Off the beaten path

Some blogs I want to share with you:

First is Open Door Studio. A number of years ago, I met Gary. When we were in college he was like the guy version of me. We were both transfer student to the college, same age, both married, both from San Diego, and seriously, we just got each other. It was art school, which I think is actually pretty different from "normal college" especially when is a very tiny private liberal arts college and there are only about 5 students per class and you are almost the same age as some of your professors.  All of us there were pretty tight. Anyway, after we all graduated I was only able to keep in touch with a couple of my classmates, and Gary was one of them.  AND Gary has a brilliant wife. Her name is Terra and she is the most ingenious designer I have ever met. She can take just about any old, disgusting, nearly condemned hunk of structure and make it the coolest place you have ever had the pleasure of entering. This couple bought this old run down brick building in downtown Reno a couple of years back, that was a legit crack whore haven. mattresses all over the basement, needles and used condoms and shit all over everywhere, old underwear from like the 20's thrown into closets, I mean the place was freaking sick! They have pictures. . . but the two of them worked together and gutted everything that was not worth keeping, while saving all the bones and things that were so unique and charming about the original structure, and transformed it into this amazing apartment building worthy of the pages of a magazine! The greatest thing is that they did it all on the STRICTEST of budgets.  They have now moved to Washington and I was very sad to have lost them, but to my delight, Terra has started a blog! Now I can see what they are up to every day practically, their new projects and ideas! Its great!

Next is my very first girl crush in college. You know what I mean when I talk about girl crush right? She was just so cool and dressed cool and her art was cool and she had this thing for old revolvers and did pantings and prints of them, and, I mean, she was dating the #2 Gun Slinger in the WORLD when I met her (and had done a painting of the guy who was #1)!! Who was this chick right!? We transferred in at the same time and we graduated at the same time and after graduation, completely lost touch. Until like 6 months ago. She found my blog and sent me an email! Since I am not on Facebook, these things don't just happen to me like they do to when you are on there, and people from like elementary school look you up and friend you. I actually don't think anyone can really search and find me from my past through this blog, so it took some resourcefulness on her part. Anyway, I was thrilled that she had a blog too: Hey thanks, you too.  She has a whole different thing going on now but is still so cool. And when I read her posts I know what her voice sounds like and how she smiles and moves her mouth. Its so nice to have that extra element when reading blogs, and to be back in touch with someone I had a soft spot for.

Now this next girl, I don't actually know very well yet, but we have recently been acquainted and there is just something about her illustrations and patterns that I love. Her color ways, the way she draws the body, I don't know. . . She designs prints for fabrics which has always been a secret talent I wish I possessed, so I have been keeping watch over there at scribbles and schemes.

Terri is a blogger that I have been interested in lately as well. There is just something so honest and real about this woman. The first time I found her I think I read one of her comments on someone else's blog and it was a reference to a writer that I have only recently discovered, so followed the links and found her old, maybe abandoned blog, and read for probably and hour about random things, things she was just doing on a daily basis like finding cigarettes cheaper or chickens or whatever but it was how she wrote and her voice that really struck me. She has a new blog she writes now, but it still feels the same. She is just writing, without ego, or requiring attention. Just the truth. and not necessarily in the profound sort of way, (though her post telling the old story, Emperor's New Clothes, was certainly a bit profound to me in relation to fashion blogs and blog world in general), well, here is an example of a post I particularly liked. Her whole blog has this certain quality I can't quite put my finger on, but really enjoy. RAGS against the MACHINE.

I like bad guitar for many of the same reasons that I love Terri's blog.  The way I found this one is, well, I am slightly obsessed with Zoe, and just wanted to know how on earth this girl came to be the way she is. Who influenced her? Where did she come from? And well, this is her Dad's blog. He just blogs to blog. He loves to write and cook and play music and eat good food and he has created this space that is just HIS place to put things out there. I really want my own dad to start a blog since I feel like he is needing a place of his own to share his thoughts and engage in conversation with others on, so I have this tender spot for my friend's dad.

I am not really sure why I felt so compelled to share these with you today. I guess the common thread between all of these blogs is that they are all just blogging to blog. Not searching for popularity, or anything like that, just blogging for the sake of it.  I know that sounds simple, but I think sometimes I lose track of that in my own space. Lately though, I have been really getting back to the root of why I love blogging so much, and each blog I mentioned, possesses a little part of that truth.


