feathers in her hair

 I have had these feathers in my hair for almost two weeks now. I bumped into my stylist a while ago and she had some and said she just started doing them in her salon! I was in the next day.  I got two sets. While they are very subtle (don't think you can even notice them unless you are up close to me) I think they are maybe the coolest thing in the whole world that I can do to my hair ever.  I want MORE. I want to fill my head with feathers. I no longer want to be subtle about it.  I feel like people SHOULD have feathers in their hair.  They go in like extensions with a little clamp on a small tuft of hair. I have washed them and brushed them and treated them just like my real hair. They are freaking brilliant in my opinion.

Another brilliant and happy thing: I have been waiting to wear this outfit for over a month now! I got this Furry Vest (not actually fur but THE SOFTEST acrylic fuzziness) from Monica of Spotted Moth, back around the time of my birthday, and have patiently awaited the cool fall (no need to rush these things you know) to be able to layer it on and let it warm me to the bone. . . and it is WARM. It freaked me out to see that it was only about $45! In fact most of Spotted Moth's things are VERY affordable and super of the moment. The fact that Monica runs her company out of the home she shares with her mother and sister (her two teammates) and over-sees every little detail from the twine and paper her items are wrapped in, to the site design and complete shop inventory, making her almost a one woman show, makes me even happier to own something from her. In FACT, it was her shop and my conversations with her that motivated me to revamp my shop and brand. So thank you Monica. . . and thank goodness its cool enough finally to wear this great piece!

Oh!! One last thing!!  How do you like my new header! It was designed by Fay of FayFriscoLife.  Fay is not only pretty handy on the computer, she is also a clothing designer and currently designing a killer menswear line! While you are at her site, check out her portfolio as well!  Her illustrations are so great! (By the way, I used that picture on my business cards so I thought it would make sense as the banner but I think I feel a little bit strange about my butt being so prominent on my header! I don't know!  She gave me a few others to try so I might change it up over the next few days to see how it feels and what you think.)  Thank you so much Fay!!

Vest: Spotted Moth
Shirt, necklaces: vintage thrifted
Pants: BDG
Shoes: lucky brand
Feathers: Brilliant!!!


--Sanam-- said...

Amazing look! :D

Day By Diva
Day By Diva
Day By Diva

Anonymous said...

FEATHERS?! zomg. that is amazing and i hate to admit that i am a touch jealous. wow. i wonder if we have this in australia...

you look gorgeous today, by the way, and i think the header is cool too.

also, i found a place in adelaide that has lara bars. it is a vegan cafe. it had 2 flavours, and only about 8 bars in total stock. i was sad because they didn't have the flavours i had had at your house haha, but bought one anyway, and asked them to text me when they got more in :P

[i looked into ordering them over the internet and it was going to cost me $60 postage for two measly packets. hell no]

righteo then!

AMW said...

ahh the feathers!!!! WHAT?! who invented this and why havent i heard of it? i cannot think of anything more glorious. what a great way to oomph up my wispy baby bunny hair. i am on the hunt now

also, thanks for sharing faye and her lovely blog! i have found so many interesting/inspiring/down to earth people through you, so once again in is appreciated

AND your new header is fantastic. dont mind the bum one bit! in fact, i wouldnt have even thought about it if you didnt mention it. my eye is totally drawn to the drama of the FRINGE! yessss

keep up the good work gal! and happy anniversary...cheers to great guys!

xx AMW

idée_géniale said...


This outfit is amazing. I love everything about it. Maybe it's because you're mixing black and brown and i can't get enough of that combo.

Glad to see your back with your regular posting, I missed you.

SabraRose said...

The feathers are amazing...I want!!

I'm loving the new header and wouldn't have noticed your bum had you not mentioned it! xx

archives said...

christina! tell us more about the feathers - I WANT THEM! can you wash your hair with them in? are they removable? if not, how long do they last? how was such an amazing thing happening in the world and i didnt know about it?! they look FANTASTIC!

spotted moth has THE BEST stuff! i wish my shopping diet would allow me to buy everything on their site!

also - please do not change your header! it's awesome! i like the "extra skin" showing - totally appropriate, esp give your name.

Desiree said...

The feathers are BRILLIANT. I want some now!

As far as your header ... in your about me section you reveal that you'd like to live in the nude. I gather that you're a very sensual person and I think that throwing your butt up on your header is a great way to lead in to your blog. Did that sound creepy? I totally didn't mean for that to sound creepy, haha.

mvelis said...

I love spotted moth. I bought a bag from them about a month ago and just the packaging alone was beautiful. I almost didn't want to unwrap it.

