Lets do this thing

If everything goes to plan, I will be listing this first set of things a few at a time and be finished by Saturday (available at MarieRetroRevival) .  I will then proceed to shop like a maniac to stock up for more.  I made a deal with myself:  List first, shop after. I was going to offer reserves, but some of the items are an exact fit and I have not decided the prices yet.  If there is a specific item you would like though, let me know and give me your email address and I will notify you when it is listed.  Hows that?  That way you can see the size and more pictures and you will be able to make a more educated decision. All righty!  Step one and two are taken care of!

COMMENT OF THE DAY:  I found some really great size 6.5 lace up leather shoes!!  Two pair actually! They may work!

sandyb said...

Ah! These outfits are fabulous! Good on you for looking at this new phase as an opportunity. I will be a frequent visitor to your Etsy shop and hopefully a reg customer, too! (I wish we had the same shoe size however... but alas, I'm a measly size 6.)


Seval said...

first! loved your lipstick, looks wonderful on you :) second! I loved 4 things :D 2 of them look big for me... but the other two looks just great. maybe i have something like one of them.. anyway, I'll wait for the listing! I'm excited! :)

Seval said...

ah and i loved this version of sandals+legwarmes so much! this is way too good! looks like the peep toe's of bennetton ;)

my name is lauren. said...

i wanna come play dress up in your closet!

as always you are gorgeous and i love the pieces you put together.

hope you're having a lovely week.



Dana said...

I really love that blue dress (with stripes across the chest and knees) and the blazer (last picture on the right) but I'm doubting either would fit a size 10/12 :( but if you think they might, please email me! dananeely@gmail.com

ADJ said...

The back of that black dress is incredible!


Celine said...

First of all I have to say that you look totally adorable in all these pics. You really make all clothing items look amazing. I'll definitely be checking out the store when you list them. :)



Kelley Anne said...

My goodness woman, you have boundless energy! I'm always so impressed. The calf-length blue sleeveless dress is amazing. As is everything else!

Jessica said...

Oh, I'm excited about this. So many lovely pieces!

A and A said...

SO HAPPPPPY! Treasures all around... ahhh, this site brings me such joy (ie: insert YOU). Thank you for your kind words... your truly a gem.


junebabie said...

looks like you have some great new stuff!
also, I loved the leg warmers-sandals look in your last post. I think it looks really cute!

Wardrobe Warrioress said...

Again love how you're using the socks!


megara said...


two items i am loving and just may HAVE to have!

let me know :)

Anonymous said...

darling!! i'm so happy that you're back. i know you're busy, but i am very much excited for my email. ;)

and look at all this great new stuff!!

B a la Moda said...

I love all your garments. I am excited about the possibility of shopping.

B* a la Moda

miha, skinny buddha said...

I wish you all the best luck in this new chapter of your life. everything looks great on your etsy shop.

Elo Coquette said...

"list first, shop after" i should try that ! You look gorgeous, as always !


•• http://www.lescoquettes.fr ••

what i would have worn... said...

So many lovely things! But the postal system here is notoriously chaotic so I wouldn’t dare place an order lest something lovely get lost forever… xo

Anonymous said...

I LOVE the short sleeve blue dress. Hoping it would fit a 6/8?
please let me know when it's up! megwentzell@yahoo.com

オテモヤン said...


GlamaRuth said...


Can you give me more info (material best guess, shoulder, bust, hip, length measurements - shoulder to waist, and overall) on the cap sleeve blue knit dress with the intasia knit at hem and bust?


Maya Francesca said...


I love the first dress on the bottom row - the backless one with gold embellishments. My measurements: 5'5'' , 33-25-35 , B/C cup. I usually wear a size 2-4 in dresses, and I like a snug fit. Do you think this would work for me?



Alix said...

so quick question. what is the average size of dress your picking up? i love all these vintage esty shops and such, but my big ol size 10 butt will not fit in many of the pieces. haha everything seems so itty bitty. so just a wonder. also i tagged you in an award on my blog, because you are so very lovely.

Maya Francesca said...

P.S. I love the leg-warmers-with-heels look! I may have to adopt that style myself.

The Jazzy Belle said...

I'm interested in the second and third to last posted dresses.. the v-back black one and green velvet mini. I know you have a lot of requests. If you have the time just click on my name here and it should go straight to me blog. You can post a comment on any post. If you'd rather though, my email is


sandyb said...

Ah! These outfits are fabulous! Good on you for looking at this new phase as an opportunity. I will be a frequent visitor to your Etsy shop and hopefully a reg customer, too! (I wish we had the same shoe size however... but alas, I'm a measly size 6.)

Eyeliah said...

yes, I gotta remember to check.
P.S. I got my cd and sadly it was all smashed up :-(

Meggstatus said...

I need to start an etsy, I have way to much clothing for my own good. My closet hates me right about now!

San said...

Oh my I'm in love this bleack and white sweater. But I wouldn't look as fabulous as you in it and I want to go for a totally different look, so....

You look gorgeous in every single outfit of this post.

Anonymous said...

holy cute you have some gret stuff! I'm loving the green plaid sweater... I think it may need to be in my life. erica.pare@yahoo.com I'd love to more.

How in the world did I miss this post?

By the way you look amazing in all your goodies, I don't know how in the world you can part with them. I would have such a hard time!

Anonymous said...

oh yeah, I'd also to learn more about that sweet little white dress at the top!

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