22 reasons

. . . that I love my freaking Job!!!

FIRST!!  I have to point attention to the fact that last night at about midnight I went to my bangs in a frenzy and chopped them all to pieces!  I FREAKING LOVE THEM.  There are not really any close up shots of them here but you will see them soon enough!  I may even hack in a little more.

I hope you see the formatting the way I have placed it. It should be a row of four small pictures and two large, alternating. I decided to just throw all the coming items up in one post and get it out of the way, rather than a few at a time so that you can see what is coming a week in advance and you will be able to plan accordingly if you want to combine shipping.  I will load them into the shop approximately six items at a time starting at the top Monday at 9:00 am and work my way down each day next week till I run out.  Then I will take more pictures. Thank you all for supporting the shop and my new endeavors!  Its really exciting to be back at it and I really appreciate all the nice words!


Em said...

this is exciting, you have been working hard. And I have been commenting a lot, havent I? Oh well!
K this is so unrelated (kinda) but that little white top/bra/amazingness... you must tell me wehre it is from. I LOVE IT.
also, here's what I love:
black leather skirt
white trousers
I may jump on those in the shop... maybe.
I love the 3rd dress on you, i need to see you in more 80s floral strapless dresses

Anonymous said...

This is just such "great stuff". Keep up the good work, with style, clothes, look, photography, and what you are "going through". Love it.

kornrose said...

LOVE the bangs! And looks like Tuesday will be my day to pounce on some swag. Nice!

Jolie said...

Oh wow! Love them! I am doing bangs when it cools down here, lately its been 100* everyday, so I have bangs on my list for fall! lol
Im dying over all your new list items!

Kimberellie said...

wow, there ares some AMAZING pieces here! And I love your bangs!

Swalvs said...

Woooow! Loved your bangs Christina!!! They are great, right decision (but I hope it's not because of anger or anything else, but it ended up very well!!!) By the way I think I loved the burgundy dress and maybe the gray ruffled one too, we'll see how next week will bring us... Hope you're doing well! Love you!

Penny Dreadful said...

All of these looks fantastic, you havew chosen some really great things and model them so well. Love the new fringe (bangs in the UK ;)

RETRO REVA said...

Oh my goodies!!!!!
I love your style sooo much and each
outfit you make , I run to my closet(s) to see if I have anything similar :) I am kinda weird like that ;) By the By, I forgot to put my E-mail in my last comment (book;) Duh!
It is :
I had such a whirl-wind month and will xplain in e-mail. You will die!
But in a good way :)

celine said...

Um your bangs looks freaking fantastic. And I want everything you posted.


Anonymous said...

i WANT the grey silk dress!!!

Hello*Pretty said...

wow- I haven't visited in a while.. you're so blond. i love it! fabulous clothes. i actually want a few of the dresses. :) xo- karrie


Anonymous said...

SO freaking awesome. I love everything about the purple and orange maxi dress.


Stevia said...

i love all of them!
especially dress no 1 and dress no 22 :)


Anonymous said...

looooove the bangs. heh i find it funny saying that cos here we call bangs fringes and bangs just doesn't sound right. but these look so dang right! i had been thinking of chopping all my hair off, like reaaal short, and then i decided maybe to just hack my fringe/bangs up similar to what you've done here and eep now maybe i will when i get home from a party tonight at like 2am... :/

silver grace said...

Love the bangs !! How did you go about cutting them yourself. If you hack away again would love to see or read how you did it. Brave girl. Love the clothes !!

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

You look like a (much) younger Kim Cattrall in these latest pics - soooo pretty.


pearl said...

love the stripped dress best!


Anonymous said...

I think you could belt a burlap sack and pull it off. Love your new stuff! Good work!

iris loves fashion said...

They all are so cute! I'm having a look at them now.

Hope everything's ok, lovely!

Anonymous said...

heeey, you look so lovely with your new haircut! you have a younger and fresher spirit! well done. :)

Laura (Romania)
ps: i watch your blog every day even if i don't write you too often.
have a wonderful week!

bellisimama said...

i love your blog! you are so lovely.


Margaret said...

Christina you're such a cutie! Your bangs are adorable.

K*Rock said...

i love the looks with the bikini tops!! maybe i'll try it next summer...

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