Anonymous said...

Ok I loved this post. you could have just written the last paragraph and I would have loved it. I also feel completely LOST with my blog. I don't even know who I'm doing it for half the time... I'm so concerned with putting something out there that will be liked that I forget to blog to blog. I know my family reads my blog and some of my friends so that affects it too. I'm much more willing to share with complete strangers than my family... I don't know why but because of that, I censor what I write so that I'm not giving away my inner most secrets to those who know me in real life. Strange right?
ALSO, I've always been into art (im a graphic designer) but I work so much on the computer for my art that I haven't painted or drawn in a lifetime. Maybe I can start that and share it on the blog. I worry so much about posting almost daily that I don't have time to actually do the stuff I want to do. Quality over quantity should be my new motto.
Ok im having a revelation morning. (im thinking of doing a 6 items of clothing in 30 days challenge) I guess i'm having a quarter century crisis? who knows. ANYHOO thanks for the links, always looking for new inspiring (REAL) blogs!!

Haiku Ambulance said...

I loved this too. Obviously, I have a big ol' soft spot for Bad Guitar.

I also really like Terri, and get the same feeling from her. She is incredibly genuine and crafty (lightbulb earrings!).

And, through all of this bloggity blogness, my dad's girlfriend started blogging again, too!!! Her blog is awesome- hilarious, touching, and a little bit jewish. She can be found at thereluctantadult.blogspot.com

And she's fucking adorable.

Hip, hip, hooray!!!!

patrick said...

Hey, thanks for the shout out. Except that now I feel guilty for being lazy about updating my blog. I think you've inspired me to get back on the horse, so thanks for that and the very kind words.

Bianca said...

Thanks for the links! It's so true, I can be hard to not get caught up in the business of blogging; it's nice to read blogs written for the sake of sharing and sharing alone!


Open Door Studio said...

You are so fucking cool!!! Just reading your thoughts and thinking back to when we first met up at SNC makes me laugh..... going to art shows ...sometimes I wish I could go back there........ha your so sweet for blogging about me. I feel like a little online family or something. have a great weekend!

Hannah said...

I've always liked how you don't read all the same blogs that other "big" bloggers do.

You're such a sweetheart. And a babe too.

Matchless Vision said...

Its wonderful to have those moments when reading and writing a blog is only about sharing, not about popularity.

Anonymous said...

oh, golly, now I'm blushing...and to think that Haiku Ambulance has visited too! I've worried that maybe my regular visits there and to bad guitar were creepy.

This makes me think about my old blog roll and how I need to include them in my daily reads.

Anonymous said...

These shall up my saturday-night-home-alone activities. I am kind of relieved when I hear that people with style blogs read all sorts of other blogs also, and are not just like, hermits in their part of the interwebs!!

Dirty Hair Halo said...

So, just wanted to break my silent daily viewing and say your pictures are looking awesome lately. Me likey.


I just read the above comments, I love how much support you have here from your readers on this blog. You radiate or something. Very cool.

RETRO REVA said...

I love this and Terri is such a cool lady :)
It's neat to have a "family" that cares enough to pop in and just see what's up without feeling pressure to "be" anything in particular. I suppose that's what a family really is, huh :)
And it neat to have a variety of family members, too!

Ana - Toil and Trouble said...

oh yay, I love that scribbles and schemes is in Boston too!! I love finding people near me!

AMW said...

Ahh! Christina! I think you've created a commenting machine out of me...hahah

Once again, you are the best. Thank you thank you thank you for the mention. I am humbled to be among such good company, happy to find new reads, and relieved that it isnt creepy to read Zoe's (whose blog I found through you, thanks!) Dad's blog. I think he should lead the Dad blogger revolution... my dad is slightly insane and sends me hilarious emails all of the time that my friends have been enjoying for years. we should definitely spread the dad humor...its kind of my favorite

oh, and also, thank you for listing those rad gray ankle boots today, and thank you everyone else for not buying them (which is insane...they are really cool) until i got home :)

TavoLini said...

Sweet. This is exactly what I love about reading blogs :)

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