Goodbye's the hardest

Well, we were up at 3:30 am this morning and I drove my Aussie friends to the airport. As soon as I got home, 6:00 am, I crashed on the couch and just woke up about 10:15.  I hope they were able to sleep on the plane. We were up very late watching Wes Anderson movies and burning CDs, and laughing about the random Australian slang terms we found in the little booklet of translations she brought for us. I am always depressed when guests leave.  She did a little webcam video of the two of us before we headed out to dinner last night and I'll get you the link to that when she has it posted. Yesterday we hiked around  near my house and spent the rest of the morning laying on the warm sand at one of the local's beaches in Lake Tahoe. It was almost completely empty due to the fact that it has been quite chilly this past weekend. Last night after Thai food, I took them to the Oldest Bar In Nevada, a wooden, old, juke box, biker bar nearby. We chatted with a guy who had just ridden his bike over the mountains from San Francisco, this tough biker guy, then we smiled when his sweet parents showed up to share a beer with him.  People inside were drinking and singing along to the songs from the juke box as if it were karaoke night.  The whole trip we were on the look out for Bears, or Deer, or at least a Skunk! Some type of North American wildlife (of course when you are not looking for it, they are everywhere!)  But we just saw ground squirrels. I dreamed about seeing skunks all night/ morning this morning though and thinking "oh! I have to tell Simon about that skunk I saw!" I will be a bit melancholy today I am sure.  But I have more guests arriving this weekend! My friend from Turkey is taking her boyfriend and sister to Burning Man this week and will sleep here a couple of nights before heading all the way home once its over. Sigh. I love people. But when they leave it is sad. I am already mourning their departure and they are not even here yet! I think I need more tea right now.


Anonymous said...

I'm with you on the tea. I have a cup of Earl Grey brewin as we speak ;)
I'd love to come visit you one day Christina, that would be swelllllll.


Melissa said...

Tea, yes. Chocolate makes me feel better too. :)

So sorry you had to say goodbye. Focus on the hellos that are coming to cheer you up!

Amanda said...

Glad to hear ya'll had a great time! Makes me so excited for when she gets here!

I hate saying goodbyes too. We had family in a few weeks ago that I hadn't seen in 7years...it was so hard to say goodbye to them!

Haiku Ambulance said...

Oh how I envy you both!

Not only are those the two best pairs of boots I've ever seen in one place- but you got to hang out and do fun friend things and explore and look for animals. And it was chilly!!

I hope it was as amazing as it sounds and then some. Jealousy aside :)

And I know that you are very aware of your amazing coats- but this one has just charmed me to pieces. Sigh, sigh, sigh.

And most importantly- I am so relieved to see that when I visit you, there is FINALLY a place I can go to sell all of these god damn Buffalo Chips! YES!


gee said...

you two look super cute.
i always hate goodbyes.
i love your shoes. i need to find a pair like them!!!

gee said...

you two look super cute.
i always hate goodbyes.
i love your shoes. i need to find a pair like them!!!

Swalvs said...

Noooo, you need a very little trip with them, to here... That's all you need...

Kimberellie said...

I love how tea is your solution! It's mine too! In fact, I think I need some tea now. Right now!

Also, I love your contrasting outfits. Both of you look so cool and laid back and Fall-ish.

ps. I have a friend who was saying to me this morning how there is this one blog she just loves and always lurks on, when she said which blog it was I was NOT AT ALL surprised to hear it was yours!

that's because you rock.

the modern viking said...

drink happy tea from wholefoods! sorry you're sad. you have a great blog though..

modern viking vixen


Anonymous said...

goodbye to Claire. Nice ropers.

Anonymous said...

had a very frustrating airport experience! plane was all ready to leave ahead of schedule (as one likes to hear when you get up bright and early, and have a connecting flight to catch), only to have another passenger get violently ill everywhere just after the doors were shut. causing a 45 minute hold up while they tried to clean up and other passengers who got caught in the way changed their pants etc. luckily the pilot caught up the time though otherwise we'd have been so screwed!!!

We'll miss you all! xoxo

Fia said...

You are such a beautiful woman! In jeans or dresses.

I also mourn people when they leave. It takes me awhile to recover from their departure. As great as it is that technology has allowed us to be in touch with people who live so far away there is NOTHING AT ALL like physical contact.

RETRO REVA said...

You look so flippin cute in your jeans/boots and neat jacket!
Thanks again for taking the time to do an interview. You are such a breath of fresh air :)

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