Totally off subject

I would really like to have these things.


I went back to the treadmill yesterday.
Warmed up for five minutes,
picked it up for 5 more,
started jogging at 10 minutes,
felt squeamish at 13,
took deep breaths and refocused,
continued to enjoy the jog till 23 minutes,
wanted to stop but pushed on till 25,
cooled down for 5.

I didn't cry.
I didn't lose my breath.
I felt great after!
It was a good experience.
I am hopeful!
Will go again today.


Alison said...

Your success on the treadmill is so awesome. Thank you for sharing this success and keep at it, you are doing great!!

Anonymous said...


a cat of impossible colour said...

Hi again!

Just wanted to leave a quick comment saying

1. Your first comment DID come through! It wasn't lost. Hooray.
2. I am writing you an email now.

Andrea xx

deirdre said...

I'm excited to see that someone else is getting into running! Part of me kind of hates it but, oh wow, it feels so good to complete a run! I feel stronger and have more energy. Keep it up!

a cat of impossible colour said...

Have sent it! (In case it disappears into a spam box).


Theresa said...

I have been an elliptical gal for quite some time, just started running again, I am loving it. Also loving the hand soaps. I got those for a friend a couple years ago and they are even more amazing in person!

Carolyn said...

You are going to get so fit!
That drawing of the hands with feather is utterly beautiful.
I want it too...

MerciBlahBlah said...

I NEED those containers in my life. So 70s friggin licious.


Ana - Toil and Trouble said...

Ok, I have to admit those little hands are a bit weird, but I am SO proud of you with the progress you're making on the treadmill!

Katie said...

Congrats on exercising. Those hand soaps are adorable.

Dip-tea said...

Dear Christina,

I had been away from the blogging scene since the past two months because I am in India visiting my parents, relatives, in-laws, friends etc., after two long years. There is no way I would have missed reading your blog, but I just didn't get the time to (1)sit down in one place for more than five minutes and (2) login the password for the wi-fi connection, until now. So here I am, getting inspired all over again, by you. Went through all the posts that I had missed out on, which means, all of your November and December posts. Loved them all! Loved your inspirations and your straight from the heart writing as always. Loving the hot new banner too!

Anyways this long comment is to make up for all small comments that I couldn't post this past couple of months on your blog. Do take care, and a happy new year to you!!


Kimberellie said...

Gosh, you are five shades of lovely! I do adore you Miss Christina! And I do like those Converse. YUM.

Elissa said...

Those doll-hand soaps are hysterical!

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