It wasn't nearly the productive weekend that I thought I was going to have, but it was so darn relaxing! Cold and rainy and sweatpants and tea all day long, movies and blankets. Good stuff.  Hope your weekend was nice too! We also planned a last minute Disney Vacation for our son, so we will be in LA for most of the rest of this week (Just to let you know, my house will not be empty crazy internet people and boot thieves!!) But I will have my whole Eclectic Country collection listed this morning and will ship all orders placed before 3:00 tomorrow. Any after that will have to wait till next week, so do whatever you want with that information. I apologize for not having a lookbook type post like I proposed last Friday. It was super rainy all day Sunday and I was too lazy on Saturday (thinking, oh I'll do it tomorrow) so the ponchos and capes will wait for another collection. I feel like a total disappointment right now. . .  Ok I am over it. Mostly because I AM SOOOO EXCITED TO TAKE MY KID TO DISNEYLAND!!!!  He doesn't even know it exists!! He doesn't even know who MICKEY MOUSE IS!!  AND he is tall enough to go on all the rides (except Indiana Jones which I think was sort of overrated anyway).  I grew up on Disneyland (grew up in southern CA) even choosing to go there instead of a bar on my 21st birthday! Haven't been since then so the little girl in me is jumping up and down with anticipation! I won't be able to sleep tonight! 

Ok, so anyway, I have already typed up all of the descriptions for the new stuff for the shop so the listing process should go pretty quickly this time. I may post from LA but I may not. We will see. In any case, have a fantastical week!  

Palazzo Pants: Just thrifted on Friday! 
Shirt: free people
Accessories, coat: Thrifted
Shoes: Lucky Brand
Belt: gift


Louise said...

AH! DISNEYLAND!!! I am living vicariously through you.

You look uber-sexy in this outfit, and for what it's worth, I think you are doing an awesome job keeping up your shop. This is coming from a girl who got her favorite dress bought from beneath her. :-) You're doing great!

Natasha said...

I accidently posted ahead of schedule the other day...but I figured out how to remove it without deleting it. Click "Edit Post"...and then at the bottom there's the button that says publish post...and beside it there's one that says save as draft...click the "Save as Draft" button..and it will remove it from your published posts...and then you can go back into the post and schedule it as you normally would have. Hope this helps!

I totally can't wait untill my kidlet is old enough for Disneyland...I love that place!

amanda said...

oh how fun!! we've taken our son to disney (orlando) a couple times and he loved it! it really is a magical place to see through the eyes of a child. i hope you guys have a blast! and i'm in love with your pants :)

Anonymous said...

this belt is really interesting...

and have fun. I haven't been since age 8, but have distinct memories of the Swiss Family Robinson tree house. I wanted to LIVE in it.

Severine said...

Hello there! I have very much enjoyed reading your blog. Thank you for sharing all of your lovely vintage finds and for sharing your personal growth, with such lovely grace. You have inadvertantly inspired me to to start up Yoga again, as well as find time for me...As the Mom of a young toddler girl, I have forgotten who I am in the midst of raising my lovely child. I think I will learn to enjoy taking care of myself again and enjoying some of my own old vintage items hiding somewhere in my closet...

Kind regards,

Alexandra said...

You look so effortlessly lovely, as usual! Its such a nice thing that you get to share Disneyland with your son- I am an east-coaster, and have always loved Disneyworld- even choosing it to celebrate my 16th birthday!Have a wonderful trip!

ACP said...

Ahhh! Been reading your blog for a while - it's great - but finally had to comment because I swear I had those pants when I was younger. I loved palazzos! Still do, too. :)

Keep up the good work - you are a unique voice and inspiration in the crazy style blog world.

Penny Dreadful said...

Disneyland, wheeee! Make sure you take lots of photos.

As always, love the outfit. You always make everything look so effortless.

Swalvs said...

Oh wow! Have a fantastic Disneyland week! I feel like you'll have the most entertaining week as a whole family! Yay! :)

Agitarsi said...



Jodi said...

I love your outfit today. Spontaneous vacations are the best. Have a great time!

Yanes Alicante said...

Wonderful Necklace. J'Adore.


Mademoiselle Marie said...

i love your photo shooting ! it is amazing !!!!

Pat and Shawna Katz said...

Have a fun trip!! Sounds like you will have just as much fun as him!

Dip-tea said...

Necklace - gorgeous!
Tube top - super adorable buttons on the side!
Belt - hot!
Pants - killer!
Accessories - perfect!
Blazer - cool!
You - are awesome!

Hollie said...

Hi there,
Just wanted to drop by and say thanks for linking to me -- I love yours as well, and maybe someday we can all (Zoe, you, me, etc.,) talk Patrick into cooking for us.

Kimberellie said...

This outfit is pure and utter perfection. You have such enviable style ease and loveliness.

As for Disneyland: SO MUCH FUN!!! Oh how delightful. I am so excited for you! Seriously, I cannot wait until my son is old enough for this sort of thing! Aren't children the best?


RETRO REVA said...

I love pallazo's :)
and the belt makes me want to try to make on out of a too small one ;)
You look great xxx

The Sound of Lace said...

cute pants!!
have fun at dland!

♥ ♥ ♥ thesoundoflace.blogspot.com
♥ ♥ ♥

Leeta said...

Ah, you look sexy but not overdone - love it!
Also, I'm sure you'll have a blast with your fam out here. :]

Jersey Stretch said...




duckalicious said...

omg pants!!!!

Keira said...

This is exactly the kind of tweed blazer I'm searching for this fall!

Anonymous said...

Just magic. I need your hat. I went on a full-tilt dig through the local vintage shop and there weren't any hats that weren't something my Granny would proudly nestle in her white 'do.

I can't stop looking at the color of the sky.

AND... I just set up a Google Reader... yay. So it's time for me to be more on top of things I actually care about, like yer blahg.


Anonymous said...

YAY Disneyland!
I live in Australia and I am heading to Canada for 6 months. I have been working my butt of lately so that i will have enough money to fly down to the US to take my little boy to Disneyland. I went a few years back before he was born and i loved it.

Hope you have a fantastic time :)

Sonia said...

Hi! I'm a new follower to your blog, love it, and love your outfit! Have a good time in Disney :)

TavoLini said...

I love that blazer and those pants look like the comfiest on the planet :)

Have fun at Disneyland!!!

the Citizen Rosebud said...

Have fun at Disneyland!

This is such a great little ensemble. It fits my ideal description of a good dresser: it looks like you accidentally woke up beautiful. Effortless, with such amazing details.
Take care Christina. Say hi to Mickey.

KT said...

I've never been to DisneyLand but I went to DisneyWorld when I was little and I remember so much about it. Your son is going to love it!
- Katy
PS I am totally coveting your tweed jacket. This fall I am on the lookout for the perfect one. We'll see if I find it.

Kristin said...

love those pants very boho.

Outofseasonface said...

You and your son are identical and equally gorgeous! I love everything about this post! I've never been to disney world/land, and have wanted to go since I was little, but both were too farr, boo! Have extra fun :)

Anonymous said...

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