So you're back from outer space

We made it back home at midnight last night. We didn't think we would do the whole long driving stretch in one day and were not planning on it, but like a horse to the stable, nothing could stop us from getting back. I tell you, it doesn't matter how fun and exciting and wonderful a vacation is, when that first hit of familiar house smell fills your face, and you sit on your very own toilet after holding it for 8 hours, it is literally heaven. Yes, if someone asked me what types of things they have in heaven, I think last night I would have told you "MY toilet." All potty business aside, we are all eager to settle back into our routines. I have a few things I have been very interested to discuss here, things I thought about while sitting silently in the car. I also have a whole lot of things to ship to people from the collection last week, and will be posting a preview for this week's collection of things.

Ahhhhhhhh. It feels so good to be back! Just sitting in my chair, drinking my tea and typing. You know something that I thought was really interesting? While we were staying with our friend J. and her boyfriend M. (the girl I am pictured with above, who also appeared in my Wild Turkey post) I noticed that she keeps a journal on her computer. After a whole day of hosting a big brunch and entertaining and dishes and all of this, she said that she just needed to free herself quickly by writing in her journal. I asked her if she ever reads it and she said no, she never reads it she just types all of her thoughts and feelings and lets them out. It was not public, just private. She asked if I journal my thoughts daily as well and I thought, well yes but maybe not ALL of them since I do mine publicly. Still, the perception that she was "freeing" herself made so much sense to me, and yes it does feel nice each day to blog and free my thoughts. Even if they are very simple.

J. on the far left with some of her beautiful and charming Turkish friends she invited for brunch.

We also spent some time with Paige. OH, I think I could have spent a whole extra week with that woman. It is never long enough. We were too busy talking and looking at her new things and catching up to get any photos of our visit but it is okay.  I have proof that she is well and in one piece after her accident a couple of weeks ago. . .  And I have recharged the Paige chamber in my heart. Till next time. 


km. said...

You all look so beautiful!

Katie xox

km. said...

P.S. LOVING the blonder locks! Looks great on you

Katie xox

Sidewalk Chalk said...

You all look so beautiful! Glad you had a great time, though I totally understand longing for home after days of using public restrooms and what not...

Interesting thoughts on public/private writing. I used to write regularly in a journal before I started blogging. I don't write in it as much, probably because it can be so exhausting to do so much self-reflection...

Sidewalk Chalk

Bianca said...

Vacations are lovely, it's true; but nothing beats the comforts of home!


Jenni Wells said...

as great as a vacation can be, i agree, nothing is better than coming home. glad you had a great time!

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