two bodies, one brain, good times

If it seems like I am totally addicted to the Hipstamatic. . . its because I am.  If I look absolutely ridiculous and lazy eyed in that close up of my face. . . its because thats what champagne does to me! Truth is I had my once a month cocktails and din with my friend P. last night and I was a little worried I wouldn't get home before sunset to get my shots so I asked her to take them for me with my phone and I was still a bit fresh from the bottle! (I drink my champagne from the split bottles, real classy like) Good thing since I totally missed the golden hour by the time I got home. Any hoo. I will probably be back to real pics tomorrow.

I was having this fantasy while I was in the shower today of how amazing it would be if I had an extra body that was completely linked to my single mind.  I could be doing something mundane but productive with one body, shaving, cleaning, folding or whatever and my other body could be doing something relatively unproductive physically but mentally stimulating, reading, emailing, communicating, math (just kidding) and the bodies would just trade off doing body maintenance and whatnot, but then I started thinking of all the food and products and shave cream that body would consume.  our bed would suddenly be way too small, my unsweetened (wet dog) soy milk would disappear twice as fast.  But still.  It would be pretty dope to have a twin with the same brain and live like a split screen life once in a while.  I am sure it would get over stimulating, but, you know its impossible, so, Ya, fantasy is fun.  Not very zen, or present or whatever, but think of the possibilities!

Now, The Etsy Register!! Annie and Annie have created the absolute coolest space (LOVE THE SUITCASES!!) and it is launched and ready to go!! To post or be involved email theetsyregister(at)gmail(dot)com.  Seriously, when you get a chance, go and check it out!  There are these adorable buttons to download and you can post and get your shop link on the site free of charge!  I have to admit I am completely inept at creating shop buttons for my own shop to put on there but I will ask someone to help me and get mine on there soon.  I will also be loading a button for the register on my blog as well (They are really stinkin cute!) and hopefully posting an etsy update preview for my shop this week! Such a fun and welcoming space!  Its really exciting!

Shorts: thrifted golf shorts
shoes: old navy
Scarf and tank: American Apparel
Purse: Vintage Thrifted
Bracelets: Street vendor Honduras


San said...

Love those pictures, so classy and nice.

Wonderful outfit, love the bag.


La Historiadora de Moda said...

I love the thrifted golf shorts styled like this.

Having two bodies for one brain might be twice as mentally exhausting, too.... :)

Anonymous said...

awee ur so cute!! BEST APP EVER. and those shoes are DARLING! old navy?? GREAT FIND.

xo, Kim www.crowded-closet.com

veronika, tick tock vintage. said...

i would absolutely love having another me to do the nonsense that i don't feel like doing.

i'm going to go check out this etsy register now!

Brianna said...

I love the shorts. They look great on you :)

Jessica said...

Love your scarf and shoes!

Haiku Ambulance said...

Oh how I love a voluminous scarf. But over golf shorts just takes it to the top. That is the icing of all icings (on the figurative cake).

And I too, have a rotten addiction to lomob (the app I use for my pictures- pretty much the same thingamajig you got). But how can we resist??

I also wish I had a double. She would clean and empty out my closet all day while I thrifted. We would make a great team.

Annie, Time Enough for Drums said...

Hey!! I love these photos; couldn't believe they were taken with your cell phone!

I am so excited for The Etsy Register! If you need help making your button, just let me know. Love, Annie.

SarahAnn said...

AHHHH! Love the Etsy register! Such a good idea, such a cute space!


Anonymous said...

I never wish I had two bodies, but I do wish I could have two brains and I also wish I could never brush my teeth and still have a fresh mouth and not-rotting teeth! The photos look great and I'm terribly excited to check out the Etsy register!

xo Jenny

Kayla said...

I am so surprised those shoes are Old Navy. They look so much more expensive. Great find.

Ramblings of a Small Town Girl

Seval said...

I've checked the etsy register, it's a great idea really... ı've added it to my blogroll so I can be up to date :) You look so gorgeous, I think champagne is really good for you :)

dear kate said...

what a great look! and of course, great photos!

Those Tricks said...

also lovin' the shorts!

Keira said...

After your posts from the last couple of days, I bought the hipstamatic app and I'm totally obsessed with it! So much fun :)

Mikhaila said...

I know you probably hear this all the time (and rightfully so!) but you are gorgeous and your style is always so inspiring to me! I don't think I have ever NOT liked any outfit you have put together. :)

Mikhaila @thriftaway.blogspot.com

Vic said...

A classy look but perfect :)


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