Hurried Hair Day

I was in a hurry this morning (I work MWF) and not feeling very inventive, hurried though my hair routine (hats are very magical on days like this) and pretty much built my outfit around the hat.  I have had these patterned tights for a long time.  OBVIOUSLY the first time I wore them, but they have this really amazing peacock feather print on them before they are all stretched out on the leg.  I actually thought they looked pretty weird on, sorta splotchy, but had no time to really play around.  I wore the same skirt as yesterday (SO EASY) and a vintage dolman sleeve sweater I have never worn.  The grey boots (also a first) just seemed to make the most sense rather than my staple brown, And I felt the black scarf anchored the whole look.  I was actually pretty happy with my outfit once I left the house and thought that maybe throwing things on hurried and without judgment might be the way to go.  It got me to wear THREE things I have never worn before.

I have also started taking my photos on my front porch and I have really been loving the light out there!  The yellow-greenish background photos from earlier posts were taken in a room that used to be my son's nursery.  Now that he has moved to his BIG BOY room I have taken that room over and made it the photo studio/ etsy shop storage room.  Sometimes the light can be a little. . . greenish in there though.  I like the brick background a little better.


God's Favorite Shoes! said...

OMG! I love this look! I saw your pic on Weardrobe.com and decide to check your blog! I loves it!

gina said...

Great outfit! Love all the shades of blue. Awesome tights!

I like the brick background. I like the use the brick outside my building on days when I can make it out there in time to catch the light.

idée_géniale said...

I prefer taking my pics outside too. The lighting definitely doesn't get any better.
Love this blue color on you!

A and A said...

loving these tights! the texture and feeling you can create with these seem endless. Also, the brick background paired with the glow of natural light is a wicked combination. Though... I will say that the dress form/green room gives a nice aesthetic as well.

We are both totally coveting just about every item in your shop... we ouuued and awwwed when we were suppose to be leaving the house for a dinner party... see what incredible looking clothes will do to a girl? esh. Especially in love with the pony sweater (for me) and the Vtg Pendleton Shaw for Alex... just perfection for San Fran.

Thank you for the incredibly genuine words... I can't even tell you the feeling that was reciprocated from that single paragraph; you truly 'get' and see what we seek to create and share... thank you.
alex and amy

Ashley Jennings said...

Love it, girly! So good to see you last night.
Let's skype soon. We need to do collaborate fo sure.

jen lainy said...

I just wanted to say that I love this outfit but most of all I love all of your outfits. You are such a fashion inspiration and I will happily be following your blog! Stay fashionable!

You can view my blog at:

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