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Last Friday Gabbi (My new friend that is learning the vintage selling ropes while helping me be more productive with my etsy selling) arrived wearing this short sleeved peach striped cardigan. I lost my MIND since it is exactly what I have been looking for this spring, NOT TO MENTION that it is vintage St. John AND the exact color palette I have been craving. I know what you are thinking, that I took advantage of the sweet girl and nabbed it from her. WELL, I didn't. In fact I am simply borrowing it for two weeks in exchange for her borrowing a few things from me (it had to be A FEW things, not one thing, since I WOULD have felt like I was taking advantage of her if the trade didn't feel as good to her as it did for me. Oh And SHE offered) Needless to say, this girl has a natural eye for great vintage. She found it at the Goodwill, just chilling among the gnarly, pilled up old sweaters. Ahhh. I love the thrift stores.

I am having a lovely Valentines Day. Nothing spectacular or over the top, in fact just a normal nice regular day, but really feeling love. It is so nice. I hope you are all feeling love too today.

As I Promised, I am listing the early spring things I featured last Friday right now. I should be done by like 2:00 ish if you just want to check back later. No pressure. Have a very lovely day! Drink a delicious cup of tea (to love yourself) and text or call the people that make your heart skip a beat when you think of them, even if you will be seeing them later. It's always nice to hear I Love you.

stripe sweater: vintage St. John Knits, borrowed from Gabbi
Long sleeved Crocheted cardigan: vintage thrifted
Necklace: vintage thrifted
Pants: AE
Shoes: J. Crew  ( I actually wish these shoes had a cell phone so I could send them a love text. They make my heart skip beats whenever I see them. See, Love comes in all shapes and forms.)


Leah said...

I love EVERY single piece you are wearing! Especially shoes! I'm sending them a love text right now.

xo L

Celine said...

Happy V day! Be sure to enter the lingerie giveaway on my blog :)

hanging on handrails. said...

Man. The way you style convinces me of the deservingness in every article of clothing that's ever been carelessly abandoned in a Goodwill donation box.


In the Weeds and the Whimsy said...

Friends are the best.

Even on Valentine's Day

In the Weeds and the Whimsy said...

Friends are the best.

Even on Valentine's Day

Liv said...

Love the color palette... all sweetness and light! :-)
And I just slipped those shoes a lil' love note of my own.


Tori said...

I adore this look! I would have never thought of pairing a that lace long sleeve with the short sleeve! So chic!!


Mel said...

You look fabulous! I love this look!!

Anonymous said...

I love the crocheted long sleeves. In fact I wish I was wearing your entire outfit right now. Those shoes!

Caroline said...

Was shopping at ASOS and I saw this cardigan that reminded me of this post! The colors look kinda similar to that borrowed knit! :3


rainbows & fairydust said...

LOVE everything you are wearing! wonderful necklace xoxo

jessica january said...

love that necklace.
you have such amazing skin, perfect complexion. secrets???

january, x

RETRO REVA said...

The perfect Spring ensemble!
looking great as always!

Stiletto-aholic said...

I love those shoes! Really lovely outfit.

*chameleon* said...

this could easily be my favorite look of yours,u're so beautiful!!!:))) i have found your blog this morning,i am pleasantly surprised,and especially fond of your "mental reviews"!:D
p.s. following u as well,on blogger and bloglovin...

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