Doing it

Ok, So last year I bought a whole bunch of different tights, colored, matte opaque black, textured, crocheted, you name it, and I did not wear ANY of them. . . I know.  So this year I bought a WHOLE bunch more including these mustardy chartreuse ones that I am totally in love with but feared would sit idle in my unused tights drawer like all the lovelies that came before them. UNTIL today.  I finally gathered the courage after pouring over photos upon photos of colored tights wearing GORGEOUS bloggers on Weardrobe and Chictopia and took the plunge.  I broke the seal!  I went to really normal places like the post office and the gas station and felt just fine too.  phew.  Thank you all of you colored tight wearing beauties!  You just made my winter a little brighter!


idée_géniale said...

This looks fantastic! Love everything about it, its so something I would wear! Love Love those boots!
Have a great weekend!

Welcome to the world of colored tights!

A and A said...

I thin this may be the favorite (as far as tights go)... what an unexpected surprise. Head to toe... in love.
alex and amy


Panty Buns said...
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Seval said...

the start of tights :) really great but I also love that belt! you use it very well every time :)

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