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The sun isn't always shining here, but this is the happiest I have ever been with this season. Its amazing really. I was also really excited to listen to Christmas music this year and get my tree out and decorate this weekend. The cool thing is that I got to re read my LISTS. You see, each year from the time I got married, as I cleaned up and put decorations away, I would list 10 things on a sheet of paper to remember for next year. When the next year came and I opened the decoration boxes I would read each list from every year before. Here are a few of my favorite tips of advice from a wiser me:

  1. (Year One) Do not buy a tree from Rite Aid. Our poor tree died after only two weeks. Instead get a tree from the tree farm in Carson by Craft Barn, and maybe wait till the 13th. 
  2. (Year Two) Remember that you make your own Christmas Spirit. If you are happy and cheery it will rub off on everyone around you and that is the secret, just be happy.
  3. (Year Three) Christmas will come no matter how prepared you are and everyone will be happy no matter what you get them. Just make sure you have Chocolate Ice cream next year. (A Common theme. I think I say this every year.)
  4. (Year Four) Don't bother trying to shop online unless you know EXACTLY what you want and you get it before Thanksgiving. The internet is too frustrating to window shop in. (This was 2006, so much has changed and THANK YOU INTERNET for ETSY.COM) 
  5. (Year Five) Don't let family Dramas get to you. Some one will always be a grinch and just understanding that to begin with will help you cope in the long run. 
  6. (Year Six) Evan Always is SUPER thoughtful and really deserves some extra thought as well. Hint: Don't wait till the last Minute!! Plan early for Success. 
  7. (Year Six) Only get gifts for people you are ACTUALLY close to this year. LESS = LESS STRESS
  8. (Year Six) Don't get run down. You got sick by trying to do too much and staying up late. 
  9. (Year Two) Make as many Gifts as possible. They are much less stressful and liked more than anything I could buy. Plus they are usually somewhat functional and people seem to like that. 
  10. (Year Three) Don't be Afraid to ask for help when you need it. I am Pregnant this year and couldn't even clean my own house. Mom cleaned it for me and did a great job, Ginger (mother in law) did some Christmas Shopping for us and Evan wrapped the gifts. All leading the the LEAST stressful Christmas I have ever had. (I had debilitating morning sickness.)
I failed to make the lists for years 7, 8 and 9, for strange reasons, but I am resuming the lists this year. I love looking back and reliving my thoughts from all of the years past, reflections on how things went and what seemed to be important to me.  I have a feeling it is going to be the very best Christmas to date!! 

Hat: BR
Scarf, cardi, vest, tee, boots: thrifted
Pants: AE


RETRO REVA said...

Hi My Queen of Natural Beauty!!!!
I love your neutral pallettes and hope you have the very best Christmas ever !!!

Laura Holland said...

i love your newspaper boy look!

i've also been reflecting a lot...it's a big ol' headache. anyways, have a happy xmas! (:

amanda said...

ah what a great idea! i should start making a list to remind myself of the lessons i've learned each season. i tend to forget when i'm in the middle of the stress of the holiday that it's not about gifts and get togethers but about love and family.

Anonymous said...

It's fun to have a glimpse of these notes to self. May your holidays truly be enjoyable.

My semester runs late this year...so it still doesn't look very Christmas-y at our house.

number the first said...

I think 8 and 9 are my favorites! Its always exciting getting ready for the holidays. Plus you look great doing t ;) that cardigan is something kinda wonderful♥


Carolyn said...

Those are wonderful notes from your list. I especially like the one about people being happy at Christmas no matter what you have got them... one to remind ourselves of! I tend to try to take responsibility for other's happiness, which is of course silly.
Thankyou for these thoughts!
I adore the colours you are wearing here, a beautiful mix of mossy greens and browns. Stunning!

km. said...

Those boots!!! wow. so great

kate xo

merl said...

I love this idea. However, I don't decorate for holidays [I know the self proclaimed design porn addict, and I don't decorate for holidays?! I just don't like rearranging all my crap, I mean treasures for something that's only going to be up for a few weeks.] so I'd have to make a mini time capsule for myself every year that I am not allowed to open until the next. I think I'm going to do this.. I can see how much I've grown and learned, but also areas where I still need to work on. Wouldn't it be neat if I wrote one every year, but then couldn't read that one for 5 years?? For instance, this year I write 10 things I want my 31 year old self to remember. Then next year, I write one for my 32 year old self.. and so on and so on. The only problem would be where to hide them.. Probably at my parents since I live a pretty nomadic life, moving every year..

I just realized I left my entire thought process as a comment. But you will smell what I'm stepping in and that's what matters.

Ashley said...

What a great idea! This will be the first year my husband and I will be celebrating XMas as a married couple in our first home. Thank you for inspiring me to make a list of things to remember for next year, what great idea! I particularly love #4! I dont know what I would do without Etsy, Ive found so many items that are much more personal than I could get in any department store.

Happy Holidays :)
p.s. great cozy fall outfit, love the last pic with the closeup of your shoes and cute rolled up hems ;)


Haiku Ambulance said...

I love this idea so much.

I'm actually kind of sad that I don't have any lists to look at. Maybe I'll get on it this year.

I like it a lot.

And I like your hat + cape + booties + purse, too.



Lourdes said...

That is such a great idea! I am a huge fan of etsy too!!
Love your blog, btw.
feel free to have a looksie at mine if you have a moment:)

She is Sara said...

lol you look very chic in the 'old man clothes". :P I love your list. I am a list feind!

Sorry that I have not been by in awhile, I have missed your blog!

Stitches in my Britches said...

You are fantastic at finding great thrifts.

AMW said...

hey gal

love your list. what a fantastic idea! i seem to encounter many of the same holiday mishaps as you, but im trying to learn from them! I need to get back to making xmas presents, but start being realistic about what is possible in a busy busy month. those are certainly the best kind of gifts :)

on a slightly unrelated note, Im not sure if I've wrote in about this yet, but I am so excited to see where your new ventures take you and will certainly be staying tuned!

hope you and your family have a happy holiday season :)

x Amanda

Anonymous said...

u look so cute and warm


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myedit said...

You make me want to hoard hats... though I hardly need new things to hoard.
I really like the idea of lists... sometimes things fly b y and it's nice to remember how you felt during those times. in a way, blogging has helped with that...

Angel.Pearls said...

Love this outfit -gorgeous! Eva

Mallory | The Storm in a Teacup said...

Cute outfit, the colors are perfect!

And the lists is a good idea :)

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