Hello.  I know you are expecting THE UGLY tomorrow (Saturday) morning.  I was hopeful that I would be able to write it tonight. Unfortunately (well for you, Fortunately for me) Paige is coming over tonight for a BBQ and beers and spending the night and we are all going to the beach tomorrow morning (Lake Tahoe) and I will be unable to sit and get in touch with all the nitty gritty details before then.  I know, wicked. But I PROMISE I will have it for you Sunday.  I just want to do it right, you know.  take my time and make sure I hit all the right spots.  I also wanted to assure you that the pain from this story is gone now.  I have forgiven, seen my role in it all, learned some valuable things and, yes, have emerged a different person.  This incident was a catalyst in many ways. So, don't fret! Just enjoy the rest of the story. and maybe even learn from it if you can.  Let it be a cautionary tale. See ya's Sunday! Mwa ha ha hahahah! (that's an evil laugh, not at you, just for effect.)


ru.kurarin said...

I've been away from blogging for so long but I just wanted you to know I'll try and get back asap.

I hope you know that I'm always an email away! Hopefully you're doing well now.

dear kate said...

i'm glad you wrote that! i've been enjoying your story - then feeling bad about enjoying something that caused you stress!
so good, i will look forward to the ugly!

Anonymous said...

Have fun with Paige! I need to send you an email soon, but I'm feeling a little lazy and you are busy so I'll get to that at the end of the weekend :)

Dirty Hair Halo said...


I was dying to hear The Ugly.

Fucking DYING!

I rarely use exclamation points!!!


Well, tell Paige I say "hi, Betch."

Until next time, I'm on the edge of my seat, looking forward to the unimaginable details.


Anonymous said...

you're adorable!


20 York Street said...

Ack! What am I gonna do now?


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