New header is great!

ps. love the feathers ; )

The Village Idiot said...

great look- love that vest- it's the perfect length

Jay said...

love this, so bohemian chic :)


Faith said...

Wow, the feathers are so cool! How do they do that?

daer0n said...

I love this look! You look absolutely fabulous.

I also love love your hair, I'd love to know how you style it, I always want to wear it that way and end up using my flat iron to sort of create loose curls but it ends up looking too curled for my liking and I love loose sort of beachy curls like yours.

George said...

LOVE the print on your shirt!

the Citizen Rosebud said...

The header IS cool. The blog feels cleaner, nothing too obvious but it feels good to visit.

Louise said...

I want feathers in my hair now.

Heather A. Phillips said...

Love the header! Understand about the uncomfortable feeling of it being your rear end, but it is lovely.
And those feathers, I did not notice them until this post, interesting, I have dark hair though, wonder if they have just darker colored feathers? and they must be thin if you can wash them and brush them and all that... very neat, might have to look into that.

Renée said...

Totally just bought the feathers and supplies to do this myself... SO COOL.

Anonymous said...

Not to soundy creepy but I TOTALLY noticed your butt and your legs and its freaking HOT! HOT!! And HOT!!! What's to be shy about? Guess what? Your a HOTTIE, inside and out-let it shine, let it shine, let it shine. Amen?

Two For Tea said...

I'm very jealous. I want to have feathers in my hair. Everyone should!

<3 Cambria

Julia said...

Wait, WHERE did you get those feathers? I need them. They are BRILLIANT. I need them. Wait, I said that already. Oh god. I have feather-induced amnesia!

Penny Dreadful said...

Your new header looks great. And so do the feathers. And so does your incredible furry gilet!


Haiku Ambulance said...








And your shearlingesque vest is amazing. I love it over the black and those little fans on the shirt. Oh, you :)


TheMen'sSide said...

Cute :)

Fia said...

I'm with everyone else. I've never heard of feather extensions before but now I NEED THEM!!

Love the header. That's always been one of my favorite pics of yours. The wind catching the scarf is breath-taking!

Open Door Studio said...

Ummmmm can I get some feathers when I come up!!! Please..... frigin love that! Also really love the new header.....Im already bored by mine, its fun to change it up!

RETRO REVA said...

I LOVE the new header !!!!
And the vest, yummy :)

JennaStevie said...

Oh my god, I want feathers in my hair now tooo!! I love how subtle and pretty they are. This vest also is absolutly amazing, I adore it.
I'm diggin the new header!! I just redid mine too, it's not right yet but it's better than what it was.
Hope you had a good anniversary :)

Hannah said...

The new header is quite nice! Fay did good work. :)

I love love love the feather idea! I'm going through a bit of an obsession with feathers, so the action of wearing them in my hair excites me. lol

Anonymous said...

I like the new header...the flutter of the fringe.

And feathers? who knew such things existed.

And the vest--it's so wonderfully wooly.

Becca [Free Honey] said...

I LOVE YOUR NEW HEADER!! I HAVE TO TYPE IN CAPS BECAUSE I LIKE IT TO MUCH. I mean, your ass looks hot. If you got it, flaunt it. I mean that in a much less creepy way then it's coming out. Trust me. Keep this one!! I'm obsessed.

Jodi said...

I had a friend that wanted feathers in her hair years ago. Rooster colors...jewel tones. I love it...I like the header too. It's a great photo and your cards look great too. If it were someone else's tush you wouldn't question it.

Agitarsi said...

Gorgeous outfit!


Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
The Sound of Lace said...

i want those feathers!!! i agree, greatest idea ever!
and i luv your new header. im sure youve worked hard to maintain that butt so keep it and show it off!

♥ thesoundoflace.blogspot.com ♥

Anonymous said...

Feathers in your hair? I've seen a young woman wear temporary feathers in her hair in the mid
90's. She put her hair up and then stuck the feathers in so they were more like feather fringe. They came out when her hair was taken down. I like this idea of more permanent feathers that blend like yours do. Is it like having hair extenders?
I do not think your new header is risque'. The picture is very artistic, and nothing is showing that shouldn't be. The first thing I nboticed was a pretty leg and the scarf and lighting. Please keep it as the innovative header that it is.

merciblahblah said...

I am going to say what everyone else has - the feathers are featherriffic. I have what you might call a "slight obsession" with feathers, so I think they're fab, but wanted you to know even more that your post just made me smile - espesh the "I think people SHOULD have feathers in their hair."

As always, your photos are gorge, and your writing is impeccable!


Kinsey said...

I love your style! It's really bohemian and cute! I just found your blog and I am your newest follower!


Kim said...

uh, love this!

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