Let it breathe

Squeezing out those last few drops of warm weather. Letting my skin breathe as much as possible before it will be hermetically sealed in by the layers and wool for the winter. ahhh. The weekend was glorious!  In more ways than warmth actually!  I went to this huuuuuge vintage antique sale Sunday and I feel like my efforts at letting go of my things has COMPLETELY paid off!  The Vintage Karma Gods look favorably upon people who LET GO, and with that, I will be busily making available all the items from the last post, Crisp Nautical! AND, If you see anything that you really wanted from the Signature Collection that has not sold yet, make me an offer! I want to move this stuff as quickly as possible so each week, when the new collection gets listed if there is something left from the last that you like, let me know the price you would pay for it. In an ideal world I would price every item exactly at what someone would pay, but I am not clairvoyant. Convo me in Etsy and name your price!

I am sort of busting at the seams with excitement for my newly acquired gems and just want to do this fantasy photo shoot where I wear everything all at once and change my clothes a gazillion times and we have a pretend party where anything goes and we wear vintage kimonos and capes and fringe, and you are all invited, and you bring your favorite dress up things and masks and whatever and its a grand affair!  Ya, that is how thrilled I am!  In the mean time, the above photos show a romper I got at the sale that just happened to be perfect for this warm afternoon! Oh! And that necklace is made of sliced, petrified NUTS! Like walnuts or chestnuts or some such. Hee hee! See you at the party right?

Romper, necklace: vintage from best vintage sale I have ever seen ever.
Boots, hat: you know. Do these ever leave my body? Only to wash.

{EDIT: Oops! For some reason my comments section was disabled! Sorry! Didn't want you to think I had shut it off on purpose! I also fixed a few typos! I was very excited when I wrote this and completely exhausted so I am cringing today  at my mistakes!) 


Louise said...

I've said it before and I 'll say it again- you pull off tribal prints like no other. And I want a sliced nut necklace!

Off to check out your Etsy shop... again.

Anonymous said...

Glad you had a great weekend! The weather was perfect here, too! I love the print on that romper. You styled it so well.

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Jenna M. said...

Great photos!

Style Explosion

Kimberellie said...

I LOVE LOVE LOVE your idea for a party. And I love how much fun you had at the sale! I had an awesome time last weekend at a church garage sale. The lady kept saying (to ME) how much? And I named my price: "Um...a dollar?" Seriously. It was awesome.

If only we lived nearer one another we could do this together (but then again, we are very similar in size and there is a moderate but significant overlap in style...so it could be dangerous...;-). Speaking of style: LOVE the romper.

Also, I see you are listing your Etsy stuff RIGHTNOW. Must go see how much that sweater is!

heart: moi

RETRO REVA said...

You look smashing and have re-awakened my love of the neutral/earth tones :)
I am sooo happy for you, and that your shop is doing great, you so deserve it! I must say, I live vicariously through you on many days :)

Anonymous said...

I like the necklace and think it must be cross sections of walnut. Now, I'm heading over to your store.

JennaStevie said...

This romper is amazing, such a great tribal print!! You wear the hat and boots so well, but I am glad to hear you don't wear them to the shower! Haha! Im definatly heading over to your etsy again to look through all the lovely items!

Bianca said...

I love the jumper, the print is amazing! It's been a lovely fall here as well, I have soaking it up while I can!


Carolyn said...

Super cute, with the denim jacket on top, awesome!

Glitter Scrubs said...

That would be an amazing party idea. Do it for New Years and then blog all about it!

I love all your enviable collection of summer clothes, squeeze that last drop of heat while you can! I'm also really looking forward to how you will layer it up this winter. I really struggle with keeping ideas fresh and new when it's arctic temperatures and all I want to do is hide in clothes that look like a snuggie. I'm looking forward to your ideas :)

hiven said...


TavoLini said...

Hahahaha--I would love to go to your party! I would drive, even :)

In the meantime, I am super digging the jumpsuit/jean jacket combo. Man, wouldn't it be great if summer only ended for like a month? And came back for a day or two when you really need it? (crap, that sounds like LA)

Ashley said...

That romper is AMAZING!

Pics as awesome as always :)


AMW said...

my new gray boots are awesome and ready to attend insane kimono parties! thank you thank you

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