great hairdresser is mint and seeing her/him again can be awkward... it's like cheating or something... But hey, she moved first.
Anyways, you seem to be doing a lovely job on your own hair!

Maz said...

I don't know what I would do with out my stylist! My hair gets crazy on a normal day with a good cut... so you can imagine what happens if it is cut horribly. I suggest you go talk to her! If you loved her that much before it couldn't hurt to ask if shes still styling!


Unknown said...

well done with your newfound gift! are you wearing your own creation now? i loved your do in the past few posts! i just 'fried' my hair and had my long fringe cut off a little. i could totally copy your style!

btw, i kinda like the mullet style - if it suits the person's face shape.

MeganHowell said...

ok i have a LOT of things to say.

first of all, i covet your hair, almost every time i look at your blog!!! i NEED that layered, messy look and cannot get any stylist to give it to me! grrrr. you should cut mine.

you are GORGEOUS, and it kills me, i have a serious girl crush on you. and i want all of your clothes.

and you looked drop dead HOT at thanksgiving dinner, that dress is fab, and the leopard one is so new years. i love you a little bit. thats all. hopefully youre not overwhelmed by my immense out pouring of love right now...

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