Selling My Soul

Sometimes we have to shed our Second Skin.  These items will all be appearing on my Etsy store, MarieRetroRevival, on Saturday morning.


Kristin said...

Hey Marie!

Your new blog looks great! To do the split screen for the thumbnail in etsy, I just opened a photoshop document, and placed two pictures in it. It takes a few tries to get the sizing right the first time, but after that it is super quick to do!

I love you background! It has character to it, and the lighting is good! We got a tremendous deal on two studio lighting lamps, and have terrible lighting in our apartment, so I felt like all of my pictures were so dark before the lighting. Your pics are so bright, and I love the dress form!

allets.sgnik said...

i love your shoes!!!
and .. all yoru clothes!!!
Loook so great..


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