Solid GOLD

So Tuesday WAS so much better!  I did get the rest of my etsy stuff done, then spent the whole afternoon with my mom. I hadn't spent time with her for a few weeks actually and she lives pretty close by, so that was really out of our normal routine of talking texting and seeing each other almost daily. We had lunch out and I helped her take photos for her etsy shop (these are actually earrings that I was supposed to photograph and belong in her shop but I stole them for a few days!!) I am also wearing a ring she gave to me for my early Christmas present. I LOVE amber, almost as much as I love Turquoise jewelry and this huge chunk is like pure gold as far as I am concerned. Fitted into this silver cage, it makes such a statement in my opinion. We found it together a few weeks ago at this HUGE big craft fair that happens once a year in my area. My sister came out and the three of us dressed up and went to it. So much fun!

Today I am full on pampering myself. I have not had a massage for like three years but I just happened to get a call from my girl last week, and after we caught up a bit I went ahead and scheduled one for today. THEN my pedi girl called and said she had an opening in the morning (coincidentally right before my massage!!) so I decided, you know what, what the freaking heck. Lets do it! So much pampering in one day!!!!  I will be a ball of squishy goodness by 1:00 pm today!! It feels so nice to be touched! Don't you think?  That my friends is called preemptive strikes against the summer time blues all right!! Paired with a bit of sun therapy and I am freaking set.

Dress: vintage again from that kick ass sale last weekend
Shoes: We Who See from Beacon's Closet when I was in New York last February (they seemed like a no brainer with this dress and when it gets chillier I think a pair of gray OTK socks will compliment nicely!)
silver bracelets: vintage thrifted
Ring: gift from momma, thank you momma!
Earrings: ArtNStone (my momma's shop she will be listing today if you are interested!) I never really wear earrings for some reason but I thought these were so cool and this outfit seemed pretty plain enough that they wouldn't detract.


Anonymous said...

ohhh I love amber jewelery, i dont have any myself but it always makes me think of my mum because my dad buys her so much of it!!

Tugba said...

The dress and the brogues are gorgeous :)

I need a massage too ;)

G blog :)

romy said...

I think this has to be my favorite outfit so far since I have been following your blog. Love silver/gray colors. The outfit would totally match my hair color.

Archives said...

that dress is freakin awesome! and i love the cuff bracelet over the sleeve - i do the same with cardigans sometimes!

ENJOY your day of pampering! sounds heavenly.

Agitarsi said...

Amazing outfit!


kim @ pineapplemint said...

What a fantastic dress! That thing is so versatile, you'll have dozens of ways to wear it.

amanda said...

shut up!!! i have never met a dress so fantastic as this one. you look super amazing. serious. i'm not just saying that so you put me in your will as the benefactor of this dress :) so gorgeous! have a wonderful day today with all your pampering!!

Jodi said...

That ring is so beautiful!

Kate said...

I love love this dress. It's adorable and you look amazing in it.

Anonymous said...

this dress is such a GEM! u look gorgeous as always :) xo, Kim www.eatsleepwear.com

Desiree said...

"It feels so good to be touched." I love that. I think that in this day and age we shy away from physical exposure and touches because we don't want to get involved with people. But then we end up living in isolation. Great thoughts!

And that ring - is. to. die. for. LOVE it!

SarahAnn said...

What a lucky day, love! My two favorite things--massage and pedicure. Enjoy! You deserve it. (I had a mom/daughter day yesterday too. Aren't those the best?)

I love the dress. This whole outfit is amazing.


Jenna M. said...

That is such a cute outfit!

I'm a new follower of your blog and would love it if you'd take a look at mine. :)

Style Explosion

daer0n said...

Awesome outfit, love your shoes and the ring! :)

Haiku Ambulance said...

Dude, what the frick.

I feel like you slipped into my dreams and visited my dream vintage sales and found all of my dream items, but them somehow you made it back to reality with a bag (or no, probably like 4 bags) full of the dreamiest, nevergonnafinditagain stuff on the planet.

And then you get a massage.

You are living the dream.

And the ring? Dear me oh my oh! Talk about gold. That is so insanely ridiculously awesome it is unbearable.

AND YOUR SHOES! They look so much like that crazy insane vintage pair you have, but more flirty and updated and oh my. I can't even stand it today. I might just have to pinch your cheeks on my computer screen or something. Although, knowing me, I probably already did it twice.


Teri said...

I NEED those shoes!

The Elegant Bohemian said...

It is truly a sin how much I want this outfit! I believe it's called "coveting"; but it just has "ME" all over it! The dress, the shoes!!!! Bordering on my favorite.

Cindy said...

Your recent finds are such a score, can't wait to see what tomorrow brings! I swear, if I had to pick one person to going thrifting with it would be you!

Open Door Studio said...

Love you in greys, grey is actually my favorite color it looks great with your skin tone! Glad your having a day of goodness!!! We all need pampering right....gets you thinking straight! Miss the candy dance too, and love your moms jewelry. Cant wait to visit soon!! And yes, please come up and visit, we will have to plan something....fun!!

modebea said...

J'Adore ta tenue, trop top !!!! Et les chaussures... bizz

Anonymous said...

The silhouette and color of that dress are simply amazing. I love it with those great shoes. Such a fantastic outfit!

Swalvs said...

I really love how you match your clothes with your shoes. That's totally amazing. and it's nice hat you're having time with your mom and helping out with her business, she has such talent!!! Amazing! :)

Bianca said...

Amazing shoes! I'm happy for you that you got everything done on the etsy!


merl said...

Let's be clear.. you will look good in anything. I'm loving the bright blonde hurr these days too.. but then again you could shave your head, and still be gorgeous. Like Natalie Portman when she shaved hers for that movie.. Can I come back as you in two lives after this one? [I'm coming back as Clyde in the next one.. little man has got it MADE.]

ps I know Paige hasn't officially organized it yet, but I'm already looking forward to Feb like you WOULD NOT BELIEVE. can.not.wait.

ppss How heavy are those earrings you're wearing? AND do you think your lovely mama would be willing to do a custom pair in that design with amber?? My mom's birthday is in December and she looooves amber. How great to get a present for my mamacita from another mom :)

RETRO REVA said...

Your Mom has some awesome pieces :)
You lucky girl :)
I think she should host a give-away ;)

Glitter Scrubs said...

that is some gorgeous equipment on your hand there! seriously i think the clamp style gently squeezing the amber was what won me over. can't stop staring. and that dress is great. i can see it transitioning nicely right into late Fall and Winter. Second Skin Momma's earrings are so freakin cool. What a creative family you have :)

the Citizen Rosebud said...

The shoes. The dress. The wow.

another winner.

AMW said...

ahhh! good scores!

all over awesome of course
the shoes have gone straight to my inspiration folder...they are the shoes that ive always wanted, but never knew about until now. they will certainly be scribbled about soon!

also, totally weird, but i have that dress in blue and green. mine is color blocks instead of stripes, but i swear its the exact same dress. vintage serendipity!

Anonymous said...

a good massage can last a week. :)

Malicious Mallory said...

This dress is so cute! I love the stripes, and the shoes look perfect with it!

Anonymous said...

that dress. oh my god. it's incredible.

did you know the sky behind you has almost become something I watch for in your posts as much as your outfits? it changes all the time and is so breathtaking.

lovely lovely ring. I would probably sob out of joy if I ever saw your turquoise collection.


Nina said...

Such a nice blog!
Love the dress

xo Nina

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