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How was everyone's yesterday?  Was it weirder or quieter or. . . bluer than usual?  I have this theory that there are moods that can be contagious not only among people in close proximity, but also in community associations and I was just wondering if my weird feeling was a product of my own lack of sleep and hormones, or if generally this community was feeling a slight slump.  In any case, I hope Tuesday is a bit brighter. I tend to fall into this weird melancholy hibernation from about this time until mid June each year and I pretty much REFUSE to let this happen this year. Yesterday I really felt it coming on. I ate gluten free AND sugar free Junk Food all day (Oxymoron right? But yes, it exists and no it is not worth it as it can hardly be called enjoyable, but there was nothing else in the house since I was too lazy to go to the store) and quit listing my things in the shop like half way through the day and just laid on the couch and moped.  It was stupid. There were clouds out blocking the sun and shit, but, I mean it wasn't even THAT cold and I turned into a sniveling little crazy mole person. Last year I totally submitted to the mood, let it break my summer spirit and put me down, but last year. . . I didn't have any friends. I was just sort of isolated. . . a new blogger too. This year, I have no excuse. I have met so many people here and have a whole list of more people I want to get to know better. SO, I am going to continue to list today and get the rest of Crisp Nautical up, contact a hand full of people who have commented here that I have been really interested to establish a closer connection with, and lay in the sunlight for 15 minutes (even if I have to bundle in a blanket, I need my vitamin D gosh darnit!)

I am going to nip this thing in the bud. No melancholy weeds are allowed in my garden. And I will stop feeding them fake junk food.

Irish wool sweater, nut necklace and beret: vintage from that kick ass sale last Sunday
SILK SCARF!!! Gift from a very sweet girl!
Pants: AE
Dexter shoes: thrifted
Tee: Hanes or fruit of the loom or some such


Swalvs said...

I'm sure you know how exciting to see a gift worn :) It looks amazing on you as I thought :) I'm too lazy and sick and tired and bored, hope it's because of the season or it's really depressing... Love you :*

Anonymous said...

Christina! I think I stole all your productivity!!! Hehe. Usually I waste my weekends on the couch and regret it. (weekend is the only time I can use daylight or even have time to work on the shop or my home) But this weekend I was away Sat & Sun and my mom came to help me clean so we spent all Monday (holiday - canadian thanksgiving) cleaning. Although I was lying on the carpet wanting to nap, I had someone there pushing me to keep going. So we got a lot done! AND I took a bunch of photos for the shop on Sunday. SO I am sorry I stole your motivation. You can have it back now. I just needed to borrow it for a few days.

the hollister abolisher said...

You go girl! No summer time blues for you this winter, I forbid it!

angie said...

You look fanktastic as usual!Thanks for the inspiration!!!

Chaucee said...

That sweater looks so comfy!

Desiree said...

Of all the blogs that I read, you are in the top three that I most look forward to. Not are your photos absolutely beautiful but I LOVE (love love love) that you don't ONLY talk about your clothes. I know it is a style blog but I feel like you just start typing and whenever you're done, you post. I love that. It is so refreshing and I have so much fun getting to know your thoughts.

That being said, I think I have the reverse mole affect that you have going on. I get super depressed in the summer because it is just so darn hot in Texas and I feel like I can't enjoy myself outside. Actually, now that I think about it, I get kinda down in the autumn also because Texas doesn't have a typical autumn and I miss home. Perhaps I need to work on being happy in the physical place that I am currently in. Haha.

Thanks for posting this, it was eye opening.

Morgan and Lua said...

Yes! I feel it too. This weekend was terrible for me personally and I just couldn't shake it. I felt a little of this melancholy going on last week around the blogging community as well. There didn't seem to be as many comments going around, and the posts seemed distracted. Just me? Anyway I completely know what you mean. We should look into what the moon is doing and see if it has anything to do with that.
Thanks for reposting the lookbook ad. It's funny seeing my face all over the internet. Such a moody one too, ha.

Get better! I wish I had a motivation/happy pill for you (I'd take them all the time if I did). Sometimes going for a long run (or walk) really helps clear out the cobwebs. And by cobwebs, I mean bullshit.

Archives said...

oh no! i just commented and i got an error msg and my comment is gone.

what i basically said was - i feel ya girl. i have my up and down phases, too. sometimes i just take a "mental health day" from work b/c i just need to be disconnected and indulge in some mac n cheese and watch movies all day.

you can't appreciate the good times if you're ALWAYS feeling good. everything's relative, ya know? that's my 2 cents.

hope you feel better today, dear! xo

Aubrey Studebaker said...

Sorry you're feeling ho-hum. I agree w/ Archives in thinking that a good bowl of mac n cheese may just be the answer...

Also wanted to let you know that your pics taken in the great outdoors fit you & your style so well. The warm hues/tones that you gravitate toward seem to be a reflection of nature (sounds corny but can't think of another way to say it).

Penny Dreadful said...

This looks like the cosiest cardigan ever, love it.

Anonymous said...

Yay!! Your found the perfect outfit for those shoes!!

Kayla said...

I agree :) It's the gray sky that usually brings me down for a few weeks and then way down for the weeks after that. Sun can be hard to find in the winter in the Northeast, but I try to work lots of bright colors into my wardrobe to try to counter-act my mood. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't.

Peetzi Jen said...

