Still love my boots though.

Confrontation, conflict, avoidance, regression, 
passive nature, repression, passive aggression.  
Let time pass, blow over, fade.  
Just laugh and move forward, anxieties made.  
Whenever I see her I want to ask why she's such a bitch. 
This woman is causing a wound I must itch.  
Familiar by name but not by the soul. 
I think it is time to crawl out of my hole. 
Ask her to speak what she already shows.
Show her I mean it by withholding low blows. 
We may emerge much closer than now, 
but I suspect she will only prove she's a cow.  
Take swings at my character, 
pinch at my pride.  
There is nothing she hasn't already implied. 
So soon we will box, 
a sight it will be, 
though I already know
I will come out of this me.  

Maybe there will be a surprise up her sleeve.
A spark of humanity, 
capacity to bleed.
Perhaps its my head that is causing the scuff.
Maybe she's not actually really that tough.   
Paranoia waters the seeds of my worry.
I better resolve this, 
with stealth and with hurry, 
before it grows to uncontrollable rage.
Let me emerge from this, seasoned sage. 

On the "to do" list this week:  Tie up loose ends.  Some letters must be spoken face to face. (See my long forgotten blog 5ifty 2 for more info on this.  Thank you knittingnora for encouraging me to continue.)  

Shirt: thrifted Lane Bryant
Belt, hat, purse, scarf: Vintage thrifted
Boots: vintage gift
Necklace: World Market
Temper: PMS  


Brittany said...

Hey Christina. This is pretty unrelated to this post but I just wanted to tell you I've been thinking about the blogs I respect the most & yours popped into my head. Despite your popularity, you've completely remained so humble & you haven't succumbed to the pressures blogging brings. Your style is still incredible (& completely thrifted!) & every single post is so interesting & inspiring. Thank you for not being cookie-cutter.

Erin said...

I second Brittany's sentiments! Good luck with your letters. Love the colors and tones of your outfit!

Alluring Bath & Beauty said...

I love this outfit! I think you should be a stylist because you have the most amazing style ever!

amanda said...

hope your face to face letter goes well! in other news, i may have to wrestle you for that sweater. i'm certain i'd win :)

doublysweet said...

your style is great. i'm constantly inspired.
hope that to do list gets done!

Anonymous said...

This is in my top 10 most favorite outfits of yours. LOVE.

Tugba said...

I love ur hat :)


Alyson said...

Remember, those letters are not going to be or supposed to be easy. But in the end, getting all of those pink elephants out of those relationships will give you so much freedom.

veronika, tick tock vintage. said...

really gorgeous - i love the different shades of brown.

KT said...

Wow, thrifted originally from Lane Bryant? You pull that off really well. The shirt is adorable.

Sara Lynn said...

Oh i wish I could give you a hug. You sound like you need one :(

You still look amazing as always and I have to say that I hope that you accomplish everything on your to-do list :)

knittingnora said...

Love that sweater!! It reminds me...I am going to the knitting store today! So excited!

Anonymous said...

not to be weird, or anything. but you have a totally amazing figure. do you workout? or are you just naturally perfectly thing?! not fair :)

Anonymous said...

thin* :) oops.

Breanne at Bella Vita said...

Ahhh how can you be so cute? I love this look! That scarf has such a great print.

Kimberellie said...

Love your post. This poem is funny. I hope it is meant to be sort of tongue in cheek funny because I laughed! Maybe also because I so have been there! It is hard to tell though, isn't it? Whether it is all in our heads or not.

Well, I am usually too much of a peace lover/wimp to confront. So I am curious how it goes.

The outfit, btw, is beautiful. And so are you. Anyone who is mean to you is probably just envious. You are such a lovely person I can't think of any other reason why anyone wouldn't like you!


tess said...

wow awesome top!

kornrose said...

Lane Bryant? Seriously? You wear it well.

As a conflict, confrontation avoider myself, bravo for getting some words out and building the inertia to face it. I hope that however it turns out, you find that resolution you are seeking.

Lea's Suitcase said...

Holy $h*t... really, Lane Bryant? thats awesome!

ps, I'm a total fan of the drop waist belt :)

dear kate said...

i love that your shirt is lane bryant! great look!

iLkin said...

Hey Christina,i don t know when was it i came across your blog.Since then i try to check it out as possible as i can.
well,for some reason i found this outfit too brownish..maybe you don t need to scarf on your bag,or need a different bag..i m not quite sure..but definetly love the top and hat:)
and your smile:)

Brianna said...

Those boots are amazing and I like how you belted that sweater the way you did.

Katie said...

I love world market!

Fashion Butter said...

love this top! go lane bryant

Anonymous said...

OMG Christina, I love this hat. :)

merl said...

I need to email you back, and will do so after this comment. Rest assured I'm still in girl love with you as always..

Sometimes I wish I was a conflict avoider. Sure I can be as passive aggressive as the best of them, but ultimately, I always need to speak my mind. I'm a naturally anxious person, and get stressed quite easily, so if I'm aware of a riff between myself and someone, I cannot rest easy until it's been confronted. There's been one situation thus far where I haven't spoken out (my plan was to write a letter ironically enough) because I knew I wouldn't get the closure I so desperately craved. I'm glad for once, I was able to bite my tongue, because things are starting to work themselves out without my needling. For once, it was good to let that sleeping dog lie, and let it awake on it's own. Good luck with whatever road you choose.. watch a new kotex ad on youtube, that will give you a giggle.

rani pink said...

Just wanted to say I really love your blog and second Brittany's comments about your humility and grace. You're extremely thoughtful, sincere, and utterly creative. I love the idea behind your 5ifty 2 blog - just like as I love your style in Second Skin. I've recently started my own style blog and I constantly look to yours to stay grounded (and not get caught up in the crazy world fashion blogging can be).

so thanks!

rani pink

Anonymous said...

i may print this out and tape it to my bathroom mirror. and in times of stress, uncertainty, aggression and...pms..i will read it aloud until i can breath deeply and soundly. thank you christina. you rock.

ps. you better lock up your clothes next weekend. i might steal them. or creepier yet...you may walk in on me trying them on and doing hair cutting videos in your bathroom. haha! ;)


Nemerae said...

What I absolutely love is your sweater/shirt!! so cute! :)

Healthy and Homemade said...

Love the flowy top!!

rainbows & fairydust said...

love those boots x

Cheryl: Oh to Be a Muse said...

i've been looking at your outfit posts and your stuff is great! you have an amazing style. i'm a new follower of your blog.

feel free to check me out some time.

RETRO REVA said...

Really great look! I thirfted some long sleeve tops to wear this summer and can't wait to post em! The boots are always a classic!!!

Michal Kurtis said...

I love how you pulled off all the different brows together. Sweet outfit!


ioSilver said...

Wow, I can really identify with this letter. It reflects for me a friendship that I have had to re- asses in light of some particular catty comments. I feel i will be able to put my point across once the dust settles but I have it straight in my mind that it will be tackled,its such a shame because I wish my friend would just talk to me about what bothering her instead of taking pot shots at me. Just want to say I really enjoy your blog! Kate

Anna M said...

Um, I will also be entering the wresting match for your sweater. It's amazing! You have such great luck thrifting!! What kind of stores do you shop at??

Ashley said...

I love how you've styled this outfit, it's impeccable! And you make it look effortless, very nice.

xoxo, Ashley @ freehoneystyle.blogspot.com

gina said...

Great look! I love the sweater, the hat, the boots, the belt...

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