Actually Naked

Ha ha. . .  no I am not really actually naked. In fact these are not even real pictures of me but some cool shots I found when I was lost on the internet last week. There are a few more really cool ones here. I am posting them because I called in sick to work today. A transcript of my conversation with my boss follows:

Me:  "Ms. C, Hi, its Christina, cough cough. I feel horrible. I won't be working today. I think I am just going to drink tea and watch Happy Gilmore and Billy Madison over and over, and re-live my high school sick days. Is that okay?" 
My boss: "Ya, whatever. I feel sick too. Just make sure you send out all your etsy stuff to people and don't screw it up. Other than that, I don't care what you do today. Maybe, since you are not going to get dressed, post those cool naked photos you found on the internet the other day when you got 'LOST'" 
Me: "WHAT!! You don't meant the ones with the thing and that thing that-"
My boss: "NO no no no. Don't be crazy!  The arty ones. . . with all the body paint and shit." 
Me: "ohhh. Right. Ok those ones. Alrighty! Thanks boss!" 
My boss: "Crazy kid." 

Ya.  I am a real actual dork. I'll be feeling better soon. These pictures are kind of cool though right! 


Tugba said...

I watched on telly how they do it and its amazing :)



Snappy-Q said...

ooh, these pictures are so cool!
Also, get better!

San said...

Get well soon.

Wild To Be Wreckage Forever said...

Feel better!

Charlie, Feminine Bravery said...

Hope you feel better soon!

Loca por tu Ropa said...

beautiful pics!!
kisses from Madrid..

Anonymous said...

The first photo is amazing. Love the conversation I wish my boss were that laid back : /

Open Door Studio said...

Love the metal door, wish I was bolt enough to do something like that!!!

Anonymous said...

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Kimberellie said...

Christina, you are delightful. I never fail to be happified by your blog. Gosh, I just wish I knew you in real life so that I could rub up against you and maybe some of your magnificence would rub off. Does that sound dirty, or weird?

Either way, it isn't entirely accurate, as I am magnificent myself as it is. So more like what would happen would be a magical amalgamation of magnificence possibly producing the philosophers' stone (you're only following me now if your uni classes focused heavily on alchemy, historically, not really).

As for your post: love the pics. Love the conversation. little disappointed you didn't post the OTHER pics, and somewhat relieved.

Thanks for being you.

heart: Me

Anonymous said...

they ARE cool. And I'm only reading this because I skipped a meeting. :)

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