Plan B

Hi. So the event was successful. I hope I was able to convey from the photos the sort of mixed feelings I had that day. I am in a state of limbo now. I still have all the neatly organized, bunched together body bags of vintage over filling my car, reluctant to bring them in for fear that I will have wasted the energy I mustered to get them out in the first place. The original plan was to lay out a blanket on the lawn this past weekend, systematically open each bag and lovingly fold them into shipping boxes, ready for their next destination.  That didn't happen. Practical issues got in the way. How does one ship 200lbs of clothing across the states affordably?  Hmm. Shipping the lot. The final obstacle. Not to mention that I fell a tad short of my projected sales goal for the party.  SOOO. The stuff remains in my car until I finish formulating PLAN B: the somewhat more tedious, less easy, more responsible way to finish out strong. I said in my resignation speech last week that my final day would be May 31st. Looks like my boss is holding me to that. And doesn't that always happen!  Every job I have resigned from (all of them so far) I have put in a generous amount of notice and each of my bosses have worked my ass to the bone in those final days. I guess that is a good sign, but you always hope that they will just cut you your final check when you put in your notice, right! And then you walk out the door! No loose ends to tie up, no final projects to finish! Just FREE. . . . but why would I expect working for myself to be like that?  There was this one time that I called my boss from work and just said "Hey, I quit. I am sitting in the back of the store and I will sit here for 30 minutes until you get a manager here, then I am gone. If a manager doesn't show up I will just lock the door and leave." That was a mistake. It felt amazing and liberating, but burned that bridge SO hard and eventually made me feel like a piece of shit. NOT a smart move. The equivalent of this for this business would be to just pull up to the thrift store and donate it all. tomorrow. And don't think I didn't consider it. . .  I know I would regret it though. That just feels sloppy and lazy and wrong to me. Not that there is ANYTHING wrong with donating to thrift stores, but it would leave me with the final debt of my business unrecovered ( guess that is not a word, unrecovered, but it feels like the right word for this), and that feels irresponsible.

What is PLAN B then?  Well. I guess I am pretty sure I will have to sell some things myself here on the blog or in the etsy shop. Maybe I will bundle "like things" together and sell them as packages. I don't know yet. But I said I would work till May 31st and I guess I have to hold myself to it. . . shit. . .  its not that bad. I am actually incredibly good at working toward a deadline. I like having solid end points. They give me focus and control. I will not start this final selling till May though. I have a few things going on in the next two weeks that will keep me away from proper organization and planning so don't anticipate anything right away. Two weeks of limbo, one month of focused selling, then . . . . the next thing.

Speaking of the next thing. I don't know what it is yet. That is OK with me. just fine actually, I DO PLAN TO BLOG ABOUT THIS THOUGH. Just letting those of you who showed an interest know. I will let you know how it goes. This blog took a major shift and turn at the end of November last year and I am just continuing to round out the curve. Some of you may remember my canoe or car theory. Still riding along in my little boat. I am on the right track though. I know I am. I love that occasionally we can see each other on our individual, separate routes.


The Suburb Experiment said...

You could do little size bundles for certain amounts. Like if you had a $100 size 4-6 bundle I would probably buy it from you. Like, probably = I would.


cleverlittlebuttons said...

lOVELY Post! really enjoy your writing and blog xxx

Rose said...

I am sorry to hear the sale was a disappointment...but I will buy the bejesus out of your stuff. Specifically whatever that insane wooden beaded plaid jacket thingy in the last photo of your post when you announced that you were quitting vintage. Whatever it is, I want it, if it still exists.

Ever get that? When you see something and just think...


I should have said something that day. I thought it might pass. Silly rabbit.

Anonymous said...

the size bulk suggestion sounds like a GREAT IDEA!! props to you! i know that's the thing i most look for in your etsy shop since i am on the larger side of the scale (sizes 8-10).

no matter what, I cannot wait to have one of your treasures in my closet!


Leah said...

You definitely need to sell your stuff. There are so many people who'd love to buy it, including me!

xo L.

RoseAG said...

It wasn't that long ago that you had somebody who was going to help you list the stuff on etsy.

I take it that didn't work out?

Everything I've ever bought from you had been styled by you in a wonderful outfit.

Find your photos and re-post them and then list your things. Quiting thinking and get doing!

indie.electronic.alternative. said...

no problem! thanks for stopping by my blog too! i suggest selling stuff on etsy. i'm sure you've got a great enough following to make tons of sales!

Kimberellie said...

I would SO love to buy a "bundle" of your amazing vintage goods. And yes, do sell, don't donate. Not only do I like it better...but I think in the end, you will feel much more satisfaction over all this if you do sell instead of donate. At least I know I would, and we seem alike in a lot of ways (including resigning every job we've ever had!).

But you are lovely. If you have any sort of maxi dresses that might fit over a baby bump, do think of me! I am having a terrible time finding one anywhere and it is as annoying as heck considering that is all I want to wear. Frick, a bird just jumped on my back fence right be the window at the exact same time a hammer hammered next door and it totally terrified me out of my peripheral and my first thought was: ahh, killer bird!

There was an aside for you.

But yes, I shall certainly stay tuned in. You are lovely. Much love to you, heart: me

Melanie said...

Yowza, girlio. I just read through the past 43872439 or so of your posts (it's been a while!) and I feel for you. But, if you do decide to sell, send me a super-secret "first dibs" message so I can run greedily through your amazing collection, first:) Honestly, though.. best of luck.

xx, Melanie

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