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Sunday I collected Claire and Simon (they are here from Australia) from the airport about 1:00, and after a sushi lunch, a mini tour of northern Nevada, and a few beers, we went down to the river for a few pics.  It was actually COLD, chilly really, and I changed my clothes last minute before we left and didn't get any proper "outfit" photos while we were out there, but I thought these were pretty nice of the two of them! We are heading up to the lake tomorrow and maybe doing a little hike.  Trying to make the most of the short time they have here.

In more blogish related news, Reva of Reva'sRags2Roses, posted my answers to the following questions on her blog today.  There were actually some pretty hard questions for me to answer!  If you have some interest pop over and check it out!  Then maybe stay for a while and see what Reva is all about! Thank you so much Reva!

1. What inspired you to start a fashion blog ?
2. How has Blogging changed your life ?
3. How does it make you feel when so many are so inspired by your blog ?
4. Was there a moment when you realized you had hit the "Big Time"?
5. Where do you draw your fashion inspirations from?
6. Do you believe it is a natural talent or can style be "learned"?
7. What is the outfit/post that you are most proud of ? 
8. What is the most clever style or trend you have come across lately ?
9. What is your most exciting "Blog related" experience ?
10. What, in your opinion, defines a "note-worthy" or "good" blog?
11. How has your blog evolved over time?
12. When or Why did you first fall for Vintage ?
13. Which outfits are the most "You'?
14. What trends are you looking forward to this Fall ?
15. What is your definition of Success ?
16. What advice would you give young women ?
17. Many of us at one time or another have had or received "negative" feedback on our blogs. Has this ever happen to you and of so how did you deal with it ?
18. What are you most proud of ?
19. Is it tough to maintain such a popular Blog? If so, how?
20. And last, but certainly not least, What Philosophy or "Words of Wisdom" do you live by and would like to empart on the rest of the world ?


Kay Richardson said...

Great pictures. Great blog. Great.

Anthea said...

Nice to see what Claire is up to on her visit to USA!

Embracing Style

Tany Lë *charmediem* said...

great pics!

xx charmediem*

Eve said...

What are you australian friends planning? Trip across USA?:)
Nevada is so different compared to my country, wish I could stop by too...
I have quite enough of hectic city life and this seems so wild and beautiful - especially those pictures from the bridge... heaven for photographs isn´t it?:)

Enjoy your day! Eve

Hannah said...

I love when you post pictures from your bridge. Didn't you say this is where you were proposed to/married as well? :) Lovely!

Kimberellie said...

lovely photos! What beautiful people! Claire has amazing eyes!

And yes, I shall go pop over and read your answers zip zip!

because you are cool and interesting. Did you know that? It is so true. And you can have faith in my opinion. Because I'm cool and interesting. And it takes one to know one. ;-)

Anonymous said...

Cute friends!

And I like your reference to the Aboriginal concept of walkabout.

Anonymous said...

Hello to Claire!

elnajay said...

Just went and read the interview...lovely, thoughtful answers! Great to read. :)

And love the pictures, here.

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