It's a gloomy day here TODAY...yesterday the sun was shining away :) But I've decided I'm wearing my new blouse I got from your shop today and that is going to fix everything!

Can't wait to see more of your lovely finds. And again, I L.O.V.E. your blog. Love!

Healthy and Homemade said...

You look soooo insanely comfy. I love it!

Jenna M. said...

Cute look!

Style Explosion

Agitarsi said...

Gorgeous outfit!


Anonymous said...

One I really need a pair of loafers. Two I love the sweater I recently got a thrifted grandpa sweater and I want to change the buttons to wooden ones.

km. said...

Cute! Cute! Too Cute! Love the shoes

Kate xoxo

floral skirts and teaparties said...

I love this oufit, your shoes are especially lovely :) xx

Jodi said...

I too ate a whole package of glutino cookies yesterday. My daughter tried one and told me they tasted like crap. I can't tell anymore. I also was feeling out of sorts, but there's no mystery there. It's definately circumstantial...had a healthy dose of female community today and I'm feeling so much more centered.

6roove said...

great cardigan, love the knit

Watching the waves

KT said...

I cannot get over the beauty of the sky in your part of the world. Every outfit post I get distracted by the formation of the clouds and the coloring. What a gift to get to look at that daily. - Katy

Kimberellie said...

Yesterday AND today. And you are right. No way. I shalt not submit to late fall doldrums. I am going to stand outside now. It is cloudy. But I think I can still get a little vit D.

oh, and LOVE the sweater. I am wearing one like it right now.

And no more junk food either, for me the real stuff. BAD Kimberellie.

Thanks for helping me get off the computer.

heart: Kimberellie

Pat and Shawna Katz said...

Dying to know what is sugar free, gluten free and still Junk Food?!
You look fabulous as always!
Smile Therapy is my key. It is hard to be sad with a big ol' smile on your face. Sometimes you have to fake it for a few minutes, but keep smiling and all of a sudden -- Happy!

Anonymous said...

I know that moods are catching on my campus. I also notice that people often wear the same color on a given day. And i wonder sometimes what inspires that, especially when there is no occasion being marked by what we wear.

D'Andra said...

My husband gets down during the winter time. It's called seasonal affective disorder. Kudos to you for wanting to get out of your hibernation mode. You look great as always!

Haiku Ambulance said...

I hear you, lady.

However, Monday's are always incredibly rough on me. But I did reach a point in the day when everything was just hilarious. Sometimes things get so bizarre and/or awful that all I really can do is laugh.

{But on a much, much brighter note- I, Zoë Cullie, Queen of procrastination and lack of trigger-pulling skills has officially sent you, Christina Bruce, a long-overdue box.}

A few more things:

1. Nut Necklace. Just wanted to repeat that for those who may have missed it.
2. I really wish I could have gone to that sale. Holy smokes, Batman!
3. Jeans. You look amazing. And to be honest, I haven't been posting much because all I want to wear these days is jeans and a tee and a sweater. And then I go, "No, Zoe. No one cares about your stinkin' jeans." So I just wear them anyway, but don't really show anyone. Why is that? Why do I feel jeans aren't fashion- when clearly they are the very backbone of modern American fashion as we know it??
4. I don't really know what I'm talking about.
5. But it sure seems like I do when I have a handful of numerical bullet points.

And I love the shoes (again). If anyone speaks ill of them, so help me God, I will be ripping throats out.


TavoLini said...

Sweet Pea, I know exactly the mood you are talking about! It has been coming and going for me... Autumn is easier than Spring, personally. These help me.

1. Draw, write and sing a lot--even though its no fun to live in melancholy, often the most beautiful art is born at this time.

2. Walk or run, whichever you like best--do this for 10 minutes or a few hours, whatever your schedule allows. Everyday if you can :)

RETRO REVA said...

I suppose I didn't notice anything much, since I was in a post-anniversary state of zen and working on my next post about our 'hooking up' :)
There are thunderheads and they are pounding the floors as I type!
Whoa ......
I am actually kind of feeling more creative lately . The deep winter usually gets me down, but my doc (last year) gave me a mega-dose of vitamin D (50,000 IU ) 4 times in one month and it really seemed to work last year. Go D !!!

Mimi said...

Love the chunky sweater. The whole look couldve been too preppy but is styled super hip;)


Ashley said...

I hear ya on the end of summer blues thing - BUT NO MORE!! There are too many happier things to focus on, like reading your wonderful blog :)

I also like to rent one of those vitamin D lamps to read under for an hour or so in the evenings during the winter - it really helps!

Great chunky kit sweater!


JennaStevie said...

First and foremost, I adore that sweater. I want to steal it and wear it to university everyday being comfy and cozy! and that scarf is pretty fabulous.
Second, I understand the feeling of being hoohum, I think everyone get's the winter blues. You just have to find those things that make you excited and want to get up every morning! I've been having trouble with that lately, I had lots of surgery and it's bumming me out. But, I know that as long as I have those little things that I look forward to, I feel a lot better. I hope you do too :)

kim said...

For me it's actually reversed, I totally perk up when the fall arrives and the weather gets colder. But it'll get me down eventually (around February) and then I'll go suntanning every few weeks. Not for the colour (doesn't do much for me) but for the 'sun' and warmth on my back. They say it's not that healthy but I feel much better afterwards. So get as much sun as you can while you can! Hope you feel better soon!

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