Third verse, Same as the first

I am going to list a few of these quickly now before I get my son, but the rest will be listed tomorrow morning before 12:30 Pacific time.  Most at $30.  Sizes range from small to large but I will tweet each one as it is listed with the size.  Hope you likey!


fayfrisco said...

They are allllll so so so prettty!

Anonymous said...

I am freaking out of the giraffe dress!!! OMG! $30?

xo Mish


Le Petit said...

Oh Love Love Love! Will be taking a closer look when all are available. How do you feel about shortening the length for a petite?

Kayla said...

Me likey.


Marie McGrath (The Joy of Fashion) said...

You look beautiful in aaaalll of them!


km. said...

The blue with the polka dots is the cutest!! Such a reasonable price to start at. Now I just wish i was as teeny tiny as you and could fit all of these;)


Jules said...

Ahh! I want that giraffe dress but it's gone.

Anonymous said...

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