Lighter Shade of Pale

Ever since I was very young I have been VERY matchy matchy.  Like, if my Strawberry Shortcake shirt had Pink and green and white in it, I would insist on stacking pink and green and white socks with white and pink LA Gears (Obviously, I am a child of the 80s).  I had this black and white patterned suspender romper that I wore with an off the shoulder cropped black shirt (you know the kind with the elasticized neckline and puffed sleeves) that had lace on the bottom like bloomers, that I paired with white lacy socks and shiny black patent leather lace-up shoes with sheer ribbon laces.  Anyway you get the point.

As an adult, I realize that there are whole families of colors that when worn together, are considered monochromatic - not necessarily matchy matchy.  When you take these color families and break them up among one outfit into contrasting textures, this combination is even more interesting and less matchy.  As I integrate colored leggings into my wardrobe, I have the strongest inclination to make them match completely with the rest of the outfit.  I TRY to let them be a contrasting / coordinating element, but these Gray ones BEGGED to be paired with pale neutrals.  DID I GET IT WRONG? Sort of new at this tight thing so constructive criticism is welcome!!


Piglet said...

I think you got it spot on! Love the soft grays.
(ps, found you via Weardrobe, lovely blog!)

idée_géniale said...

I love this! But it might be my fondness for all the shades of grey....you got it just perfect with the tights! ANything else would've been out of place!

Kass said...

I think it looks perfect!
I like all the different greys
and your skirt is super cute!

Orchid Grey said...

Love this!

A and A said...

yes! this is quite amazing. Love you in these soft greys of different textures.
Nice to stumble upon your blog, its lovely.
cheers from San Francisco.
xx alex and amy


LyddieGal said...

I love this!
You've just inspired me to take out my seersucker blazer and try something new!

Eyeliah said...

I featured and linked this outfit on my blog here, hope that's okay! :-) Eyeliah

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