Purple Haze

There was a picture in Lucky Magazine, maybe a couple years ago, of a brunette woman wearing purple tights, brown boots, a dark gray pencil skirt and maybe a black jacket.  It was a little blurb about street style and how they think colored tights are the next big thing or some such.  Anyway, ever since that photograph I have had this fantasy about the most perfect reddish purple tights.  When I found these, I KNEW that they were the ONES.  I know I am being MATCHY again with the woven purple shirt and rusty brown circle scarf but I just cant help myself.

Again with the tights I KNOW but its like hearing "While My Guitar Gently Weeps" by The Beatles for the very first time (last May) and realizing that its been around for decades AND HOW DID YOU EVER LIVE YOUR LIFE WITHOUT HEARING IT!! So now you listen to it over and over and can't get enough and only want everyone else in the whole world to hear it too because of its sheer genius and wonder!  And if you lived this long with out hearing something this amazing there must be more really amazing things that are out there that you still don't know about!!! Thats what wearing colored tights is like for me.


Lesley said...

really love this outfit.
I'm jealous, I had several pairs of perfect purple tights last year but they've since come to their sad demise. I miss them.

Taylor Sterling said...

beautiful outfits!!

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