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When I was a little girl, I thought that my best friend's grandma smelled SOOOOO good. Not even in a grandma sort of way. Not like baking and mothballs or whatever we associate grandmas with (I associate mine with tea smells) but in a really great feminine, WOMANLY smell. In fact, one day I asked her what her perfume was, since she wore it daily without fail as her signature scent, and she told me it was called WOMAN. I have no idea now who it was by or where I could get some but it wouldn't have mattered since she let me spray a little on my wrist while I was visiting with her granddaughter one time. Unfortunately, it smelled different on my skin. Not awful, but definitely NOT like my friend's grandma. I have not thought about her and that smell for a very very long time. But I did yesterday and I will tell you why. You know how I ordered these things (the necklace and kimono from two posts back) from Erstwhilevintage?  Well when I opened the box and lifted the meticulously wrapped items (she even included really great vintage photographs in her packaging!!), I started to smell it again.  I immediately put the necklace on and as I lifted the kimono out I hugged it to my nose. It is WOMAN. Specifically in the childhood-best-friend's-grandma sort of way. It is subtly but EXACTLY the way she smelled. Like, I want to call her and ask her if this was hers before. Some people may get weirded out if they wear second hand or vintage clothes that bear the scent of its previous owner, but I sort of like it sometimes (not in the musky, BO sort of way, but in the perfume sort of way). I WILL NEVER WASH THIS EVER.  I will smell it as often as possible because I know eventually the smell will fade, as does everything, and I won't encounter it again for a very long time I am sure. Maybe Never. Ahhhh, I just hugged myself and sniffed my arm. I feel like my smell is already making it weaker.

{EDIT: It is so sweet of you guys to mention my hair. I guess I haven't really talked about it, but I am continuing to slowly go lighter and lighter. I am really digging a light, cool blonde these days and even though I feel like it needs to be toned (its been 3 weeks since my last color so it looks a bit yellowish to me) I really love how its turning out. These pictures were taken on day four of not being washed. Last Sunday I washed it, blew it out and used a straightening iron on it for a change, so it looks like I have smooth hair, a contrast to my usual crazy waves. I did give myself a trim about 2 weeks ago so its feeling really healthy right now too. Here is a link to my hair cutting technique. So thank you for noticing and for the nice comments. :)

Kimono, necklace: Erstwhilevintage
Purse: thrifted vintage
tank: AA
Pants: gift from mother-in-law(!!! I know right! They are actually yoga pants)
Shoes: old navy from waaaay back


Liv said...

What an sweet post, reminded me again why I heart this blog so very, very muchly! And you just made me really, really miss my grandma. and I'm trying so hard to remember what she smelled like, but all I can think of is the smell of minestrone, simmering for hours on the stove while she yelled at the soap opera villains on TV... she was awesome.

jessica january said...

this is a great post. scents take you back immediately, don't they? more than anything else, i think.
<3 nostalgia.


Ellie Rose said...

This is a lovely post, it's nice to know that other people also really associate times, places and people with smells (altho I have never met a grandma who has smelled amazing if I am honest) Love Love Love your outfit -

Ellie Rose xxx

archives said...

i love how one smell can bring tons of memories flooding back! how great that sweater came pre-packaged with memories for you! dont ever wash it!!!

Emily said...

You are too cute!
I dont remember how my grandparents smelled but I was very young when they passed away. But I can definitely understand the whole scent thing. I love how I smell a cologne on a man I pass and it reminds me of one of my friends or how when I started dating my boyfriend and I could smell him on his t-shirt I would wear when I stayed over at his place. Or how the smell of cut grass (or even manure) reminds me of home and my childhood.
It's really awesome that your new goodies brought out old memories with their scent!
And that kimono is pretty fantastic.
(p.s. I keep having dreams about Tahoe... this is more exciting than Christmas morning)

The Ettatorials said...

I blogged about smells just yesterday! I wish we could record scents as we do images. They can evoke the fondest memories.

Cindy said...

Tell us about the new hair color?

Anonymous said...

Cool post.

Angela said...

After my Grandma passed, my parents had some of her clothes hanging up in their spare room during that interim period when you don't quite know what to do with everything. I would lean into the scarves and breathe in deeply so I could smell her, and I noticed that the smell weakened relatively quickly over the following weeks. A pretty poignant way to conceive of mortality.

I hope the smell that you found (no coincidence, I would say) stays with you for a long time.

minnja said...

you look so great :)



those tricks said...

You look great in these shots!
Fresh dye and deep conditioning or somethin' on the hair?
Looks pantene-ad silky and shiny!!

veronika, tick tock vintage. said...

such a sweet post! i feel the same way about my grandmother, she smells like elizabeth arden perfume and dial soap. whenever i get whiffs of it, i think of her.

The Bohemienne said...

Your hair does look so good! The light blonde is really pretty with your skintone.

I'm still loving that necklace--it looks just as good on as it did in the listing photo.


Anonymous said...

I have the same response to Old Spice because my grandfather wore it. As a result, I tend to take kindly to all men who wear that inexpensive, old-fashioned cologne. Irrational, I know.

TavoLini said...

hahaha, this is a great post on so many levels!!

1. I haven't thought of my grandma's smell in a long time...it was cigarettes and laundry detergent. The same detergent I use ;)

2. LOVED that haircutting video. I need a cut so badly but my hair is straight as a rod and horribly unforgiving ;) I just ignore it.

love that you're posting a lot again :) Have a great weekend!

noel said...

oh my, this is so great. i love the textures and shapes you have going on here. so, so lovely! -noel

Maya Francesca said...

Those are yoga pants?? I must have them - what's the brand? They're awesome, and they look great on you.

Anonymous said...

So incredible........I absolutely love your ability to mix, mix and mix some more......have you ever considered offering a e class about pattern and texture mixing. Maybe just make a fun video, I'll watch it for sure...maybe several times over.



Lydia said...

I love this look. That cape/poncho is gorgeous.

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