work work work

Hi there!  Thank you so much for all of the Congratulatory Anniversary comments yesterday!  We had a great day. No pictures were taken but sometimes that is just the way it goes. :)

I know I have been off on my listing schedule as well. I did get a chance to get it all in the shop today though so if you had an item you were interested in, it is in the shop.  I apologize for my relative absence but hope to be back in full swing tomorrow. In the mean time, I hope you are having a very nice, beautiful week! The fall really is gorgeous, even if a bit uncomfortably cold. Thank you for visiting!


patrick said...

What a great story about your dream. I knew there was something to that phone number.

You would have totally been invited to my birthday dinner.

Ashley said...

Cant wait to check out new items in your shop! Gotta go check it out!!!


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